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24 September 2014

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Tunis, Tunisia

Posted by: Russ Malkin | Date posted: 30/05/2007


Well, the team has landed in Africa and it's 45 degrees. Phew. Meanwhile, here's the latest from Russ, dictated from the truck as they took the fast road out of town. Sounds as if the form fillers at Customs have been having fun...

'It was slightly frustrating when we arrived in Tunisia, because of a bureaucratic discrepancy with some of our paperwork. We were held up at Customs for seven hours, but as with Long Way Round, we were all having a good time laughing and joking, and eventually the officials let us through, although they did impound three of our satellite phones. Also, because the Americans in our party didn't have Libyan visas, we were further delayed trying to solve that problem, but eventually left Tunis to see the amazing El Jem.

'El Jem is one of the best examples of a Roman coliseum and just standing in the arena where lions and tigers would have made short work of prisoners, was quite a moment.

'Everyone’s having a lot of fun, although there are a lot of tensions with regard to the mileage that has to be done every day, as well as the filming that has to be done every day for the TV show and website.'

Jimmy's lined up to send on some clips later on this week, probably from another glamorous car park location, and we'll get them posted up as soon as we can. Thank you Jimmy!

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