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24 September 2014

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Spitalfields archaeology site

Archaeology site in Spitalfields 1999

Exploring History on London's streets

Londoners are being given the opportunity to learn about a particular aspect of the capital's history in a series of walks and workshops given by academics from Birkbeck, University of London.

The experts will use the streets and buildings of London to bring history alive on a series of tours. They will show how historians can use London's built environment to reveal stories from the past.

The history walks are being offered as part of a free study day at Birkbeck, University of London on Saturday June 14th from 10am - 4pm.

The walks on offer are:

Londoninium: An Introduction to Roman London

Investigate the development of one of the Roman Empire's most important cities by looking at some of the surviving physical remains of the period including those in the Museum of London Roman gallery, the fort wall, the city wall and amphitheatre. Led by Robin Densem.

Museum of London

Museum of London's Roman Sarcophagus site 2006

Exploring London's Black History

Explore the diverse and entwining histories of the black experience in London. Focusing on a range of events and individuals, the walk touches on themes of migration and settlement, politics, gender, social and economic lives and academia. Led by Gemma Romain.

Investigating Medieval London

Discover the development of London from the Anglo-Saxon period to the advent of the Tudor dynasty, looking at the key sites associated with the growth of civic government, the crown and the church. Led by Vanessa King.

London Queer Lives

Trace London's social and sexual themes through the contrasting gay lives of men and women who lived, worked and played in the academia of Bloomsbury, bohemian Soho and the glittering West End.

The guide of the London Queer Lives walk, historian David Thompson, says:

"As the city expanded new distinct neighbourhoods were created that were almost exclusive to any one social class. What might be described as class-interaction was generally for practical purposes only.

Queer sexuality does not in itself have class boundaries but in the past its expression frequently differed across the social and intellectual board.

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in central London where we find such socially contrasting neighbourhoods as Bloomsbury, Fitzrovia, Soho and the West End. Queer people were always in these places along with everyone else and we will explore how their sexuality affected their lives with emphasis being placed on crossing physical and social boundaries in the course of its expression.

Queer life has gone through enormous change and has never been more visible on the streets of London than it is today. We will conclude our study by considering how parts of Soho have socially evolved into what is essentially a Queer neighbourhood."

The 'Other' Bloomsbury: Making Medical History

Though famed as a literary centre Bloomsbury is much less noted for its medical history - yet it's a location full of medical firsts. Walk the streets of Bloomsbury and discover many of these firsts of medical history and medical 'quackery'. Led by Carmen Mangion.

The walks are being organised by the Faculty of Life Long Learning to celebrate their 20th anniversary and to inaugurate the 2008-09 History Programme.

To register for one of the walks and for further information send an email to Tim Russell at Birkbeck with 'Life On The Streets' in the subject line.

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You are in: London > History > History Features > Exploring History on London's streets

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