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28 October 2014

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Liverpool FC

Rick Parry
Liverpool FC, Chief Executive Rick Parry

Rick Parry

Liverpool FC's Chief Executive Rick Parry has been speaking to the BBC about the future for the club, the new stadium plans and the progress of the team under Rafael Benitez. Click on the audio link on the right of the page to hear the full interview

Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry has revealed they would turn down a £50m bid for Steven Gerrard. Speaking to the BBC Rick Parry talked about plans for a new stadium, and progress under Rafael Benitez. Read excerpts from the interview below or click on the audio link on the right to hear the full interview.

Steven Gerrard

"There have been a lot of open secrets about Steven Gerrard most of which have been complete myths. It is suggested we had a deal tied up last summer, we never got an offer last summer. We had told Chelsea that as far as we were concerned he was not for sale, and in reality it didn't get beyond that.

Gerrard and Benitez
Steven Gerrard chats with Rafael Benitez

"Our position at the moment, as I said, is we want Steven to stay but I think we're realistic enough and have enough respect for Steven to know that it's ultimately his position that will be crucial. But any idea that we're going to accept offers for Steven and then say by the way we've decided to sell you, forget it - that's just not on the agenda."

New stadium

"We're being very very careful on finance because what we're not going to do is build a white elephant. It has to be self sustaining otherwise there's just no point in doing it. Costs have risen in certain areas but not just the cost of the stadium itself, its all to do with the cost of the total project.

Rick Parry and David Moores
Rick Parry and David Moores

"You have to always remember why your doing it. The reason why we're doing it is to make us more competitive to drive new revenues in. Sometimes you get so fixated on having a new stadium that the rational for doing it goes out the window."

New funding

"There's a lot of work going on. There are a number of particularly interesting leads which may or may not come to fruition but are certainly worth evaluating. Nobody is trying to delay the process on our side its quite the reverse we'd like to come to an answer one way or the other. Because it does create a climate of uncertainty, it does hold certain things back and it would be fantastic to draw it to a conclusion in the relatively near future."

Rafael Benitez

Rick Parry

"I think to an extent ironically already he's a victim of his own success. Because we had some real highs in the first half of the season, who will ever forget Olympiakos and Arsenal. I think in August we all sagely said this was going to be a  transitional season he needs time, and yet come January it's Liverpool in crisis. Lets try and get a sense of balance a sense of perspective, is he going in the right direction? Absolutely."

That FA Cup defeat

"It's not the end of the club as we know it - as some people would have you believe. Rafa picked a team to win, and Rafa was as disappointed as any of us when we lost. And I think if you looked at the track record in the Carling Cup, the way the boys had done against Millwall, Middlesbrough and Tottenham - you'd think this was a team that can beat Burnley, and should beat Burnley."

last updated: 08/02/05
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