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13 November 2014

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The young scoundrels take a break


A five-piece from Harrow so new to the scene we suspect they've fallen from the nest - were it not for the fact they make rather good records. Step forward Rogues, your debut single, Not So Pretty, has got the London Calling seal of approval...

Rogues put themselves in the weird pop bracket but they're in good company, with influences including the Smiths, the Clash, Klaxons, Richey Edwards and Depeche Mode.

The five members, frontman Pearse MacIntyre, Sam James, Patrick Stansbie, plus two final MacIntyres, Frog and Tom, all hail from Harrow and formed the band a mere six months ago.

Purists of pop rock, their close harmonies and rousing choruses dabble in Klaxons falsetto, while every track is speared by piercing, lucid guitar.

Debut single, Not So Pretty, serves as something of an injustice to what cannot be denied is an extremely pretty-looking band.

The video for the single, Rogues' only to date, is positively filled with fringes.


Rogues go glam

Eyeliner is hidden behind bangs, hidden behind hazy visuals and floating vinyl dollies, and there's an eerie eyeball on high rotation. All in all it's an intoxicating affair.

And being such a fresh, young outfit, Rogues' greatest moment to date, say the band, is the intoxication of communal boozing via band member Sam's boot on New Year's Eve.

Something says it won't be long before this is eclipsed by far greater achievements.

As for that debut single, it's available to buy both on limited edition clear vinyl and the download via the independent label 50 Bones.

For more details on this brazen new band, follow links to their MySpace, right.

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You are in: London > Radio > 94.9 Information > About Us > Rogues


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