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Dan Perjovschi

Dan Perjovschi

The Romanian artist Dan Perjovschi has flown into Liverpool to take part in the Fifth Floor contemporary art exhibition, which marks the end of the city's year as European Capital of Culture, and runs until 1st February 2009.

Black-and-white drawing of a cross-section of a building with five floors.  On the bottom four floors, people are standing normally.  The fifth floor is open to the sky and people are flying around

Cartoon inspired by the Fifth Floor exhibition

A dialogue with Liverpool

Internationally renowned for his simple cartoon-like drawings which are disarmingly immediate and politically resonant, Perjovschi will draw directly onto the gallery walls and stairwells before and during the exhibition, working with and alongside Liverpool schoolchildren. For the first time he will invite the public to draw their own cartoons alongside his own.

Visit the Tate's website (external link)

Black-and-white drawing of the word JOBS. The letter O is a pool with a drowning hand coming out of it

Dan's take on the recent jobless figures

Daily cartoons for BBC News Online

And in a unique collaboration he will also over three days be composing a series of topical, newsy cartoons for BBC News Online.

Born in communist Romania in 1961, Perjovschi has over the years developed a wry style that thrives on political and social engagement. His work for the BBC News Online magazine will be informed by this commitment.

"I look at things with a critical eye, I am open to the paradoxes. But my humour is not cynical, it is informed by empathy", he says.

Dan on Liverpool

"I'm open to paradox"

We caught up with Dan just after he arrived in the city and he spoke about his first impressions, his type of observational humour and the conversation he is having, through his drawings, with the people of Liverpool.

The Fifth Floor: Ideas Taking Space at Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool runs until 1st February 2009. Free entry.

Dan on his art

Word of Mouth.

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