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24 September 2014

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2012 Features

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Carpenters Primary School kids

Kids at Carpenters Primary get filming

2012 Lives

As the countdown begins to London’s 2012 Olympic Games, BBC London has given video cameras to ordinary residents.

As the countdown begins to London’s 2012 Olympic Games, BBC has given video cameras to ordinary Londoners. Through their eyes we’ll see the lives and landscapes of East London transform.

Children from Carpenter’s Primary School, the nearest school to the Olympic site in Stratford, will have a bird’s eye view of how the area transforms in time for the Games.

“It’s going to be amazingly exciting for them to see everything around them changing while the school is still going to be here,” said Richard Saunders, a teacher at the school.

But being within close proximity to the Olympic development means building work, noise and construction traffic impacts the day to day running of the school.

“Demolition has started and what we’ve done is kept the children from coming on the field,” says school site supervisor Glenn White.

“The developers have got their agenda and we’ve got ours. Ours is the children and ensuring their safety. Theirs is deadlines and money.”


Not only will the work for the Olympics change the lives of local people and the landscape of the area, but it will also affect the local wildlife.

Rambler, Len Bannister plans to monitor exactly how the wildlife will be affected as well as the surrounding historical buildings.

After 17 years in Stratford, a family run curtain manufacturer company, Tyrone Textiles have just nine months to vacate its site. The factory is being bought up under a compulsory purchase order to make way for the Olympic stadium.

Company owner Mitchell Green says the problem is impacting his health, “It has affected my sleep patterns. I go to sleep with the problem, I wake up with the problem. I know I try to shut it out but it’s a big responsibility.” 

Mitchell Green

Mitchell Green of Tyrone Textiles

As the Olympic transformation gets underway, local artist Omar Karim is concerned that the area’s character could be lost. “I’ve got mixed feelings about what’s going to happen. The Olympics are six years away and already the clean up process has started”.

Over the next six years, the diarists will be giving us a unique view into the impact the Olympics has on them and on London.

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You are in: London > 2012 Olympic Games > 2012 Features > 2012 Lives

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