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Oxford Soundscape

Have you ever considered that a county or a city could be a giant musical instrument? If not then take this opportunity to hear the county in a completely new way, and even contribute to the sounds chosen!

The Sounds of Oxfordshire will recruit 'Sonic Detectives' to nominate rare, beautiful and quintessential sounds of the county. These sounds will be captured by internationally renowned artist Robert Jarvis and woven into a new piece of music and a special broadcast on BBC Oxford.

People of all ages will be encouraged to submit descriptions of sounds that they find particularly appealing, perhaps they are in danger of disappearing, or defining of a particular location or time.

BBC Oxford want your sounds!

With the collected sounds and their associated stories Robert Jarvis will work them in his role as composer to bring out the musicality of the sounds and create a series of short pieces that can be used for immediate airplay. A final substantial composition that will form the climax of a special final hour-long dedicated programme.

This is an opportunity to hear the county in a completely new way: as a giant musical instrument and within a musical score. The composition will draw attention to the musical potential of the actual construct of the city as well as the people within it.

Made in England on BBC Oxford

As a result it will open both audience and performers alike to new ways of thinking about the city, their soundscape, the nature of composition in general and new ways of thinking about the role that music can play in today's society.

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