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13 November 2014

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Lizzie Christian

Lizzie Christian at her stall

Lizzie Christian

One of the most recognisable faces on Liverpool’s streets was flower seller Lizzie Christian who had a famous pitch in Clayton Square.

Lizzie Christian was a legend in Liverpool for more than 60 years, selling flowers from her pitch in the city centre. She was there from 9 to 6, six days a week, and on Sundays you'd find her outside the old Newsham General Hospital, in Belmont Road.

Lizzie was born in Hawke Street, Brownlow Hill, the eldest of twelve; she married at 20, and brought up seven children.

She supported her family by scrubbing steps, then by selling flowers from a big basket, to "posh" people in the suburbs of south Liverpool, and then from her famous flower stall in Clayton Square.

Lizzie Christian was a tiny woman, with her trade mark headscarf, boots and often torn coat, working in rain, hail, snow or sun.

Lizzie Christian and supporters

Lizzie Christian and supporters

She knew everyone - from judges to "working girls", from local MP’s like Bessie Braddock to local villains, and most of the stars - and they all knew her.

Lizzie was no stranger to controversy, having to move from her regular spot outside what was then the new St. John’s Precinct.

Her son, Jack, worked alongside her for many years and the Christian family, selling fruit and vegetables, is still very much part of Liverpool city life.

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You are in: Liverpool > History > Discover > The People > Lizzie Christian

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