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24 September 2014

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A cityscape by Timothy Choi

A cityscape by Timothy Choi

'Our futuristic art fair'

St Bonaventures School students have been producing their own art to communicate their vision of Stratford's future. Awad Bhenick, a media producer who helped them, explains in his own words what they made…

Aliens, intergalactic creatures and movie animations were the highlights when Year 9 and 10 students from St Bonaventures School held the 'BonArt Fair' at Newham Town Hall in East Ham.

Under the guidance of the school's art department and collaborating with Stratford City developers, the art fair was the result of the youngsters' hardwork of their representation of Stratford.

Intergalactic visitors to Stratford?

Intergalactic visitors to Stratford?

All thoughts and feelings were exported onto canvas, 3-D sculptures and short films.

Paul Cannon, the Stratford City Education Officer, who is working along with the developers, Westfield, said: "I believe this is a really great opportunity for the youth because it gives them a competitive edge and rich employability skills for the future."

Parents also supported this venture. One parent of the students, Mrs Joanes told us that "it’s a brilliant idea because it keeps children out of mischief and allows them to channel their energy into something that will benefit them in the future."

Wealth of talent uncovered in East London

It throws away the image of East London displayed in the media of being a crime ridden city, with violent youth crimes. But as student, Sebastian Amaya, said: "It's a good way to portray us 13-years-olds and what we can achieve."

Art teacher Lorraine Huddle also emphasised the point: "The aliens are a metaphor for diversity that we can adapt to each other despite our different experiences."

Artwork by Angelo Ramessar

Artwork by Angelo Ramessar

Deputy Head Teacher Helena Mills said, "We are very proud to be part of Newham, in the past people have thought of the east End and places like Stratford as, 'who wants to live in that dump?', but our students are very proud of where they live and have proven that Stratford is the place to be."

The winning students were crowned with awards in each of the categories. The year 10 stop-frame animation winners were Ron Palatty and Jeffrey Porrit.

The year 10 sculpture winner was Judelle Johnson, with runner up, Angelo Ramessar. The year 9 architectural structures winner was Timothy Choi, with runner up Gareth Coleman.

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You are in: London > London Local > Newham > Spare Time > 'Our futuristic art fair'

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