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28 October 2014

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El Khandaq, Sudan

Posted by: Claudio von Planta | Date posted: 13/06/2007


Ewan and Charley made a call to Chris Moyles again this morning to catch up. You can listen to the interview above, or if you'd like to download the interview as a podcast or hear the whole show again, head to the Chris Moyles site.

As the team enter Sudan, the road conditions are getting much worse. The sand is proving treacherous as ever. Read on for what happened…

Ewan takes control of the camera, zooming out to find Claudio. Concerned, he asks him, ‘How are you feeling? What happened?’

‘My first major crash,' explains Claudio. Then, pointing to his bike laying on its side in the road, ‘have you seen it?’

‘I only just got through it myself,’ answers Ewan, ‘I mean, Charley had a wobble, I was all over the place and then got through, and as I pulled up next to Charley he said ‘Claudio’s off’ and I thought, oh God!’

Kicking up the sand, Charley adds, ‘This stuff, you just don’t want to get into, you know, it just sucks you in, and it’s heavy’.

Charley helps Claudio to lift his bike upright. Claudio then surveys the damage, ‘This tank bag just ripped off. It’s amazing that this camera still works because it was in that tank bag, and it’s just ripped off. This is the helmet camera, ripped.’

A concerned Ewan asks, ‘How’s it made you feel, the crash?’ ‘I’m surprised it didn’t hurt me more because I was quite fast,’ explains Claudio. ‘That was a bit scary!’ exclaims Ewan. ‘You alright to carry on now?’ ‘Sure!’ replies Claudio.

Claudio sent us this message explaining the consequences of his crash…

‘Today we drove through some Sudanese deserts at 47 degrees Celsius and destroyed 2 rear shock absorbers. We had one spare which means we have only 2 functional bikes left. Tomorrow my bike should be shipped to Khartoum by truck. I will be in the car and hopefully will find time for some more editing - if it's not too bumpy! Today the road was like a washboard. That's why we killed the bikes!’

See below for the highlights from the Chris Moyles interview...

Hearing about the 47 degree heat in Sudan, Chris wanted to know how they're coping. Surely they're not still wearing their biking leathers? 'No, we're wearing kind of rally suits', explained Charley. 'It's a fabric which sort of lets the air in, but at the moment we've taken our jackets off and are just wearing the protective gear underneath, because it's just so hot…it's like a big sauna inside, all sweaty and everything, you can imagine!'

If Chris was riding in that heat, he'd be thinking about a cold beer. But what's going through Charley’s mind? 'The weirdest things pop into your head when you're riding along. Just today I was thinking about walking down the Kings Road, buy a shirt, sit down, have a coffee, watch the world go by!'

When it comes to falling off the bikes, Ewan classes himself as the 'Team Faller', as he explains. 'I had a few falls yesterday on some sand, going through some towns, and you're going down these walled streets with people everywhere, in deep sand, and I hated it. I hate riding in sand. It makes the front wheel wobble about and you think you're going to fall off. And when you put people and children into the equation it's just terrifying. It’s horrible.'

Reminiscing about the bikes they rode when they were kids, Ewan was reminded of a story. 'My brother had a Chopper, I had a Tomahawk, and then I fell off it and knocked myself unconscious. When I came to I was in Cottage Hospital and my mum's sitting next to me. And she looked at me and I said, 'I want my mum' and she said 'I'm here, son' and I said, 'No, I want my mum!' and she fainted! Ha ha!'

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