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24 September 2014

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Condoleezza Rice
A protestor outside LIPA

Rice visit meets with protests

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was met by protestors on her visit to Liverpool. What do you think of the visit? Add your comments here.

U.S Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was met with protests on her visit to Liverpool.

The U.S. Secretary of State was accompanied by Foreign Secretary Jack Straw on a visit to both Liverpool and Blackburn.

Jack Straw invited Ms Rice after she took him on a trip to her home town of Birmingham, Alabama last year.

Condoleezza Rice
Condoleezza Rice

In Liverpool Ms Rice visited The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and attended a special concert at the Philharmonic Hall.

Outside both venues Ms Rice was met with protests from campaigners opposed to the conflict in Iraq.

Slavery connections

Speaking to BBC Radio Merseyside Jack Straw said that after his visit to Alabama he mentioned to Ms Rice the connections with Alabama, Liverpool and Blackburn due to the slave trade. Talking about the visit to Liverpool the Foreign Secretary said, “I think she’s got a strong image of the city.

Condoleezza Rice and Jack Straw
Jack Straw and Condoleezza Rice

“Like the rest of us who are a certain age she dotes on the Beatles.”

Liverpool poet Roger McGough who was due to be the compere at the Philharmonic concert pulled out last week saying “I was anti-war, I hate the idea of the war and anything else, but that apart, I could have stood on the stage and celebrated Liverpool- but maybe you can't ignore these things. It's very difficult.”

last updated: 31/03/06
Have Your Say
What do you think of Condoleezza Rice’s visit? Do you agree with the protests or do you think she should be welcomed? Add your comments here.
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i beleive that people are entitled to be heard. That includes protesters but that also includes Secretary Rice. Dr Rice has choosed to come to one of the best cities in the world and in my opinion we should welcome her. Her actions past and present regarding Iraq, Iran, Israel were never motivated by money, greed or murder. I would imagine that Dr Rice, like the people who were protesting, wants nothing but peace and democracy. "Give peace and Chance... Give Condoleezza Rice a Chance"

The amount of Police to protect one woman makes you think she knows how deeply unpopular the visit was. Had she any sense of other Peoples' Freedom she would have refused to come.

Rob (Liverpool)
I was at the protest on Friday evening and I didn't see "dozens" of protestors, I saw thousands. The BBC should be reporting these numbers accurately as they're growing and growing. I was there to protest and the "offical" 9/11 story that Charlie Sheen (as reported by CNN) has as well as many other well known figures have started to question. World Trade Centre building seven. Research it for yourselves, the BBC are hardly worthy of "investigative journalism" The world is waking up. Are you?

Thanks for coming to Liverpool you are most welcome to be here.

O. Sykes
I live in the same area as the Philharmonic Hall which for the past few days has been crammed with a very substantial number of Police officers and sundry security people. back in January 2005 I was attacked and robbed in this same area. The Police who dealt with my case said I was the tenth person to be attacked in the area in 1 month!! Over 12 months on I have heard NOTHING from the Police about whether they have made any progress with catching my attacker and they have still not returned a coat of mine they took away for forensic examination!! So I find it bitterly ironic that so much Police time and Merseysiders tax money has been splashed out on Ms. Rice's visit. Perhaps if the same attention was paid to the needs of local people then I would never have been attacked in the first place and the local constabularly would have caught the hoodlum responsible! Oli Sykes

Nicholas McKenna
I'm glad she could visit.

This person is dangerous to the security of Britain. She should not have been allowed in the country.

Cindy Thomas
It could be worse, Britain. You could have Dumbya there - like we've had for almost 6 painful year. Speaking for the majority of Americans, we are very, very sorrythat you've had to endure this lying administration. Shun her like the plague.

Like the armies of her country, she went into another country regardless of whether she's welcome or not. And to do what?... Ah yes, liberating the world with democracy (US-style).

Joelle D
Condaleeze Rice - who does she think she is? Her policies have killed many. To me she is a 'nobody' and a worthless person.

The liberation of Iraq will go on thanks to America, The United Nations of dictators, the EU and in particular France and Germany are a disgrace, the rest of the World pathetic. The World is indebted to America for todays freedoms which come from passed sacrifices.

I totally agree with the protests, the war is a sham and I'm ashamed to be british and part of this wicked invasion. Double standards. Isreal is still occupying Palestine now why don't they do something about that?

Julie Vickery
She's not at all welcome by me. Just what does she think she is doing here? I think the only good that can come from her trip is that she goes home knowing that her and her government's ignorance and arogance are despised even by us British.

Sheila E
I listened to some Muslim leader on TV saying "we" needed role models to visit Liverpool, not people like Rice. Surely Condoleezza Rice is a wonderful role model for all girls, to show what women can achieve if they work at it. She could become the most powerful person in the world - a woman, who is also black, and she is not a role model for children? Forget the politics, look at the person, and her rise to power..

Ron Sundve
I certainly do agree with the protests. Condoleezza Rice’s government is responsible for the death of many thousands of innocent lives caught up in a conflict they had imposed upon them under the guise of the conjured threat of 'WMD' only to reveal the real agenda, that being; toppling Saddam for personal reasons (Father Bush), taking over the oil feids in order to maintain their over consumption of oil and intalling 'American'? Democracy. And what kind of democracy is it that allows such actions to even take place? Surely the recipients of such a 'gift' wouldn't 'knowingly' want to be apart of such complicity and direct insult to human kind and dignity. Please wake up those who are ignorant of the results Americas foriegn policies throughout Central and South America over the last 50 years. The majority will not even be aware of your own Governments actions because of media suppression. But what is more disturbing is that when informed, do not even care.

As a LIPA student, I would just like to say that, we were only informed a couple of days ago about Condoleeza's visit, and it wasnt something that we had a choice in. Personally I feel that she has no business in visiting an arts institute, especially in the birthplace of John Lennon. I cant help but wonder how Paul McCartney must feel, being an outspoken critic of the Bush Regime.

the polititian love to be centre stage when the people have their ballot papers. why must they hide when the people wave protest banners.Cant they see the pain, destruction and misery they are placing on the human race? we all come from our mothers womb. we all feel pain.we are all one race polititans resolve this horrendous bloodshed and misery you are causing the people of this world

all peoples ,races and believes in unified in our hatred of this bloody pointless war, and the politicians on all sides had better listen to the good people of the world while they still have a choice

jim mathews
the protesters shamed liverpool to the world. we must be strong and fight enemies of our western values, abroad and at home.the war in iraq must be followed by war in iran.

Paul Evans
If she visited Manchester, I would welcome her with open arms! The anti-war crowd have yet to put forward any solutions to the world's problems and remain strangely silent when the terrorists set off bombs in the UK. At least the US are doing something about it!

Steve Jones (Liverpool)
Condi Rice is mast welcome to our city. I don't agree with the war and as an ex serviceman feel betrayed that we went to war on clear lies. That said Iraq is free from Sadam and the people free to vote on there future. Dr Rice should be aware of the views of all, but welcome as a visitor all the same.

nusiba taufik
I think that Condaleeza Rice coming to Liverpool is dusgusting! Liverpool is a diverse community and as a whole she will not be welcomed! well certainly not by me i'll be at the protest! I also think its selfish of her I have two friends who are singing for her at the philharmonic and both are rather scared something will happen

Peter Neville
Welcome her we can talk to her without any protests and she may listen

Oliver Taylor
Its tiring to hear these Government officials repeat the same old rhetoric about freedom and Democracy when they invade a country illegally and contreve the United Nations Committee.

Why isnt there an opportunity to agree or disagree with messages on this site as there are on others? As for dr rice she is very welcome here - I hope Lpool does a good job of portraying itself in a good light as we rarely get an opportunity to do so and i welcome protests too as long as they are not like those disgusting ones as weve seen previously. As for Roger he should be ashamed of his weakness in not standing up for Lpool. I appreciate his dilemma but for him it doesnt look like a matter of conscience just an inability to stand up for himself. He should divest himself of the "liverpool poet" title if he cant promote liverpool

As an American I am appalled that you can be so caught up in brushing with celebrity status that you can excuse welcoming this inveterate liar and minister of death. A woman without a soul of any kind. She should not be welcomed among honorable people - anywhere.

Sam (Liverpool)
As a visitor to this area Ms Rice is welcome however he views and stance on the Iraq war certainly are not. Bush and his team only believe in a democracy when it is beneficial for the Americans. I have nothing but utter contempt for the Bush administration. Let’s not forget about Mr Blair and his party’s involvement in the Iraq war. We always seem to find money to fund war but can’t seem to find cash to fund the care for our elderly, hospitals, homeless finding cures for cancer ect and on a wider scale famine. The money would be better spent on these issues rather than war, death and destruction.

I'm studying at LIPA and she is due to arrive in 5 minutes. I've been searched 4 times today and cannot currently leave the building. Why should I have her and this level of uncomfortableness inflicted on me. Although it is has a feeling of safety by having 4 police vans outside, if something were to happen would I actually be okay. All this fuss for one woman.

Gail Watson (Liverpool)
She's a member of Bush's government, so she supports the illegal war in Iraq. To welcome her with open arms would be an insult to anyone who's been injured or killed in that war (37,000 civilians so far) The Lancet reported that Iraqis are 58 times more likely to die a violent death since after the war began. Maybe she will think of this while she is being enteratined by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra?

I think she is putting people under threat by visiting liverpool. we dont get a say in who comes or goes, yet me would be the ones to suffer if anything happened. she has plenty of protection etc

Dean Morrison (Manchester)
I think that it can only be a good thing having the possible first woman president of America over here. America, although a lot will disagree, has done a lot for this country and is a valuable ally. I welcome her with open arms and would like to wish her the nicest stay possible.

John Shemilt
If Ms Rice's visit makes Jack Straw feel important, then maybe it will not be a complete waste of time. On her return to the US she will be able to reassure her President that the 4001st hole in Blackburn Lancashire is still somewhere between Jack Straw's ears.

I believe she should be welcomed. She is a person first then a government official.

Condoleezza Rice is unable to visit Liverpool in a private capicity, as she represents an inperialist regime. Therefore she should not be welcome.

Condoleezza Rice is very welcome in Liverpool. It is a strong possibility that she will become the first female president of the United States. We should celebrate the fact that she has come to our fantastic city. Those who disagree with her visit are entitled to their say, but to stage a huge protest would bear a bad reflection on our city. She is the secretary of state- last time i checked Iraq wasn't in the US. People should put things into context, not all Americans are bad!!

tony knifton
She should be welcomed as a senior member of the government of our greatest ally . She is not responsible for the chaos in Iraq -it is the infighting between the various factions that is the problem.

Welcomed yes, just like all leaders in Democratic countries, but only on the condition she can see democracy in action; the strong anti-war opinion that is found in Liverpool.

Tony Vaughan from The Wirral
I have no issue with "Connie" coming to Liverpool and believe Roger Mc Gough and others have missed a marvellous opportunity in presenting our city to the rest of the World via the vast media coverage and, in so doing, politely and respectfully, let her and her nation be aware of the general disgust the vast majority of Merseysiders feel about our involvement in Iraq. I just hope that any demonstrations dont bring our city and region into disrepute.

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