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24 September 2014
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I don't mind if I do

Hugh Moreton and Tommy Handley
Hugh Morton and Tommy Handley, ITMA 1947

Audio Listen to ITMA catchphrases
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For those of you too young to remember ITMA, it may surprise you to learn that some phrases that have become part and parcel of the English language, orignated in this 1940s radio show.

ITMA montage
Tommy Handley and some of the ITMA favourites

Here are just a few of the memorable ones:

Audio 'Don't Forget the Diver'- Memories of New Brighton
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  Click here for local memories of New Brighton

'Don't forget the diver sir; don't forget the diver'
The words spoken by a bathing suit clad figure, collecting for the New Brighton diver, inspiring the character Deepend Dan.

'This is Funf speaking'
Jack Train created Funf the German spy.

'I don’t mind if I do'
Jack Train's Colonel Humphrey Chinstrap used this catchphrase to turn any remark into the offer of a drink.

'Can I do you now, Sir?'
Mrs Mopp the office char, Dorothy Summers.

'I go, I come back'
Horace Percival's Middle Eastern vendor, Ali Oop.

'After you, Claude - no, After you Cecil'
Jack Train and Horace Percival.

'I'll have to ask me Dad'
Aother of Jack Train's characters; Mark Time would respond to all questions with this phrase.

'But I'm all right now'
Hattie Jacques' greedy schoolgirl Sophie Tuckshop would produce a giggle and this catchphrase

'TTFN' (Ta ta for now)
Mrs Mopp the office char, Dorothy Summers.

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