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28 October 2014

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You are in: London > Travel > Features > Tube fare rise - have your say

Canary Wharf station on Jubilee line

Canary Wharf station on the Jubilee line

Tube fare rise - have your say

The price of a single paper ticket for the London Underground will now cost at least £4. Mayor Ken Livingstone said the increase was necessary to fund improvements. We want to know what you think...

Public transport around the globe

  • New York Subway - standard fare costs £1
  • Sydney City Rail - single journey costs £1
  • Tokyo Metro - single ticket costs 65 pence
  • Paris Metro - single journey costs £1.20
  • Hong Kong MTR - single ticket costs between 65 and 75 pence
  • Moscow Metro - single journey costs 10 pence
  • Beijing Subway - single ticket costs 19 pence

(All fares were for a zone one journey or equivalent.)

A single journey paid in cash on the Tube will now cost at least £4, while bus passengers will have to fork out £2 for peak-time travel.

The rises, which came into effect on Monday, have been described as "exorbitant" by passenger groups.

Tickets for the Heathrow and Gatwick Express train services have risen by 7.3%.

Oyster fares that have not risen in price include a single journey on the Tube, which is still £1.50, and peak-time bus fares, which remain at £1.

But an annual Oyster card season ticket for travel in all six Underground zones will rise 4.88% to £1,720 when the fare changes come into force.

Mayor Ken Livingstone said the increased fares were needed to pay for massive investments into new rail links and better services.

Have your say

Are you willing to pay above inflation to fund improvements on the Underground? Will the paper ticket hike hit your pocket?

Do you think this increase will have an effect on the number of visitors coming to the capital?

Send us a video of your journey into the capital telling us what you think about the price hikes and we'll put the best ones up on our website.

(For tips on how to make short films visit


Yours views

I would love to have the cheap fairs that oyster cards can offer but I live in Dulwich, South London and my station does not have an oyster card reader and so I have to spend cash and pay up to double for my journey because I live in South London.

TFL should be renamed as TFSL (transport for some of London)
Iain Sutherland

You can get an oyster card for free - you do not have to pay a three pound deposit.
My pre-pay oyster card cost me nothing. I can pre pay onto the card as little or as much as I want. I can put money onto the card at hundreds of newsagents and benefit from the cheaper oyster fares.
Using a pre-pay oyster card is not a disadvangtage to poorer londoners, if fact pre-paying on an oyster card makes it easier to budget financially, for example I can put a few pounds a week on my card and know that I can always jump on a bus.

The most annoying thing about Oyster cards is that you cannot use them on rail services.
Jeanette Martin

TFL want me to have an Oyster card and not pay cash, well…

1. I want to earn the interest from my money – not give it to TFL via Oyster!  I already pay too much in taxes and have to budget my money really carefully.

2. I want the option to CHOOSE how and when I pay for my public transport travel.

3. Haven’t the nutters at TFL worked out it’s now cheaper for me to travel by car!!!

Amanda Stonham – Londoner born, bred and living IN LONDON: not visiting and not commuting!

As a Londoner the Oyster card makes journeys quicker and smoother.  These people who choose to ignore the Oyster card should be penalised as there is no valid reason why they shouldn't get one.  The deposit is only £3, which you get back, there are now plenty of shops where you can credit your Oyster card and you don't need to constantly look for change.

Hayley Stockden

Oyster card is miles easier, quicker and cheaper. The only reasons not to use it is sheer laziness or resistance to change.
You can still pay as you go using an oyster.
Rob Summers

Oyster cards are a fast,convenient way to pay for travel in London.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to have to pay a cash fare..if they do, it is their own fault. It is easy to get an oyster card, and easy to keep it topped up online, at shops or at tube stations.

As for poor people not being able to afford one, rubbish. I travel on buses everyday, the form of transport that less well off people use, and 99% of travellers use oyster cards.

Simon Hunter

I believe that the oyster system is a great system, Londoners are enjoying some of the lowest fares we have seen for years, and I know for a fact that bus fares in London are much lower than other parts of the country where people are charged up to £4 for a bus journey, Anyone who doesn't wish to get an oyster card, should be prepared to pay high cash fares without moaning about it. This is 2007, we deserve a ticketing system fit for the current age,

Ian, W5

It is unbelievable that the prices have risen once again. The service is incredibly poor, unreliable and extremely poor value! I have no problem paying for a service if it would actually work but i must say public transport in London is probably the worst in europe!


You missed one of the key issues with the Oyster Card issue and that's that the card is not accepted at a lot of the inner London Rail Stations.  So even if one does carry an Oyster (for Pre-Pay) it can't be used at the stations near many of our homes.
Colin Ritchie (Herne Hill)

A brutal mafia that enjoys full immunity. This is how I describe those in charge of London public transport. If only I had claimed £1 for every single delay I have experienced in the past eight years, or for the lack of manners of many station assistants,  I would have probably been a millionaire by now. TERROR FOR LONDONERS is what TfL stands for!!!

Patrick Hon, W2

This is just typical of this mayor, first the introduction of the congestion charge at the rate of £5 and then its recent increase of £3 making it £8. I was of the opinion that this was brought in to encourage people to get out of their cars and use public transport.  Obviously this is not the case and its outragous to hear of his proposed plan to increase fares for those who pay cash.  Doesn't really encourage people to use the system does it, especially bearing in mind some of the loutish behaviour I have experience especially on late evening/night buses.
John Scott

I live in Woolwich SE London if a want to travel into central London from my local mainline train station Woolwich Arsenal I have to pay a higher charges for a one day travel card which covers 1-4 Travel zones I cannot use my Oyster card at this mainline station. I have to go longer way round getting a bus to North Greenwich underground station and then getting the tube to central london. Also I once had to pay cash fare as there were problems with the underground line and I had to get the  mainline train to get home. I don't see how this works out to be cheaper as you cannot use Oyster cards on most of london mainline station as pre-paid.

Jason Power

I travel to my work from South East London to North West using Thameslink. It is mich much faster and more convenient for me than traveling by tube (saves me about 20-30 minutes).  Unfortunately, National rail often do not accept Oyster prepay cards, especially on stations where are no barriers.  So, I simply have no choice but to buy the expensive day travel cards. I can buy weekly Oyster travel cards, which are valid, but due to the nature of my work, I do not travel every day, and sometimes only make 2, 3 journeys in one week.
So, buying a weekly card covering all zones is too expesive.  I would use pre-pay Oyster card had it been possible on the National rail.
For now, I either have to pay the travel cards or use my car.


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You are in: London > Travel > Features > Tube fare rise - have your say

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