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28 October 2014

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Richard Barnbrook

Mr Barnbrook with the thumbs-up

Profile: Richard Barnbrook

The British National Party's candidate for London Mayor is Richard Barnbrook, who is the leader of the BNP Group on Barking & Dagenham Council.

Mr Barnbrook was born in Catford on 24th February 1961 and attended the Royal Academy of Art. He has worked as an artist and has also been an art teacher and lecturer.

On his BNP website, Richard Barnbrook said:

"Parts of our capital city are coming to resemble a dangerous and grotty third-world town. On 1st May 2008 Londoners will have the opportunity of electing someone committed to removing the one million or so illegal immigrants living here, stamping down on crime and making London a better place for us all to live."

A Love Story

The BNP candidate briefly made the headlines in 2006 when a film that he had made as a student in 1989 called 'HMS Discovery: A Love Story' was described as gay pornography. However, Mr Barnbrook has dismissed the criticism saying that it was merely an art film.

In an interview with BBC London, Richard Barnbrook said: "If you ask me a question I will give you a straight answer. If you don't like the answer, tough. I will not skirt around things at all."

Just before Christmas 2007, it was announced that Mr Barnbrook would be marrying Simone Clarke a ballerina with the English National Ballet.

The couple first met when it emerged that Ms. Clarke was a supporter of the BNP and Mr Barnbrook went to one of her performances to offer his support. There had been protests and calls for her to be sacked from the English National Ballet because of her backing for the BNP.

"OK, they're going to start looking at me and my girlfriend. So be it, what the hell. We're two people in love that's all it comes down to. They've also gone into the aspects of her daughter – I couldn't give a damn," said Richard Barnbrook.

"All the travelling, I've done – that was enriching, to see other cultures and identities, but I saw them in their location and that was more educational than mashing them all up together."

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You are in: London > News > London Elections 2008 > Candidates & Parties > Profile: Richard Barnbrook

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