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Stone sculpture

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In this selection of personal films, artists from a diverse range of art forms describe their work, their techniques and share their sources of inspiration.

Folk singer Roger Davies

Maggi Hambling and the sea

Maggi Hambling takes inspiration from the sea and the Suffolk coast for her sculptures and paintings.

Art from road traffic sign

Sign language

Michael Goodey makes art out of road traffic signs. He has recently made some versions of paintings by John Constable, including the famous 'Hay Wain'.

Poster art

Technature art

Julie is an artist from Bedfordshire. In this film she talks about how her work is inspired by both technology and the world around her.

Stone sculpture

The sculptor

Kendal based sculptor, Danny Clahane tells us what is about working with stone that inspires him.

Tree trunk bear sculpture

Chainsaw bear

Harry Thomas uses a chainsaw to turn a tree trunk into an 8 foot bear and reflects on the demise of the bear in the Herefordshire countryside.

Derbyshire artist Lewis Noble

Noble art

Derbyshire artist Lewis Noble is basing a new piece of work at the Chatsworth Estate.

Close up of fabric


Vivien Prideaux is a textile dyer. She uses hand woven hemp, linens, velvets and cashmere for the magical process of dyeing with natural indigo.

Art by Seran Kubisa

Micro art

Hampshire based artist Seran Kubisa makes big art from the tiniest of historic samples.

Photographic artist Neil Roland

Blanking out the beige

Neil Roland's pictures capture the detail, light and colour of Manchester's buildings and landmarks.

Gloucestershire countryside


Sculptor Simon Packard brings the Gloucestershire countryside to an Essex town.

Folk singer Roger Davies

Northern Gent

Roger Davies is a folk singer who works the people and towns of West Yorkshire into his songs.

Folk singer Roger Davies

Golden Streets

Victor Richards travels to the West Indies to show us how earlier journeys from the Caribbean to England now inspire his performances.

Art from road traffic sign

Our City

Patricia Lee is working with children in Liverpool to create sculptures of the city's landscape.

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