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28 October 2014

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High Park Street reservoir

High Park Street Reservoir

High Park Street Reservoir

Roger O'Hara, director of Dingle 2000 Development Trust talks about plans to turn a disused reservoir in to a community centre.

I met someone who was on the board of North West Water and asked them if they could do anything for Dingle. They came back a few weeks later and said ‘yes we’ve got a redundant reservoir’ and asked me if we wanted to use it for the community.

It's been here for 150 years and people don’t notice it and it's a beautiful building inside.

Inside a reservoir

Inside the reservoir

It was a building that had no exits or entries other than on the roof.
So therefore it was like a bomb, because if methane leaked from the drains it could have an explosion in it, you know, so we had to open the place up a bit, and get some air into it and to do a lot of restoration work on the walls, doors, on the floors etc and on the roof.

The tower is part of the mechanism which allowed the water to flow into the reservoir, if you think of your cistern in your toilet, like the ball-cock.

Well the idea is it we would use it for the community, either in terms of jobs or for all kinds of things, it could be a theatre, it could be a concert hall, it could be a restaurant/café on the roof etc, because there are beautiful views from the roof, you know.

Because the building is going to last, it’s four foot thick, because its going to last so we want to make sure we get it right and it does things for the community and it’s self sustainable.

High Park Street Reservoir

People used to camp above the reservoir

Years ago people didn’t look at industrial buildings, and one thing has changed, the atmosphere had changed now.

All over Europe people are looking at gas tanks and all kinds of things and saying how could we now use these in a modern way and that’s what we’re doing with the reservoir.

They say there was an old myth in Liverpool about Jumping Jack Flash and he had been seen on the roof, but we’ve never seen him.

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You are in: Liverpool > Local History > Contribute > Your Memories > High Park Street Reservoir

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