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24 September 2014

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Mann Island

Mann Island

The £112 million development planned for Liverpool’s Mann Island has attracted criticism from the Liverpool Preservation Trust. What do you think of the plans? Add your comments here.

Plans for three new buildings on Liverpool’s Mann Island have been criticised for their closeness to the World Heritage site.

The proposals for the site include office space, residential accommodation and leisure facilities.

Neptune Developments and Countryside Properties the companies behind the plan say the development will create 913 new jobs and will have new public spaces including a sheltered area around the new canal basin.

Mann Island
The Mann Island proposals

The Mann Island site, between the Albert Dock and Pier Head, is owned by the Northwest Development Agency and earmarked for mixed use development. The development would be next to the new Museum of Liverpool which is planned on the site of the failed Fourth Grace.

Developers Neptune say “The development proposes a subtle but striking architectural response to this extremely important connecting site. The development respects the scale height and setting of the neighbouring buildings and proposes simple elegant forms.”

Wayne Colquhoun of Liverpool Preservation Trust is against the proposals speaking to BBC Radio Merseyside he said “This is the biggest risk to Liverpool’s skyline since Goering sent the Luftwaffe over in 1943.

“We’ve got to really wise up to the fact that this is a World Heritage site and it has to be treated accordingly.”

The Mann Island development is part of a wider regeneration of the area that includes an extension to the Leeds-Liverpool canal, the Kings Waterfront Arena and Conference and the proposed new Museum of Liverpool.

Architect Matt Brooks told BBC Radio Merseyside “We were keen that this site wasn’t a Fourth Grace, it wasn’t the site for a Fourth Grace.

“We were very keen to express this as a unique area on the waterfront and a hinge point between the Three Graces and the Albert Dock.”

last updated: 14/03/06
Have Your Say
What do you think of the proposals for the Mann Isalnd site? Add your comments here.
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Carol Stocks
As a Liverpudlian who has lived in Germany for many years I think Liverpool developers might do well to consult with those in Cologne. High-rise construction projects near Cologne Cathedral prompted UNESCO to place it on the List of World Heritage in Danger in 2004. The visual impact of the proposed buildings on the cathedral was a major cause for concern and UNESCO called for a designated buffer zone to protect the visual integrity of the site. The threatened delisting from the World Heritage List is naturally a major issue in Cologne. I'd like to think Liverpool will make every effort to find the right balance between protecting its heritage and providing for the future. On a personal note, I cherish the Liverpool waterfront and find the Mann Island buildings just plain ugly.

Willy Stroker
Its 2006, not 1806. I cant believe people would rather preserve a waterfront than make make a city financially stronger. For those who like the waterfront take a picture :)

Kevin Humphreys
The problem with the submissions for the site so far are not about the plans but the ego of the person putting forward the ideas. In short they are trying to out do the previous architects of the front with their creations. So stop trying to block out the three graces and you will be accepted.

The time has come for the crazyness to stop! We live in a City not a museum-Victorian,Edwardian or Beatle themed. If People where daft enough to listen to Wayne Colqohoun Liverpool would be a very scary place indeed. This development is an interesting part of a much wider vision to bring life back to a much loved but unpopulated and underused area. We want people living, working, eating, drinking, visiting exhibitions or just being. There is a name for it....CITY

Stephen Curtis
Wayne Colquhoun and other such ultra-conservatives (aesthetically speaking)really need to envisage Liverpool as something other than an Victorian / Edwardian Theme park. One 'commentator' says Liverpool 'is' a Victorian city...Frankly this is absurd. Does this apply to New York for example, or London....Two other great cities boasting a rich Victorian / Edwardian/ Art Deco (architectural) heritage. Such strange inscrutable comments, coupled with a perverse desire to 'freeze' a place in a particular epoch and prevent the living organic entity from developing and changing without erasing what has gone before, really do not stand up to serious analysis. London and New York for example attempt to blend the rich geneology of a great metropolis with a contructive and positive attitude. Please, allow Liverpool to thrive again. I suspect if the design for 'our' Art Deco masterpiece (The Philharmonic Concert Hall) was put before the so-called Preservation Trust that it would be opposed...'too much brick', a modern monstrosity...and so on would no doubt be the reaction. Build, build, build.

Even if it does get built it will become an embarassment to the city and get demolished within 20 years or less

We don't need more offices and shops in the city but we definitely need to replace our trees and greeery. We've lost the lovely Chevasse Park, so instead of an awful building (that noone can agree on anyway) let's put a green park with trees, maybe even a lake and benches where everyone can walk around, relax and enjoy it, and it certainly will not mar our waterfront.

Great - Capital of Culture comes in 2008 and the whole of the city looks like a great big building site. Why ruin the waterfront and just let it be. Liverpool has room all over the city for great buildings, but Mann Island is not the right place. And why more shops and office space opposite the biggest retail development in Europe? Liverpool cannot sustain this amount of retail and office space.

Neil Harrison
Totally agree with Wayne Colquhoun. Having finally got rid of the marshmellow building the waterfront is now faced with this new threat. Can we also get rid of this stupidity of calling the current buildings the 3 graces. No idea where this came from. Complete rubbish.

Harry McGregor
This project invites all of Liverpool to admire "the kings new clothes", the whole Mann Island site will be lost for decades just as long as something is constructed for 08, these buildings are far from unique, they are cheap glass structures found in many new towns. They will however be built, you can fool some of the people some of the time but can can fool scousers all of the time. "What nice clothes the king has"

Rob Mc
Looking at Neptunes Queen Sq development doesn't look to hopeful. We need quality or nothing. This is boring just a quirky shape doesn't relate to it's surroundings.

Diane Crighton
I think the new buildings would be good for this age. Anything that was built there people you wouldn't get all people to agree. I just want something done, instead of all these failed projects.

Liverpool IS a victorian city - why ruin this internationally recognized heritage with modern, unoriginal eyesores? I am no luddite and have sympathy for those urging progress. I too want a gleaming efficient new metropolis but the character and integrity of our heritage zones must be properly protected. I agree with Wayne Colquhoun and say no to the X building and the other blocks.

Gerald Flynn.
Maybe not cheap but certainly nasty,has no architectural merit what so ever,would be viewed as a blot on the landscape. What is required for that location is high grade open space.

Iva Cokalot
I'd rather they left it to grass than some architect determined to become a "somebody" ruins a world famous skyline. its Bleak, soulless, faceless, and treeless.

Looks like a greenhouse with a letter box stuck on the end. I've seen better designs in Reception class drawings. There must be an architect somewhere who can design something fitting for the status of this site.

I think it would be great for Liverpool and sooner it is built the better. Why do people always have to rubbish everything. I say go ahead and build it!

David Cunliffe
I’m afraid I can only give one words for the plans, boring or should is say BORING. What is going on in the UK. I have travelled to many UK cities in the last year and I’m so confused. All the new buildings are looking so very similar, turn a corner and you could be in any city in the UK. Typically short and stumpy with the slanted top in glass. So very original and inspirational, come on Liverpool you have a world class looking city with a fabulous water front don’t blot your city with such unimaginative building, think big and classy, you deserve better!

Duncan Freemont
ZZzzzzz. Incremental architecture at its best. Safe safe safe.

Timothy Hatt
Great development that only adds to surrounding buildings. Pier Head can be a bleak and windswept place with little to keep people there. If this development helps to bring activity a people to the area then it can only be good for the city. All the buildings there were new once. In another 150 years time Liverpool's latest generation of nay- sayers will be protesting about their 'eyesores'. Liverpool is a modern, vibrant city and should be allowed to act as one. UNESCO and their apologists will be judged by history if this, and many other, developments are lost to their terrible nostalgic pang.

Its awful! It looks like a rejected idea for an out of town technology park. Just very poor.

bobby stokes
It looks excellent. the place needs changing soon and this looks by far the most attractive.You will always get people who will moan about progress but I think it would all be forgotten when the development is finished

Why is every building or vision marred? If this buiding isnt popular why cant someone else take the lead and just design something more fitting. Nothing is this city ever come to fruition.Liverpool is fast becoming a laughing stock due to doomed projects!

Howard Keal
Bleak, soulless, faceless, and treeless.

Pete Hedges
I think the building is very elegant but hope they get a move on and build it for a change. When the Liver building was built - people thought it ugly and a mish-mash of styles that wrecked the skyline - there is no reason why this distinctive building won't be accepted in the same way that that was.

i think it looks like an airport or a train station.. nothing special really for such an important location

Why is this city so full of moaners? Whenever anything remotly progressive is proposed people talk up Liverpool's Built Environment/ heritage, when in reality this heritage has been ignored and underused for decades. The likes of such people and English Heritage moan when nothing gets done and moan when something is planned. Where can the developers win in satisfying the self appointed moaners of Liverpool? It would appear nowhere. Regarding these individual plans, as a city resident I quite like it.

Mark Mulqueen
I quite like the juxtaposition of the neo-classical architecture of the '3 graces' and the proposed] modern Mann Island buildings. Liverpool has a wealth of beautiful historied buildings, secondly only to London in the UK. However, it would be nice to see several new [eccentric/eclectic/enigmatic] buildings complement the existing buildings that currently define the Liverpool sky line. Our current financial renaissance needs to be recorded, documented and demonstrated via our new buildings.

The main complaint is the loss of view of the side of MDHC(Port of Liverpool Building) from the Strand Crossing to Albert Dock. It's only since the 1970's we've had this view. Looking at old views the only Buildings to be seen were the Goree(Blitzed) and removed. I think the Architect/Advisers have done their homework here, the proposed high building on the Strand seems a Modern version of The Goree e.g.being able to walk through it and also through the other two rectangular Buildings (this site has never been open to the Public for a long time}

g mac
why the fasination with overblown glass buildings for the waterfront...1st the "cloud" now wont fit in and will date badly.maybe replace with park to replace that dug up elsewhere in town.

Liam Fitzsimmons
I think liverpool should stick with a kind of old persepective, to its waterfront.

John Williams
All Wayne Colqohoun is preserving is poverty. Vast areas of Liverpool still haven't been developed after being bombed during WW2 thanks to people stuck in a time warp like him. He doesn't represent the majority of people who wish to rid ourselves of the image of the poor man of Europe, constantly harping on about a glorious past that didn't exist in reality. Its time to get real, move with the times and develop our one horse waterfront to its full potential.

Lewis..b .Howells
I believe it when i see it! How about a museum of Mickey Mouse for famously failed ideas for the site? Only the TRUMPTON like City council infighting has stopped any postive redevelopment here.

Graham Hore
I'd rather they left it to grass than some architect determined to become a "somebody" ruins a world famous skyline.

Ian Cartledge
I think this development would be great as long as its done for the correct reasons. It should encourage the area to become a public square, with mixed use facilities that pull in tourists and employment, not a sterile residential area.. I do think this should be built, but would rather see a mass redevelopment of the underground stations.. All in all the more developments the better.

Dominic Masters
That is such an ugly development. What an eyesore.

sean, wallasey
great. lets hope they get built!

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