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28 October 2014

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Captive State

London Calling's Captive State.

Captive State

Whitechapel's finest breach August 2008 with Mona, a lounge lizard of a number echoing soft Beta Band vocals and sea breeze cool...

London Calling's latest debutantes, the eight-strong Captive State, have stitched together trombone, keyboards, melodica and trumpet, together with more usual suspects, guitar and percussion, to create a laid back take on folktronica.

With so many elements to their sound, the octet's mish-mash of energy is surprisingly gentle, yet balmy enough to leave you wanting to abandon those brogues and dance barefoot through London's streets.

The Whitechapel brigade have been knocking out tunes for nearly five years and, unlike their more flash-in-the-pan contemporaries, have managed to hang on to their original line up for as long.

The depth of their music perhaps owes to this gradual maturing, while the number of creative minds have kept the band from drifting into complacency, exerting instead a sound both forward-thinking and spiritually uplifting.


So, they've been around for a day or two and have subsequently gathered a number of tales to tell.

Captive State

Captive audience: Captive State go arty

The tallest, or possibly highest, noted by the band is their recent performance on the mountain tops of Tyrol Valley's Snowbombing Festival in Austria. But there's no place like home and this year's Green Fair in Camden is another proud achievement.

With their current MySpace playlist including the single Mona, you can hear three other tracks from the band's Elmore Grove E.P. which is on release through Genuine Records.

Get hold of a copy, as well as keep up with the Captive State's current gigs, by following the MySpace link in the right-hand column of this page.

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You are in: London > Radio > 94.9 Information > About Us > Captive State


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