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28 October 2014
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Manchester is staging the largest sporting event in British history. Here's your chance to get answers to any questions you might have.

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Will there be any large tv screens around manchester and the stadiums for those that don't have tickets but want some of the atmosphere and if so where?
Simon Tapster
Saddleworth, England
There will be big screens in Manchester showing action from the Games, plus live events for visitors to enjoy. For more information check our Festival Live timetable.
Will the games be on tv and if they are what channel?
Jodie Cooke
Oldham (Manchester)
BBC Sport will be bringing you all the action from the Commonwealth Games and a full schedule can be found on this site here.
Which roads will be closed during the games and when?
Ann Hunt
Further information regarding road restrictions during the Games is available on this site here.
How much toilet tissue will need to be provided in the athlete's village?
Steve R
The volume of toilet tissue to be used (if rolled out) will be 530 km (331 miles). That is equal to the distance from Manchester to Fort William.
How do I get hold of Tickets for the Commonwealth Games?
Harry Royston
Information on how to purchase tickets is available on this site in our Tickets Section.
What companies are sponsoring the Commonwealth Games?
Tanya Edmondson
More information about the official sponsors and partners of the Commonwealth Games can be found on this site in our Who's Who section.
Can you tell me how many medals of each type are due to be awarded during the 2002 games (excluding ties)?
Luke Miller
Highbridge, Somerset
Find out more about the Commonwealth Games medals (click here).
What is the time difference between Manchester and Eastern Australia time (Sydney, Melbourne)? Also there are no session times given for the various sports.
Jim Mitsiou
Melbourne, Australia
The time difference for Melbourne is GMT +10 hours (BST +11). Specific times for sports are now available here.
When do the games start/finish?
Liverpool England
The Opening Ceremony takes place on 25th July 2002 and the Closing Ceremony takes place on Sunday 4th August 2002.
Is there be a song specially written for or as as a theme song for the Games?
Ellie Smart
There is no official theme song for the Commonwealth Games, however the Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay does have a new version of 'Ain't no Stoppin' us Now' as its anthem. Find out more and hear a sound clip here.
How will holding the games in Manchester benefit the community or the sport its self?
Phillip Harrison
Brighton, Sussex

The Games has been the catalyst for a number of major physical improvements in the city, including Piccadilly Plaza and Gardens and the Ancoats Urban Village.

The Swimming Complex, owned by the three universities of Manchester and Manchester City Council, will be a resource for the local community as well as a centre for elite training.

The Stadium will become the home ground for Manchester City Football Club.

The other elements of Sportcity, the athletics facility, Indoor Tennis and Squash facilities will be used by regional and local clubs and will become a centre of excellence in sports training of the North West.

East Manchester, over the next 10-15 years is aiming to attract a total investment plan of more than £400 million - an investment unparalleled in both its size and complexity. The Commonwealth Games in 2002 is the catalyst for all of this happening. .

How many people take part in the Commonweath Games? Also how many people go to watch the Games?
The Athletes Village will cater for 4,820 Commonwealth Games residents, consisting of athletes and team officials. 450 athletes and officials will be accommodated at the Bisley Shooting Village. The Games will be watched live in the venues by around 1 millon spectators plus a worldwide television audience approaching one billion.
How much food will be used each day during the games?
Will F
On average, 14,000 meals will be prepared each dayand over the period of the Games, approximately 300,000 meals will be prepared. Just some of the items on the shopping list will be 90,000 eggs, 20,000 litres of milk, 300,000 pieces of fruit, 1,840 kgs of lettuce, 11,600 kgs of mushrooms, 365 kgs of raisins and 25,000 kgs of cheese.
With all the upheavals in the World these days security must be a huge task. How are things going in this area of planning?
Adelaide, Australia
Working closely with the relevant agencies, including the Greater Manchester Police Force, there will be a security presence at all key Games locations. For security reasons, specific details cannot be released on the security plan.
What arrangements have been made for car parking around Heaton Park for the bowls tournament?
Car park capacities at Heaton Park are 2000, but further exploration is being made into how many additional places can be accommodated on site..
How much is it estimated that the games will cost?
Stuart Richardson
The budget cost of the Games is estimated at £261m.
Won't the Games leave a huge mess in Manchester?
Ellen Graves
Manchester Bright and Clean is a campaign that was launched in 1998 and by 2002, the campaign will be well established and the differences seen already in small pockets in the city in terms of extra bins, flowers, new signs etc, will be extended across all neighbourhoods. During the Games themselves, Operational Services will be conducting extra collections within the city centre and at venues.
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