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28 October 2014

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Nakuru, Kenya

Posted by: Ewan McGregor | Date posted: 04/07/2007


Riding those bikes does tend to draw attention, as you can see in this clip. Looking for a place to stay for the night, the guys pulled over to ask some policemen for directions.

'We need to find a place to sleep', explains Ewan.

As Charley gets the directions, Ewan can't help being distracted by what the other officer is doing, 'look, he's on my bike. If the police is sitting on your bike, you can't tell them to get off, can you?'

Charley goes over to help out. 'It starts here,' he says, showing him the ignition.

'I bet you he drops it', Ewan says quietly to the camera, 'I bet you he drops it, right? I bet you a fiver'.

A concerned Charley helps the officer get moving, 'careful, careful... CAREFUL!'

'What are you going to do? It's a policeman!' says Ewan. 'He's coming off...' but then he realises it's not so bad. 'He's doing alright, actually'.

'That's pretty good, that's pretty good,' assesses Charley of the officer's performance. 'Nice, well done!'

And his verdict? 'Very beautiful!'

Ewan muses, 'I think we're making up for all of the people we didn't meet on the rest of the trip today'.

Charley puts his arm around the policeman. 'This is my new friend'.

Meanwhile, the unsteady road conditions combined with the hills are taking their toll. Ewan's running on empty ...

'We're in the area of Suragana in Kenya. We're finding misery on the roads. Very difficult to ride. We didn't eat anything. We didn't have breakfast this morning, we had to get off very early. And we didn't have any lunch because we needed to push on. So we're empty on food and trying to ride on this road.'

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