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24 September 2014

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Shashemene, Ethiopia

Posted by: Charley Boorman | Date posted: 27/06/2007


Beneath the dirt you might just be able to make out Ewan and Charley in this latest clip. It's not hard to see that they've had a rough day on the road, poor fellas!

'Well here we are in Kombolcha, in Ethiopia', explains Charley, 'about 190 miles from Addis Ababa, and it's been a tough day'.

'Horrible day!' continues Ewan. 'I had a big fall, right in front of Claudio's camera. I mean it looked like a stunt man! It looked like we set it up. I came riding around the corner, flying off right in front of him. And the rest of the day was just spent in horrible agony, waiting to fall off again on the dirt stuff'.

Charley jokes, 'I reckon he fell off just there because he knew I was really close and I almost ran him over! I was that close to falling off, I must say. But you did bloody well, Ewan'.

But that's not all, as Ewan goes on to explain, 'and then Claudio almost ran up my arse later, when we stopped to let that truck past, remember? And I heard the 'crrrrrrr' - you can hear a wheel locking up on the gravel behind you - and there's Claudio, 'Whaaaaaaah!' He was very close. We all do that from time to time!'

'Yeah', agrees Charley, 'I've done it loads of times. But it's good, we're here and we've done it.'

Looking forward, Ewan tells us, 'we'll be in Addis either tomorrow night or the next night and we can take a couple of days off and rest and recuperate, and reinvigorate'.

Charley gives him a hug, 'Aww, he's a little boy!'

After a good night's sleep, Ewan has time to check on his Jedi powers in the lobby. It seems the force is still strong in this one...

We asked for your suggestions for a caption for the picture above. Congratulations to Kristen from Vancouver for the winning caption - see above! We had a great time reading all of your suggestions - here are a few more of our favourites...

"I don't believe it! Gordon Brown Prime Minister and Tim Henman still in Wimbledon. We've only been away 46 days and the country's gone mad!" Jean, Haslemere

Charleee! We're lost again! Quit getting directions from the baboons. Carol Ann, Ohio USA

"Och, ah'm tekkin' this rood Charley-man. It loooks reet interesting!" "Umm, Ewan old chap, bravo I must say - well spotted. Lets have a look at the key and jolly well find out what those interesting colours mean." "Actually guys" adds Claudio from behind the camera, "I think you'll find that's actually a squashed insect..." Jamie, Manchester

Put that away and give us a hug... Grant, Hereford

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