The artist commissions


The artist commissions

As part of Made in England, Arts Council England decided to commission well known and much loved writers and poets to compose new and unique works of art around their idea of place.

What is made in England these days? How do we relate to the contemporary English landscape? The Arts Council has commissioned some of our leading writers to start the debate. The chosen writers live and work across the country from Newcastle to Plymouth from rural locations to urban conurbations.

We also wanted to reflect the different experiences and relationships writers have to the place they live in, people who are rooted to one community, people who have moved around, and people who have come to England from other countries.

The pieces are also living examples of how diverse and rich the English language is - whether it is used in poetry, in fiction or in essays.  These writers show us things differently; inform the way we see things; make us think freshly.

We hope these pieces will entertain readers and inspire discussion.

Have you seen your city change like Catherine O'Flynn's Birmingham?

Do you search for a place to be like John Agard?

These are unique works, only available here. Although reading them on screen is fine, we have provided you with links to download them and read them at leisure.

We hope you will respond to what they have to say and add your own points of view.

Take a look at the essays and poems here.

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