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24 September 2014
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The Alabama - Your Comments

Got something to say about the Alabama, the 'civil' war or Bulloch?
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Jerry Wells
I have been on your site for the last few days and have thoroughly enjoyed the content. 
This site was brought to my attention by a gentleman in Liverpool, Bob Jones, who I will see on September 15 to begin a few days tour of the sites connected with the CSS Alabama, the "DIXIE" Liverpool Connection, etc.  

However, I am responding not as  contribution to your site, but rather, to address the issue of Liverpool and her response during our War Between the States 1861-65.   
Our Union counterparts continue to consider the WBTS as a "CIVIL WAR".  We here in the South still continue to resist this terminology as our Ancestors, Political Government, etc. never ever had any desire to overthrow the Government of the United States. 

By the Constitution adopted ( Revolutionary War), the Southern States or for that matter any Northern State could secede from the Union if not satisfied and for sure 80 or so years after the fight for American Independence, we were not and as fed up with the Yankee Government, their tariffs, restraints of trade, etc. and therefore the WBTS.   

To my thinking seeing that our fight for Independence and a new Country and a new Government doesn't qualify as a "CIVIL WAR".  Therefore Liverpool and Great Britain to our judgment weren't assisting or abetting in another's "CIVIL WAR".   Our plight today for Vindication of the good names of our Ancestors, our Heritage and Southern History is under severe attack.  Reparations for those descendants of Slaves, we as descendants of Confederates are due them as well, the Union forces burned, raped and reigned havoc on women, children, farms, cities, free blacks as well as slaves, a "WAR" on civilians.  

As Commander of my Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp here in Virginia, we have contacted the National Organization and procured Certificates of Appreciation for the City of Liverpool and a few others who assisted us in the WBTS and continue to enhance the Confederacy with the organization of a "CIVIL WAR TRAIL" there.   

In closing, I would like to add that my Wells family has been here in Virginia for 350+ years, and our first Ancestor came here from England.  That influence, characteristics, slang, etc. continue in the family today.  I guess we will always be English no matter how far removed we are.

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