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13 November 2014

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Robert Elms

Robert Elms

Robert Elms 12.00 15.00

Robert Elms presents London's best magazine show with eclectic music and great guests - weekdays 1200 to 1500

Welcome all!

The Robert Elms show is a celebration of every aspect of this tumultuous city that we share. For three hours a day we revel in the numerous stories and characters, memories and aspirations which make this such an extraordinary place to live and work. Art and architecture, history, movies and language, shopping, drinking, dining and dancing all carried out to a soundtrack of music for grown ups.

Each day there are special features which have become part of the fabric of the show.  The Listed Londoner who kicks off every week, a person chosen for their contribution to our town and their ability to answer the famous fifteen questions. The architecture slot with Max Hutchinson, which does so much more than look at buildings, but takes  us to the very heart of what it means to live in a town like this. Linguistics with Laura Wright and her examination of the wonderful use of language in London, cinema with Jason Solomons and a constant array of guests who take us to the core of the movie business. Blue plaques, London literature, quirky shops and of course the weekly examination of the bands and artists who have kicked up a collective fuss in the company of Alan Robinson our adopted Geordie boy.

But as well as the regular contributors and celebrity guests the real soul of the show comes from the listeners themselves. Much of the best of the Robert Elms show is generated by the audience, who bombard us with calls and queries, anecdotes and observations. Notes and queries is our way of exploring the endless stream of oddities and curios, quirks and characters who lie just beneath the surface of the city. While our weekly bus journey allows us to explore the often overlooked Londons, the far flung corners which make up this vast metropolis, and to capture the many memories of journeys past.

But it isn’t just the formal slots, which allow listeners to take part, the show is a constant dialogue between the studio and the city itself. We never hide the fact that London can be a difficult, expensive, noisy, dirty, sprawling mess. But we never forget that we love it.  And then every Friday we get funky and dance to remind ourselves that the weekend awaits.


You can contact the show by:

Phone (during the show) - 020 7224 2000
Text - 07786 200 949
Email -

Robert's expert contributors:

Dr Laura Wright - on words and accents in London

Laura is a lecturer in English at the University of Cambridge and has written on the history of London English.  Every other Monday she joins Robert on the show to tell us about the origin of words and the history of London's language use and dialects.

Maxwell Hutchinson - on architecture

Max is one of London's leading architects and an expert on the city's buildings old and new. Tune in on Tuesdays to hear Max tell all about London's architectural history.

Alice Rawsthorn - on design and art

Alice Rawsthorn is the design critic of the International Herald Tribune, and a columnist for the New York Times Magazine.  You can hear Alice's top tips on art and design exhibitions in London every other Wednesday.

Clare Dwyer-Hogg - on shopping in London

Clare is one of London's top writers on consumer issues and a regular columnist for The Independent.  Every other Wednesday Clare will be giving us an expert guide to the best of London's shops and markets.

Jason Solomons - on cinema

Jason is a film critic for the Observer and presenter of the Guardian's film podcast.  Every Thursday Jason reviews and previews the latest films. Jason also brings in some of the top movers and shakers in the world of film so if you want to find out what is a must see on the silver screen and what is to be avoided tune in every Thursday.

Nigel Barden - on food

Nigel Barden is a food writer and broadcaster. He was food editor of Maxim magazine,
contributes to the Telegraph and is Chris Evan's food expert on our sister station Radio 2. There is very little Nigel does not know about eating and food in London so if you want to hear about the best food markets and eateries in the capital tune in every other Friday.

Johnny Homer - blue plaques

Every other Friday Robert is joined by Johnny Homer to delve into London's many blue plaques and the stories behind the names.

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