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28 October 2014
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Questionnaire for Present Pupils

Kate, Rachel and Kate are interviewing some year 3 pupils.

How did you feel when you moved to the Junior School?
Katie Happy because I wanted a change
Stephanie Nervous because it was a new day at school
Rebecca Happy because the teachers were less strict
Daniel Nervous because I was going to a new school

Did you get lost when you moved to the Juniors
Katie I got lost when I went to the toilet
Stephanie I got lost when I went on a message
Rebecca I got lost when I went to get the register
Daniel I didn't get lost!

What did you think of the teachers?
Katie I think the teachers were friendly
Stephanie I think they were kind
Rebecca I think they were nice
Daniel I think they were less strict

What did you feel like after your first day at School?
Katie I think it was great
Stephanie I felt much older but still felt like a midget
Rebecca I felt older
Daniel I felt the same but happier

Did you make any new friends in other years?
Katie I already know someone in year 4 but I did make new friends
Stephanie I already knew someone in year 5
Rebecca No
Daniel I didn't make any new friends

Have you found any new activities you enjoy?
Katie I have joined the recorder club
Stephanie I have joined the recorder club
Rebecca Yes English and Music
Daniel I found history was more enjoyable

Do you like the idea of having groups?
Katie I didn't like the groups because they were boring
Stephanie No because there is too much writing
Rebecca No because I was not with friends
Daniel I found groups were better

Which would you rather have - Juniors or Infants?
Katie The Juniors
Stephanie The Juniors
Rebecca The Juniors, the children are much nicer
Daniel The Juniors

Did you like going swimming with the Juniors?
Katie Yes because it is fun
Stephanie Yes because it is fun to learn
Rebecca No because I could not swim around properly
Daniel No because it was not fun

Did you think would be bigger than it is?
Katie Yes because it looks big outside
Stephanie It would be smaller
Rebecca No it's quite big itself
Daniel No because it looks big outside.

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