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24 September 2014

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Scene from Fish out of Water

Scene from Fish out of Water

"Beyond Brick Lane"

15 budding film makers took part in a project to make films that reflected the culture and feelings within Brick Lane.

Fish Out of Water
Film maker:Emma Ahmad, Tanzeena Ahmad, Forida Khan
Length:5: 47 mins
Date:June 2007
Subject:A Bengali soul reflects over history and across continents

The Beyond Brick Lane project was a chance for aspiring East London film makers to create a piece of work that looked at Brick Lane and it's diverse history through their eyes.

It is also a fitting way to mark the 60th anniversary of the Partition, the 250th anniversary of  The Battle of Plassey and 150 years since India's First War of independence.

Participants were not only encouraged to look back at key events in history, where London met Bengal, but to also look forwards, asking; What does it mean to fit in and how can an interconnected but turbulent past best lead to a harmonious future.

The project which spanned only 2 weeks included debates, interactive workshops and multimedia training. It's the brain child of Film For Humanity a local organisation keen to promote social inclusion and provide a voice for those who are unemployed or feel socially misrepresented.

Check out the films below:

Film maker:Imran Yusaf
Length:6:14 mins
Date:June 2007
Subject:A bare bones mediation on the concepts of identity and boundaries
And This is How I Wash My Hijab
Film maker:Aysha Begum MIah
Length:4:26 mins
Date:June 2007
Subject:A poignant visual poem, sharing a commonplace activity with the wider world
Of Strangers and Fiction
Film maker:Raj K Ramaswamy, Jonathan Singers
Length:9:06 mins
Date:June 2007
Subject:In light of the upcoming release of the film Brick Lane, a look at what locals really think
Film maker:Ned Dyke-Coomes, Farad Painchum
Length:6:14 mins
Date:June 2007
Subject:In a world polarized by views of 'them' and 'us' this film asks what are we afraid of?

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You are in: London > London Local > Your Stories > Video > "Beyond Brick Lane"

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