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28 October 2014
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History of Croxteth Hall
Croxteth Hall
The hall.

"It was built in 1575 and the last building was completed in 1902. The building was gradually extended, each part was built in a way that it blended with the previous part.
The land around the hall was farm land and there were horses and cattle on the land. At one time only Lord Sefton and his guests were allowed on the land.
The Seftons didn't have any jobs so they found other pastimes such as hunting and shooting.
The Sefton family gambled away a lot of the money so they had to sell the land to bring in money. The last lord of the manor died in 1972 and left no heirs so now it is cared for by the council.
By: Hannah, Nicola, Stephen and Michael.

Croxteth Hall and the Molyneux Family
Croxteth Hall was the home of the Earls of Sefton whose family name was Molyneux.
Croxteth Park was the seat of the Earls of Sefton for over 400 years.
The Molyneux were originally French (Norman).
The Molyneux family were one of the oldest families in the original county of Lancashire.
The Moylnexu family crest is called the Cross-Moline badge.
In 1066 everything started to change for the Saxons. Duke William of Normandy sent William Molyneux to take charge of the area called Sefton.
To make sure that people recognised him he had his own special badge (or coat of arms) which was a shield will a cross (cross-moline) in the centre.

By: Daniel

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