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24 September 2014

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Visible Virals

Visible Virals are all over the city.

Visible Virals

As 2008 gets into full swing, Liverpool plays host to all manner of Visible Virals, a series of socially engaging and playful text works on empty walls all over the city.

Visible Virals is a programme of art in the public realm, co-commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and the Liverpool Culture Company especially for European Capital of Culture.

Visible Virals

Engaging the individual is the goal.

The aim of Visible Virals is to bring new life to the everyday environment by asking direct questions to the individual on how they feel. Questions such as 'Do you feel lonely?' or 'Are you worried about global climate change?' delve into the life, behaviour and consumer habits of Liverpudlians.

Where can you see questions around the city?

40-42 Seel Street: Do you believe in God?
14 Fleet Street: Do you want to die old and slowly or young and tragically?
37-43 Berry Street: Do you feel lonely?
86 Duke Street: Do you like your neighbours?
Duke Street: Are you happy?
Newington Bridge:  Are you worried about global climate change? Do you care?
80 Duke Street: Do you feel lucky?
21 London Road: Do you think you’re more intelligent than the average person?
35 London Road: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Liverpool University Swimming Pool, Oxford Road: Are you optimistic about the future?

At 1m high, the texts are intended to be highly interactive. This is a year-long programme that will use local media channels to encourage the public to respond to the questions both on the walls and on a dedicated interactive website:

Talking point

With its transition as a fast-developing city, many of the chosen buildings in Liverpool are due to be demolished or turned into flats over the next few months. There is also an installation in an empty house in Chinatown next to the Chinese arch. The disused unit will be filled with 15,000 sculpted drinks cans that have been discarded.


What do you weigh in consumables?

In the Met Quarter, a set of weighing scales will tell you your weight in relation to accurate volumes of items we consume or shed over a lifetime, such as tears, cheese, or shampoo.

Laurie Peake, Programme Director of Liverpool Biennial said “We hope that Visible Virals will engage thousands of people as they spread across the city during 2008.”

Councillor Warren Bradley, leader of Liverpool city council and deputy chair of the Liverpool Culture Company, said: “Visible Virals will create a great talking point around the city, encouraging people to think about the world around them and the impact that they make as individuals.”

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created: 30/04/2008

You are in: Liverpool > Capital of Culture > Features > Visible Virals

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