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28 October 2014

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The Beatles Course.

The Beatles Course.

From Me To You

Thought you knew enough about The Beatles? Joe Robinson runs Liverpool’s only multimedia Beatles course and claims to be able to teach even the most hardened enthusiast a thing or two!

Liverpool’s only course on the Beatles- ‘The Beatles in Liverpool and Beyond’ has been running for 18 months. It’s now held at the Learning Centre in Dingle and is currently the only Beatles course in Liverpool. The course has an incredible archive of multimedia audio and video tracks, including some very rare recording and versions and even a sound recording of the first time some of the Beatles met!

But does Liverpool need a Beatles course? Don’t people in Liverpool know enough about the Beatles already? According to the course Tutor Joe Robinson, people in Liverpool don’t know as much as they think! In fact people abroad tend to be more interested!

We spoke to Joe Robinson about Beatlemania and why Liverpool needs a course about their most famous export!

"It is, as far as I know, the first multimedia course on the Beatles in the world."

Joe Robinson

Tell us about yourself and 'The Beatles in Liverpool and Beyond'.

My name is Joe Robinson,I’m a tutor for Liverpool Education Lifelong Learning and I run the course ‘The Beatles in Liverpool and Beyond’. It is, as far as I know, the first multimedia course on the Beatles in the world. We’ve got an archive of over 60 videos, every slide and every photograph has a piece of music which is relevant to that slide. So it’s a whole multimedia experience, it’s a piece of theatre really.

How is the course structured?

The early part of the course, chronologically, concentrates on the Beatles in Liverpool because that story has not been told in full. People from Liverpool think they know the whole story about the Beatles and they don’t.

How long has it been running?

It has been running now for about 18 months. This is the third time that we’ve run it. We did the first taster session at Central Library and got 70 people along to that. Now we run it at Park Road Neighbourhood Learning Centre in Dingle.

The Beatles.

The Beatles

What new things can people expect to learn about the Beatles?

Well, there’s a lot of footage that people haven’t seen before. Quite a lot of footage! Because Beatlemania in the 21st Century is still going strong, there’s a lot of new footage that people haven’t seen around the Beatles so that’s interesting too.

Why do we need a course about The Beatles here in their home city?

Well I’m from Liverpool and I’m telling you now, the reason why we need a course about the Beatles is because there’s very much a mixed reaction to the Beatles in Liverpool and I’m just putting their side of the story…

Listen to the full interview by clicking the link..

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You are in: Liverpool > Beatles > From Me To You

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