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13 November 2014

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94.9fm Weekday Schedule

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Big George

Big George

Big George

Listen to Big George every weeknight from 10pm to 2am


  • You can call the programme on 020 7224-2000
  • Text on 07786 200 949
  • E-mail
  • Listen live online

There is absolutely no doubt about it; when it comes to lively, thought provoking “say it as you see it” radio, no programme on the air comes close to The Big George Show on BBC London 94.9.

There are just two rules: (1) keep it legal (2) keep it decent. The rest is fair game. Every email and text is read out, and every point of view is heard, regardless of the critical nature of its content.

Whereas some shows rely on a vast team of producers, researchers, technicians and general dogs bodies to keep the show from collapsing under its own mediocrity, Big George is on his own. Except for Ollie that is.


The truth is, without Ollie, Big George would be sitting in a darkened studio, in total silence waiting for something to happen? You see, it’s Ollie that does everything.

Big George and Tower Bridge

From taking all the calls and making tea, whilst producing the show and putting up with Big George using him as the butt end of every half baked, back fired joke. In fact, bar actually moving Big George’s mouth up and down (no need as his jaw muscle is very well developed) Ollie does everything to keep the show on the air.

Every night the regulars, the occasionals and first time callers, agree, disagree, argue and are aghast at the debate, which is always driven by them! No subject is too taboo and all opinions are listened to.

But it’s not all serious weighty stuff! Not a night goes by without something mad, preposterous or down right bizarre happening. The Big George Show on BBC London 94.9 is like no other radio phone in you’ll have ever heard anywhere on the planet.

About George

Big George has a past that most people will not be aware of. Although most will know his work.

He is one of the UK’s foremost TV and Radio composers. He is responsible for themes like: Have I Got News For You, The Office, Graham Norton, Room 101 and the finale of One Foot In The Grave. As a bandleader he has worked around the world on over 500 hours of live TV.

He has also presented numerous television programmes for BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky about Music and English History (his two passions). He is also a columnist for The London Daily News and Sound On Sound.

The Big George Show on BBC London 94.9 every weekday between 10pm and 2am. Worth losing sleep over

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You are in: London > Radio > 94.9 Information > 94.9fm Weekday Schedule > Big George


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