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24 September 2014

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Steer Street School

Steer Street school in approx 1908

Steer Street School

Memories of Steer Street school from the son of a pupil in the 1900's and an ex pupil from the 1940's.

Neville Hunter's memories

The picture above is of Steer Street School, off Spencer Street, taken about 1908/10. All my mother's brothers and sisters went to this school and in fact the younger of her brothers was killed falling off the roof in about 1912. Which of the family is in the picture I am not sure.

Ex pupil Hazel Redgrave recollections

"I attended the school from about 1946-8, and can remember a few things about it. Firstly, the school had a Girls and a Boys entrance- each on either side of the school, so the entrances were in different roads.

"My mum used to tell me to 'come straight home' after school, but I used to go through the school and exit via the boys' playground, just in case mum was waiting for me outside the other gate!

"During the war they built a brick air raid shelter in the girls' playground; it was long and narrow with an entrance/exit at either end. After the war we would dare each other to dash through it, from one end to the other; it was full of echoes and dust and we'd scare ourselves rigid.

"One summer it was very hot and all the tar melted on the road outside. Us kids would get down on our hands and knees and crawl along the road, bursting tar bubbles with our fingers (no traffic then) and getting yelled at when we got home for being covered in tar."

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You are in: Liverpool > Local History > Contribute > Your Memories > Steer Street School

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