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24 September 2014
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Learn to speak Scouse!

Want to pass yourself off as a scouser? Then you'll need at least one or two of our favourite scouse phrases.

And if you think we've missed any - let us know

all my eye and betty martin
talleyman lanny






Stickie Lice a liquorice root (to eat)
In the Cut the Leeds/Liverpool canal
Don’t let on you’re bandy keep your own counsel
Dowse keep a lookout for the police (usually when playing pitch and toss)
Til Dick docked waiting a long time
Mug you pay for your mate (usually a drink)
Tanner Meg a small rubber football
Latchlifter having enough money to go to the pub
Nesh feels the cold

money & police

First Wet After a haircut, friends wet fingers and hit you on the head
Whip Behind carters would use whip to stop children riding on back
The Nugget a full weekend’s work on the docks
Boyanks String that navvies tied around legs to stop mud or clay
Banny Mug thick brown pottery
Backie riding on the back of someone’s bike
Hug Me Tight a tight blouse
Delf cups, saucers and plates
Donkey Stone used to clean front doorsteps
Ollies marbles
Red Raddle colour the tiles/front step
The Stick old name for the Landing Stage

connie onny loosie

Pobs sloppy baby food made from bread and milk
Dicky’s Meadow in real trouble (as in.. "you’re in Dicky’s meadow)
Notecracker someone who would change a seaman’s advance money order
Dibbins money thrown into the ring for amateur boxers
One Ton Heavy On boys’ street game (like leapfrog)
Shaddle moving plank of wood in children’s playground
Welt tea break
Any Lunches children would ask dockers for left over food - "sarnies"
Casey leather football
Brew steep slope esp.for carters - or Dole Office
High Rip gang of women who used to rob sailors
Exey cosher newspaper street sellor


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