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28 October 2014
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Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games
The Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay Route

International Route

You can follow the Commonwealth Games baton on its 85-day tour of 23 Commonwealth countries. We have a team of video journalists who will be with the Queen's Jubilee Baton every day and filming reports from the countries on the route.

First reports will come from Andy Martin, touring Canada, the West Indies and the Caribbean. Then Yasmin Khan takes over to cover the Africa stages from Accra to Johannesburg. Following the baton across Australia, New Zealand and Oceania from Perth to Tonga will be Nikki Mitchell. And the route back to the UK from Brunei to Malta will come under the video lens of Tony Roe.

Meet our Video Journalists

If you know of any stories, projects or personalities that might make a feature for one of the team, let us know. We'll need full details, including e-mail addresses or telephone numbers of everybody involved. E-mail us at

The complete international route is as follows:

Date Country
12 March Arrives Canada
18 March Arrives Jamaica
22 March Arrives Barbados
23 March Arrives Dominica
24 March Arrives St Lucia
27 March Arrives Trinidad and Tobago
30 March Arrives Ghana
3 April Arrives Sierra Leone
7 April Arrives Nigeria
9 April Arrives Kenya
10 April Arrives Uganda
13 April Arrives Tanzania
15 April Arrives South Africa
20 April Arrives Australia
27 April Arrives New Zealand
1 May Arrives Fiji
8 May Arrives Tonga
11 May Arrives Brunei Darussalam
14 May Arrives Malaysia

19 May

Arrives Singapore
25 May Arrives Sri Lanka
29 May Arrives India
1 June Arrives Malta
5 June UK
6 June UK Relay Commences

The Commonwealth Flag

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