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24 September 2014

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  • Pyramids


    Charley Boorman, 06/06/2007

    The guys arrive in Cairo and take in a morning cruise around the Pyramids. 'It's all south from here ...'

  • Ewan & Charley answer your questions


    Charley Boorman, 08/06/2007

    The bikes, choosing the route and snoring - Ewan and Charley answer your questions.

  • Aswan

    Ewan McGregor, 10/06/2007

    Remembering the carnet, the local food, and messages for you bikers. Charley and Ewan answer more of your questions!

  • Shallal

    Charley Boorman, 11/06/2007

    'We were told that there would be quite a lot of people, but I didn't quite expect this much!' The ferry port in Aswan is full of surprises...

  • Wadi Halfa

    Jimmy Simak, 12/06/2007

    'The Valley of the Kings is where the royal kings of the New Kingdom had their tombs.' Ewan and Charley take a tour inside.

  • El Khandaq

    Claudio von Planta, 13/06/2007

    As road conditions get worse, it's getting harder to stay upright and Claudio takes a tumble. The guys also catch up with Moyles.

  • Customs


    Russ Malkin, 15/06/2007

    Paperwork, waiting, and 44 degree heat does not a happy Russ make. More fun and games from the border...

  • Wad Medani

    Ewan McGregor, 18/06/2007

    The temperature soars as the team drive through Sudan. Is the heat going to their heads?

  • Gedaref

    Charley Boorman, 19/06/2007

    A truck ride across the border - and another day grappling with the heat, some 'offs' and more deep deep sand.

  • Metema

    Ewan McGregor, 20/06/2007

    The guys get clearance to ride into Ethiopia, and answer more of your questions on bikes, sandstorms - and underpants ...

  • The look of a man with very wet socks

    Simien National Park

    Ewan McGregor, 22/06/2007

    The crickets are out and the baboons are calling. A brief respite from sand, rain and collisions in the Simien National Park.

  • Charley


    Charley Boorman, 24/06/2007

    Charley encounters another evil of the highway ... nails in your tyres.

  • Dese

    Claudio von Planta, 25/06/2007

    'They want to do a three-hour inspection of all the goods... unfortunately.' Time seemed to stand still at the Ethiopian border.

  • Charley Boorman

    Addis Ababa

    Ewan McGregor, 26/06/2007

    The boys come across an overturned truck on the road and answer more of your questions...

  • Shashemene

    Charley Boorman, 27/06/2007

    The rough roads of Ethiopia are taking their can see it in their faces.

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