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28 October 2014
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Olympic Photos

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Olympic 2012 designs

Have Your Say

Lets hope its built on time, anyone remember wembley?

the swimming pool is soo nice!

What is that supposed to be?

it looks fantasticgreat

nancy karr
what are you guys on about,it all look AMAZING, ive been training for the olypics with my coach for 3 years already and you dont need natural light to have a great race!!

Looks Very Unique Yet Amazing.

beautiful designs in bacground Quins Hous and Marine Museum.




kay mcbride
i think they are good

im gonna win the javlin

verry good but could be canged


humm!!!!It´s really less worse the UK governament spend money with this than help bush in his war! The best, is help Africa, asia and latin america, whose troubles were,and are caused by EUROPE.

i love the designs that have been put forward i just hope the sky looks that blue during the games!!!!!!

Ching Mann
I just hope it isn't wasted afterwards, and that the local population who pay for it benefit from it, not just with jobs in the short-term, but the community itself e.g. fitness and education for ALL.

wow itink there amazing

it looks terrific but it could use alot more colour and hopefully we get it built

is realy imazing,exellent design, i hope to see its planings to see their department and details.

Steve Gogginz
Designs are brilliant .. but if you've been watchin da news, it will only last 17days then they'll knock it down and turn it into flast and housings, so nah point , maybe all the big stadiums ( for olympics 2012 ) should be owned by rugby teams or football teams like Chelsea, Wasps, Tottenham, Wigan Rugby etc

Ann Paul
Absolutely wonderfu. You will always get the critics. I want to be at the opening ceremony. Will be 71 then, saving already

gr8 the stadiom looks amazing

i think this one looks amazing i really like it

i think it should be bigger than that but without diving boards cause it causes alot of accidents

i must say that they are awesome.............better place has never been built...........Lets Go For It

Faye williams
very good!! I think the track should be pink though lol.xx

Looks great and probably costs more than what they say it does.

barry hartmann
never mind all the politics.we should be proud to host one of the great world events and make no mistake depite all of the negatives,these games will be a great success and will live in our memories for a long time.

Designs are great but wont be finished in time again......

its a nice modern design

Alex E
It looks amazing! This country spends over £2 billion a year on obese people and maybe this will encourage sedentary people to exercise.

It's very breath taking......

Boniface Hampel OSB
This is a masterpiece of architecture and if completed will be a great accomplishments for British Sports.

Dave Air
They all look good if they are all built. Will they be something for everyone after the games?

Matthew Kavanagh
this looks poor. I am hoping the compete here but i will not if it costs too much. Look at the state of it!!!

The designs are great

Jade stevens
i think the designs look so cool. i can not wait till 2012 i am going to start saving for a ticket it will be a great to see the final completion.

Wyatt Iams
I have complete faith that London can put on the most extraordinary Athletic event this world has ever seen. The designs are superb and will last for many decades to come for future generations to view. I look forward to see the opening ceremony in the Olympic Stadium.

I think they look so good!!! I can't believe people are actually saying they don't like it!!!!!!

Better crack on with the building program otherwise we are going to look very silly to the rest of the world.

it think its a waste of money...just lik the dome! this money can be used for more useful things that matter!

Jack Bates
these are shocking designs

Looks fantastic cant wait till we win in it

Wow it's amazing must be a huge capacity! Worth the cash!

Cant wait untill 2012 i hope to be cycling for england in the olympics

The pool looks gof for big competitions but not the place to take you kids to. It's going to cost a fortune to run.

I hope the designs remain as they are. As the designs for Beijing 2008 are amazing, I would like to think we could make the stadia the best ever.

I think that these designs are really good and really smart.

amazing i think cant wait till i am in the paraolympic sports

it will cost more than £10bn

Wow it looks great, I can't wait!!

the swimming pool design looks amazing!

ashleigh taylor
im a huge fan of the olympics and i think these designes are going to develop into something really beautiful building

carl curtis
Wonderful imagery,I want to wander through them so iwont get lost when i go there for real.I hate trying to follow dirctions,let use my screen to walk through the places a bit like a playstation,this will give me confidence when i get there,i can find the loos,identify which shops i want to browse around,show the kids where to go if we get split up,thers loads of things i can do & i can share the experiece with my family before we attend.

Max of E9
It'll look great with no running track, a football pitch and 70,000 Hammers fans in it! Come on you irons!

Why do planners wish to make pedestrian and cycling routes curved and sinuous? If I am walking or cycling then I would like to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Sinous paths and routes may look pretty on blueprints for new developments, but in practice they tend to discourage us from getting out of their cars. Come on, we can do better for 2012 and beyond!

Jordan P
this is the best design i have ever seen. I am a swimmer and this is the kind of pool that you dream about swimming in. Couldn't get any better than this.

I cant wait to swimm at this place!!!!!!

its rubbish and i don't would never go to it

i looks very cool and i hope i am running in it

ralph elsegood age 10

Ms JimBob
it is soooo cool, i love it !!!!!!! is this the real design??? if so its awsom. i cant wait untill the 2012 olympics!

This is a really good design

I am a keen runner and hope to be there as i am doing quiet well at the moment I am U13 800M Champ Yey

There stunning Wowsers I would love to be there

No natural light in swimming pool. as a swimmer i don't like that. TBH will it actually turn out like that (eg Wembley)?

bob harris
they are superb mate

swimming rocks
the pool looks so crammed.... there should b more space.. AND DEFFINETLY MORE LIGHT!! more decoration too

joergen schou
I think it`s great and look forward to see it finish

James (London)
I think it looks great. It will be something that the UK will never forget. :) P/s: Proud of it!!!

there are so cool hope they turn out like these cause we will rock the olympic'sin 2012

i think its fantastic.It will bring lots of memories and history!i hope i will compete in it!fingers xx

These designs are brilliant looking forward to visiting and watchin in my home country

whooooo amazing. but i bet it will cost loads

It looks awesome!!!!

i like it it is very modern and is very good for my college prodject thanxx

danny o connel
very modern

Colette Gratwick
i think that the designs are good and hope for the sack of the country that they will be met on time.To a high standard and finish! I hope that the build will help increase sport in the UK also show the high standard of work in the UK.

brian maleski
I like how the design turned out but it's to dark, i hope i can compete at that pool some day.

There's Only One Word To Descride This And That's...AMAZING!

Darren McCarthy
It is brilliant and will be great for London/Great Britian.

i love this picture of the swimming pool

Chris dunn
very enthusiastic

Candice Bryson
they have been mis-designed to fit within London i have never seen such a mis-shapen monstrosty for all that money (minus VAT of course) how many people are really willing to look at them for the rest of the time, until its not longer used (the Dome)and the complecated desision of what the use it for arises.

Mary ann
I do not like picture four. It reminds me of an eye that belongs to a gaint wasp. London is loaded with character from the past. This design will ruin the landscape. Its like dropping a large onion on top of a yummy chocolate cake. I really don't appove of the desgin in picture four. Thank you for reading my view. Maryann

anjna harish
i think this looks fantastic and a bit large

Janice Wells
Swimming pool looks absolutely fantastic.

Alex Berwick
I hope to be there competing and winning! lane 4 or 5 will do me!

LOVE IT very modern looks good and hopefully will help us win some olympic medals :D

Tom smith
Excelent! i cant wait

laura elliott.x.x.x.x.
I think that these designs are quite good, the 2012 Olympics is gonna be a spectacular date, cant wait untill i am there.x.x.x.x.

Josh Leather
Wow, I think this pool is ace, I swim for a club in Ludlow, i'm 13 at the mo

i quite like the design of the olympics swimming pool but i thing it looks to small

i think the plans for the games look amazing, having reserched the 2012 london games for the past 3 months for my collage work i think the set up is really comming along. i believe we have done ourselves proud as a country and think the whole show you be brill!!!

Stephen Saward
West Ham Will own it soon!!!!!

Joe P
I am a natinol swimmiier i got a bronze this year for 12 years boys1500 m free and hop to be swimming there in 2012 the disings look great and will give us lots more sporting fasilates

Thomas Mackintosh
i thought they looked great! although i would like to see one of the designs take on the allianz arena lights otherwise it all looks great

luke sibthorpe
these look good but lack style and will be out of date by 2012!! plus not sustainable

The designs are great! The olympic stadium really looks like the muscles of the human body!

ali aslam
i love the pics and i hope the buildings for the olympics will be sucsessful. Thank you.

The designs are awesome, especially that of the pool... I hope it brings some class to an otherwise rundown and ignored area of London, one which sadly I am forced to live in.

rhys azzopardi
its very ugly

i live in east london and i cant wait for the olympics to come

london will be the best city in the world

the crowd isnt close enough to the track and field as it should be.

Another Swimmer
Great pool design.

this pool is so cool

holly pattie belleli
hi i think how the hell are people goin to get 2 work on time there is goin 2 be so much traffic pluss im goin 2 be competing @the 2012 olimpics but i think i is has good fasiltys from holly pattie belleli

You are in: London > 2012 Olympic Games > Olympic Photos > Olympic 2012 designs

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