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24 September 2014

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Natasha Hamilton
Natasha Hamilton

Natasha Hamilton interview

Natasha Hamilton is playing the Summer Pops on 13th July - Billy Butler from BBC Radio Merseyside caught up with her for a chat!

Billy: Natasha is with me in the studio - hi Natasha

Now you’ve got a Solo album coming out soon is it out before Liz’s?

"...I didn’t do that much songwriting in Atomic Kitten, only through my own fault because I didn’t have that much confidence..."

Well it’s not really all together yet, I’ve got the demo version ready so far, coz I’ve only been writing since Christmas since my maternity leave finished, so yeah it’s all coming together I’ve got the full album ready and I’m just waiting to get in the studio and do the whole thing properly.

Billy: Who’ve you been writing with?

I’ve been writing with lots of different people - you know Tony and Chris from the Real people. I’ve been writing with a guy called Kieran Bell and another guy called Trevor, and yeah it’s all original stuff, but it’s a million miles away from Atomic Kitten!

Billy: Are you mindful not to sound like Atomic Kitten?

Well you know we had out own distinctive sound as Atomic Kitten anyway and the music I love is soul love, going back to the 70’s Sound of Philadelphia, all that kind of Motown, so I like to think that my new stuff is sort of taken from that kind of era.

Billy: And people forget you didn’t just appear in Atomic Kitten you’d been round the clubs and doing the circuit yourself for ages hadn’t you?

Yep, I was in the Starlight Show Group from the age of 12, I mean 12 years of age thrown up on a stage in a pub, and you know sometime people don’t take a blind bit of notice, but I mean it’s good because you get hardened to it and anytime you get an audience that’s paying attention - you enjoy it more.

Billy: Now I know you’re very close in Atomic Kitten, so why have you let Liz go on this Island?

Atomic Kitten
Atomic Kitten

Well we’re all grown women now if we wanna do something we can’t be stopped but I’m made up for her, you know 5 weeks in Fiji - I wouldn’t say no! Sun sea sand!!

Billy: But she doesn’t fit in with the rest of them does she - she’s a nice girl!!

But that’s a good thing she is a nice girl, and that will probably make her stand out from everyone else because she’s not pretentious and she’s not full of herself and I think people will like that.

Billy: Liz’s first solo appearance was at the Pops last year wasn’t it, and she did a great show. She did this wonderful number that we talked about called Kiss.

I couldn’t go to see her but my mum and dad went and they said she was great.

Billy: And is that your first solo at the Pops?

No my first Solo gig’s … at the Zanzibar on Seel Street, with my live band, so I’m really looking forward to it…I just can’t wait to get up on stage and test the waters with my songs, I can’t wait.

Billy: And is that what it’s going to be - all your songs?

Yeah all my originals, there’s gonna be a couple of cover versions in there, one is Jocelyn Brown’s Somebody Else’s Guy and another one is called ‘It Makes me Wanna Cry’ by Mavis Staples, so it’s quite obscure that one and not a lot of people know it, but it’s just a brilliant song to belt out!

Billy: So when do you expect the album to be out?

Well hopefully it will be out by the end of summer.

Billy: Is it difficult at this time, because you’re part of a trio who’ve broke up and you’re each trying to make it?

Natasha Hamilton and Billy Butler in the studio
Natasha Hamilton and Billy Butler

To be honest no, I mean I didn’t do that much songwriting in Atomic Kitten, only through my own fault because I didn’t have that much confidence, I always had confidence singing but not on the writing side. And now I’ve had to, and each time I’ve gone to the studio the songs have got better and I’ve got more confident.

Billy: Who do you play them to ask if they’re alright?

Erm - my mum and dad! I mean I know your parents can be quite biased - but they are open minded and they will say ‘oh I’m not sure about that’! But at the end of the day if I like it, it’s gonna be on my album and you can’t please everyone, not even you’re mum and dad.

Billy: So how do you do it? You sit down with a pen and a blank head presumably?

Well yeah, I mean I can play little bits of the piano and the guitar but I’m not really trained in playing instruments you know, so I like to go into a studio and I like to get a sample like a loop like a drum beat going or some kind of a guitar rift, and I’ll sort of work my songs like that and think of melodies, and I’ll hum then to whoever I’m writing with and they’ll convert my humming into music!

Billy: Do you try and keep the message in your songs simple?

I try not to get too deep, I mean I try there’s nothing to serious I’m not talking about political things, you know some of them are personal, some experiences you know about my loved ones!

Billy: And you’re doing the Summer Pops with Lemar?

Yeah on the 13th July, which is gonna be brilliant, I’m looking forward to it you know.

Billy: Well good luck!

last updated: 28/06/05
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