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13 November 2014

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Can the Car on September 10th

Did you Can the Car?

On Wednesday 10th September, BBC London 94.9 Breakfast asked you to leave the car at home and find another way into work.

With higher fuel prices and the green argument, our experiment aimed to find out whether we could really do without our four wheels in London.

Can the Car for the school run. Can the car for work. Can the car for rest and play as well.

For one day on Wednesday September 10th we broadcast a live experiment from the Breakfast Show on BBC London 94.9

If you Canned the Car email us with details on how you got on.

Paul Ross, Jo Good, the entire Breakfast team, and even our boss canned the car on Wednesday September 10th, and you can see the pictures of them arriving by having a look at our gallery.

BBC London 94.9 Breakfast, weekday mornings from 6am.

last updated: 10/09/2008 at 10:58
created: 29/08/2008

Have Your Say

Did you Can the Car? Let us know below!

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I read the comments and couldn't believe how naive the people were. The truth is that government doesn't care about environment! What they care about are taxes. This 'environmentally friendly' story is just an excuse and good opportunity to tax you more heavily. You can switch to more efficient cars, even to bicycles, but believe me - one day they will taxed too! I think it was in Stockholm where hybrid cars had free parking in the city centre, but once their number grew, this allowance was abolished. So, taxes move where people are. The second thing I want to say is that there's a certain burden that you can bear. The government knows that and taxes you accordingly. If you think you are clever and able to get cost of driving down by creating 'car clubs' then think again. Everyone knows that by doing so you will save some money and they will come after it sooner or later. Car prices will go up, because now you can bear that! Taxes will go up, because now you can bear that! And so on.If you don't believe me then think - why is it that the money you earn is more or less equal to what you spend? The answer is - because there's no such thing like 'absolute price'. It's all about demand and supply and as far as governments are concerned, about how much you can bear.

I sold my car when I moved to London as the public transport system works for me. I don't live in central London but I do not understand why anyone would want to sit in the traffic and pay so much for the pleasure of driving there. Perhaps you might save a small amount a day by using the car, but once you add petrol, insurance, tax, MOT, Service, and breakdown cover together it didn't work out cheaper for me. Some days it takes me a few minutes longer to get to work than if I'd driven but generally my journey (South London - Heathrow) is just as quick as getting in a car and much more relaxing. It's all about how you choose to view the journey, a pain or a pleasure. I see it as a pleasure!

Dan in DC
I completely agree with Ben. But I would suggest not just a ding-ding, but a ding-dong when passing another cyclist. And ding-dong-dang if croatia beat england...

We drive in as it's cheaper, more convenient and less stressful than going by public transport. If we walked, it would take 5 + hours to get into work. Cycling would take over an hour and a half as we'd have to find a safe route into London which there isn't much of and visibly sign posted very well as a great and safe cycling route.Jenny Jones you may preach to everyone to 'Can the Car' but you live in Camden, try 15 + miles out of Central London.

Arvind Maheshwari
I have 2 jokes really..1. David Cameron wishpers to his trusted deputy in his party, you know the reason I take bike to work everyday, there isn't good frequency of public transport from my residence... but I am happy that our pary will get quite good green vote because of this.2. Seccretary of state for transport discuss a proposal of investing 10 billion into public transport network to improve the services and frequency with in the country and workers who are taking public transport to work getting some tax relief on cost of their travel upto £200 a month with chancellor of the exchequer (Alistair Darling).. Mr Darling replis, are you joking, I am not ready to bear revenue loss of 50 billion which is coming from fuel surcharges every year...

Ruth Mayorcas
I walk and cycle everywhere - I think it is a pity that Jo Good had to be so negative - her comments about the weather were not helpful - how often do we get snow in London for one - and how many horrendous car accidents does she see!

John Crosby
I did can my own car and got a motorbike instead. 55mpg, cheap insurance, free parking all over London and no congestion charge. It's a no brainer, wish I had done it years ago.

I used to use motorbike but had an accident few months ago. I got myself £400 electric bicycle and I love it. Commuting in Central London takes the same time as on a motorbike. I do not pay any petrol, have my parking sapce in the office (bike is foldable) and have a really pleasent journey every time.

Cathy Charles
I travel to work from Loughton, Essex to Islington every weekday - leaving home at 6.40am. If I gave up the car I would miss Jo and Paul in the morning!!!

I drive to work everyday. I used to walk, and travel to appointments by train. Decision to drive was made when it took me almost two hours to get into central London, was over an hour late for a " pitch" - Angry client, angrier boss, and a frustrated me. Until the underground runs on time, is clean, efficient and cheaper, I am not changing my mode of transport. Sorry! Boris please take note.

Gina Harkell
We are organising a Staff Car Free Day at Waltham Forest Council in north east London on 18th September. So far over 200 staff have pledged not to drive and we still have 11 days to go. The event is a few days before our Car Free Day Festival on 21st September in Leytonstone which we hold every year. Great that you're trying to organise something via the BBC radio. Good luck to both of us.Gina HarkellPrincipal Transport OfficerLB Waltham Forest020 8496 6780

Would the government really like us to can our cars, think of the sheer amount of money currently taken from car owners... Road tax, car tax, fuel tax, vat on car based products: service items such as tyres oil, cleaning products etc. If we were to can our cars the government would lose out on a huge amount of revenue, could they actually afford to do that?? I use the tram to get to work, but public transport is a nightmare for pleasure time as it doesn't go where I want without lots of changes between buses and trains taking entirely too long, and if you have more than 1 bag small bag with you it's entirely inconvenient.

When there's a viable, safer, cheaper, more reliable, faster alternative, where I'm not jammed in like a sardine and where there's at least the chance of a seat, I'll seriously consider it. Until then, not a chance in hell I'm giving up the car - not even if petrol were three times the price.

Some of us ride every day to work in the pouring rain whilst greedy drivers sit in their personal spaces

Walk to the train station(15 mins)Get the train (10 mins)Don`t need a car!!

J J Lopez
How long do you reckon it will take you?I believe that we are not concerned about the environmental problem that is comming especially because some sectors are against the development of alternative engines that avoid the massive use of petrol, etc. I encourage to go cycling or walking to work just for one day and show the rest of citizens how it is possible.I am lucky and I walk to work every day.

Ben Owen
It is a no brainer! I am going to cycle. The taxman will pay me 20p per mile to use my bike, and as Matt has alrady said: you know exactly - to the obsessive minute - how long it is going to take! There are four reasons why I cycle in London: it is quicker, cheaper, enviromentally more friendly and then there's the benefit of exercise.Wednesday 10 September also happens to be the day when one should hear the peal of bells around the capital as cyclists celebrate the joys of being able to get somewhere quickly and on time. If you see another cyclist on Wednesday,ring your bell twice, 'ding ding', whenever you meet another cyclist. The idea is to create a bit of a laugh for everyone throughout the day.Finally I am more pro-bike thank anti-car. For those journeys that absolutely need a car, do consider joining a car club. A car club car can keep up to 20 cars off the road.

I cycle to work (almost) every day. Feels great - makes me feel alive and ready for work. Always know exactly how long it's going to take & often get there faster than I would in a car.

As always, I'll walk. It takes about 30 minutes, it's peaceful, good exercise, lets me enjoy the world around me, and sets me up for the day ahead. In the evening, it lets me wind down before I get home.Try it sometime.

Sumeet Bellara
My better half works in Hemel Hempstead near the Buncefield site and I work in Westminster, so we live in North West London. I use the tube and walk but she has to drive. For her to use public transport would be to walk to the bus stop, take the bus (20 min including the wait), get to Euston on the tube (40 mins including waiting), take the train (40 mins plus wait), then take a bus to HH town centre (20 mins including wait), then walk to her offices uphil (1h 15 mins). It also costs more than the car. She won't be leaving her car at home.

J C M Bannerman
I walk to work every day.

I travel from Tonbridge to Hackney every day and have to be at work by 6.20am. I have looked at using Trains but this not only works out much more expensive, but takes me an hour and a half longer. I'd have no time left for sleep, getting up at 3am to get to work!

Ms L Duvar
I'll give up my little Smartcar when London public transport is made reliable, clean, safe, and better value for money.

Emanuela Tosta..from Brazil
Excuse me..but,Can the car in London?? It's impossible, London is a huge city!!

jane, south east london
never had a driving lesson, never owned a car (and my husband chooses not to drive either) - i value engaging with the world around me, not being shut off from it in a polluting, sealed metal box! It's taken a couple of generations for the car to take over and it will probably take the same for people to realise or be forced to face up to the fact that maybe it's not such a great idea!

Raoul, east London
By bike or tube, as usual. If its dry I would choose the bike as it is the fastest way to get around London. I am bewildered why it is apparently so difficult for people to give up driving in London, particularly when they are the sole occupant, as I see all the time. Madness.

Peter from South London
I tried ! it takes 30 minutes for me to drive to work at £5 per day. It took TWO HOURS by bus at £8 per day - you can guess which way I will be travelling from now on... (from Bexleyheath to Docklands)

Mary, north London
Never had a car to can in the first place, cars in London are for losers. Get off your bums petrol heads.

You are in: London > Travel > Features > Did you Can the Car?

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