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24 September 2014

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Womens bits
The artwork in Church Street

But is it art?

by Paul Coslett
As part of the Biennial International Exhibition, Yoko Ono has created a work entitled My Mummy Was Beautiful. A homage to motherhood the exhibition includes images of a woman's breast and crotch being displayed across the city centre.

The Liverpool Biennial 04 has begun with Liverpool's city centre streets plastered with banners of women's breasts and crotch. The controversial artwork called My Mummy Was Beautiful has been created by Yoko Ono and is on display across the city centre and at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Church St

Yoko Ono says she's created the piece out of her affection for the city and to remember John Lennon's love for his own mother who was killed in a car accident when he was 18.

The Liverpool Biennial includes paintings selected by Jarvis Cocker, a house on the Mersey dedicated to Abba, ballroom dancing and the chance to take a trip round Liverpool in a vintage Yugo car.

What do you think of the city centre artwork? Is it shocking? Is it creative? Should we really be bothered? Post your comments here.

last updated: 16/09/04
Have Your Say

Danny from Leeds
I could not believe my eyes when travelling on a bus on the 20th of October, (when travelling through the city on my way to the airport), seeing these huge pictures hanging in the public. Art? Maybe - but let's keep it in the galleries, where those who want to see it can enjoy it, and those who don't are respected. In my opinion these kind of images are highly offensive to probably most of us. If we do not like these things, then we should speak out. I am often offended how these days "top shelve magazines” are displayed in some shops. Not all men want to see such images all the time - Not helpful. Why should we have to put up with this?

Emma - Wirral
I have to say, it's not something i agree with but it doesn't offend me. To be honest, im not really sure what art is so i cant really say if this is art or not but i believe that this shouldnt be put up around liverpool central because not everyone wants a big poster of a boob looking straight at them. People say "dont look at it then!" but how can you miss it! Its just there. It is really a waste of time complaining because it wont change,we might as well just deal with it.

Kevin Humphreys
I won't say the photos are bad because they are fine. I think you can call most things art if arranged in a different way. However is this really the best work the artist could produce? Look into your soul and be honest and sincere, put more into your creations!

Whats the deal with this, its got people talking argument. Hitler got people talking! Does that mean what he did was acceptable?

Jim, Derby
Er... boobs, crotch, ART?!

Amy, Liverpool
I don't realy mind it but it's a bit hard trying to explain who, why and what to a seven year old little boy who thinks "BOOB'S" are hilarious! Never mind the hairy bits!

I'm an art student and therefore am expected to be open minded and able to understand art. However, whatever your views on this work, I am against the fact that little kids in the city centre should be subjected to it. I'd hate to be a parent and have my kids see that and ask me what it's all about!

Another Scouser in Canada
Let's move on from this thought/view povoking sensation and put our minds together to think of what we should put up next. Answers on a postcard to Roger Philips

Maneesh Gupta
Disgusting. Just photographs of genitals do not make art. There is no reason why this should be displayed in the open, put a photo in a gallery, where people who think it is art can go and look at it. There has to be a thing called public decency.

Worried Scouse
I don't even live in Liverpool anymore but I felt strongly enough to write here when I heard what Yoko has sold to the council. Can we have our money back please? This is not art. It's disturbing and unneccessary. Why should we have to be subjected to this rubbish? You can't escape it as it is on huge flags in the centre!! These flags make people angry and some say have even changed the mood of people in Liverpool. Yes, people are talkin about it but that doesn't mean it's art, that means it's a talking point. We would all rather talk about something else.

Jackie kirwan
I think it borders on Porn and hate the thought that the City Council sponser this

that shocking about it!

Kerry J
I would like to point out to those who have commented on Yoko's art that this work is part of a huge festival of contemporary art, the only one of its kind in Britain which is currently taking place in Liverpool. For those who are complaining that this is doing nothing for 'local people' (you sound very League of Gentlemen here by the way!) there are hundreds of artists taking part in the festival in over 50 venues. Many participating artists and employees are from Liverpool and the North West and are being given the opportunity to show their work along side renowned international artists. Venues from galleries, disused warehouses, bars, cafes and the public realm are being transformed into places of interest and attracting the world's media to focus on our supposedly cosmopolitan city. I am not a particularly huge fan Yoko's work but can't you see the benefit of this kind of art? Do you want your city to match up to the likes of Venice, New York and Paris or do you want it to suffer from the predjudices of those who react to anything of social significance with a negative and ignorant instinct? The new generation of Liverpool are not going to be complacent and play up to our tired old associations WE ARE NOT JUST THE BEATLES, WE ARE NOT JUST KEN DODD, WE ARE NOT A BLOODY ROGER MCGEOGH POEM! Wake up residents and the culture company/city council to what we are capable of and how we can change attitudes!

paul grice
i think it is great art

Graham West Derby
I can't see what all the fuss is about. this is 2004 in Britain not 1930, have we not moved on? Its human art and most people [those with the bad minds]have missed the entire point of the exhibition.Well done Liverpool,and ignore the narrow minded older generation which is far too vocal for the good of this city.

Tom, Liverpool
Don't agree with it, even though I am an open minded person. It has got everyone talking about it though, which is what Yoko will have wanted. We should be giving local artists the chance to produce something for this city, because anyone could have taken photographs of womens genetalia and called it art.

John Rule (Livewrpool)
You sad, sad people. If you don't like it, don't look at it. You really don't understand the concept of 'art', do you? This much conversation can only be a good thing, pushing us forward and liberating us from the conservitive minds that have been holding us back for so long. Think for yourselves and stop following others opinions. YOU ARE YOU. Act like it.

Michael of Aigburth
I'm not qualified to judge this as a piece of art, so I won't. My observation would simply be that it's surprising how *little* fuss Yoko's bit of fun has caused. The idea of such graphic images of female nudity being displayed throughout the city would have been unthinkable two decades ago - the Sun & News of the World would have had a field day! And yet now, despite the comments above, scarcely a murmur. It strikes me this is either a sign that we are a healthier society (because we aren't getting worked up about something so natural), or else hopelessly decadent and debased. I can't yet decide which!

Yaz, Liverpool
Wont this excite the pervs? I think it's disgusting- What has happened to our manners? no wonder theres so much sex crime now adays.

Neil in Walton
If it's art then put it in the Walker and give people the choice whether to look at it or not; it doesn't really offend me, I just think it's pointless.

Cathy Melia
The posters advertising Opium featuring Sophie Dahl were removed because she was showing a nipple - whats the difference here -art?

Annie from Southampton
I find it really stupid that they just flaunt it out when some people choose not to look at it, it's as if they're almost forcing us to look at it. Now, how is it art? I think the human body is beautiful, but when you bring children out and they have to see that, that's horrible. Take those down and put them in a gallery. As for Yoko being an artist, it's really great she's still doing what she's doing from the 60's, but I would not agree that she is a artist.


That does it I'm moving to Liverpool!

laura c
When I think of my mum I tend to give her boobs and crotch a miss...



Mike (St Helens)
Yes I agree the human body isn't offensive or pornographic - BUT - it isn't art either!! If Yoko thinks her mother is (was)beautiful why not paint a full body nude study, rather than just focus on the breasts and genitals - that would be art. Very pretentious middle class artists do this rubbish, to get a reaction from very conservative repressed working class.

I feel that it's wrong to have these peices of so called art up in our city, its not what you want to see when you're trying to do your shopping, especially with children around, if it was art it'd be in a gallery, this is obviously just a money making idea that is turning people off from coming to Liverpool. I hate it.

this work under another artists name would not be on display in our city

This isn't how decent people remember their mothers. As for Kathy saying don't look how can you not look. There are photo's of womens crotches blowing in the wind all over the place.If she doesn't like the smell of someone breaking wind can she stop breathing ?

Jerry of George & Jerry
Why is it always the case with art that it becomes a question of decency or cost? I am personally more offended by the fact that Will Young sells thousands of albums or some scally from Huyton can take home £100k A WEEK!!! for playing football

lou tyson-smith
very clever, but very 60's. I thought we didn't need to use images of women like this anymore. When can we expect to see photos of mens genitalia as well? See how many men complain then.

very good very good

Jane Howard
I think it is sensationalist rubbish. Alright I suppose in an "art gallery" but not in a shopping area where people take children. What happened to keeping some sort of dignity. It cheapens women. Incidentally I am a 35 yr old mum of two girls, not an old age pensioner and my children often see me walk around naked but realise that private parts are exactly that - if everything is left exposed what private dignity does a woman have left? Please, please take them down. Put them somewhere where people can "choose" whether or not to see them.

Kathy (Wirral)
Oh grow up. If you don't want to look at it don't look. The naked human body is nothing to be ashamed of. Next people will say that the the Liverpool Resurgent (or Dickie Lewis) should have his bits covered up.

I think they're ace; women's bodies are a thing of beauty. It says a lot about society's attitude towards women that so many men AND women oppose these pictures. That said, if there were giant phalluses wafting in the wind the length and bredth of Church Street of a Saturday afternoon I wouldn't be too impressed...

Oh dear Yoko! Linda would never have considered it - I cannot say that I am impressed!

George & Jerry
Yoko Ono is not an artist I am particularly interested in. I like the c.d I Hav, but most of her visual output is predictable and flakey. Anyhow, she is Involved in the latest L'pool biennial.You may have seen the posters around Town: Close up of a female breast, and (legs) closed shot of a female pudenda (actually I think it may just be the breast round town, connected to a piece at The tate where visitors are asked to pin to a wall something that reminds them Of their mother. Anyway, complaints raining in on the council already to have Them removed, 92% of callersto BBC Northwest News (so they said this morning Asking for the 'Shocking' posters to be removed) IS IT NOT PROPOSTEROUSLY OBVIOUS AND OBSCENE HOW CONSERVATIVE REACTIONARY SMALL MINDED PEOPLE BECOME ANIMATED ONLY WHEN IMAGES OF THE FEMALE BODY ARE PRESENTED TO THEM, NOT AS A MECHANISM TO SELL THEM PRODUCTS IN THE ACCELERATED CAPITALIST FASHION BUT AS…ART. The philosopher John Grey said: technology changes, races on, but Ostensibly we, humans, society remains rather much the same.

I don't see what all the fuss is about. Some people have yet to move on from the repressed Victorian era they so yearn to go back to. Come on people, you're living in the 21st Century now. Let's act like it.

Scouse Lady
It's just a picture!! surely there are worst things going on the world for us to put all of our energy into protesting against, child poverty?? World hunger?? We pride ourself on being scouse and having a sense of humour and laid back attitude, so why all the fuss over something thats completely natural, it may not be art but it's not offensive is it!!

Rachel - Canadian in Liverpool
Anything that takes my attention from the puddles of dried vomit from the drunken excess of the previous night is a step towards beautification of the city for me! I would suggest that the individual sexualises the image rather than the image itself being overtly sexual. The "won't somebody think of the children" appeal rings a little hollow as surely aside from women who actually have them attached to their bodies, children often have the most exposure to breasts - do you think a child would see this image as sexual if no one told them it was? This debate has made me laugh more than any other news report in the last year - keep up the good work Liverpool - good to see you are doing something fun/exciting/challenging for a change!

No doubt the only organisation that will recieve a complaint, will be the Roger Philipps Pensioners Moan In, I look forward to banging my head against a wall whilst being forced to listen to it.

Jon (Leicester)
Whilst the subject of whether these images are art or not, what about the fact they are still sexual/pornographic type images and surely should not be on display to the young children. Freedom of choice is a very useful phrase, for people to choose to see these pictures in the appropriate location. (i.e. in a gallery) Not thrust upon the young and innocent. But I hope to come up and see them before they are removed...!

Ged (Scouser working in Bosnia)
In the words of the great Jim Royle "Art My arse." Maybe that would look better on a poster than this load of nonsense

What a waste of time and opportunity, instead of putting boobs up, why not something that encourages local people to get involved in something larger, A public walk to raise funds for cancer research or HIV charities GET A LIFE PEOPLE

Ellis From Bootle, L20
i think that it looks stupid. you see enough of this as it is in Liverpool with all the girls in micro skirts and bras! lets see some real liverpool culture like our football or music heritage.

Julie Crosby
Will not shop in Church Street, untill these posters are removed. The city needs a good clean up, Streets and public transport,a disgrace. Liverpool "the New Barcelona" never in a million years.

lovin it hell of a lot better than mcdonalds

billy garston
ono,lennon,beatles,talented artist, dont think so,they are all past memories bring out the true artist of liverpool. CoC has just decorated the streets of liverpool with top shelf garbage

Rachel Perry, Wirral
Its wicked.Someone had the idea so its expressing there feelings about. HELLO were in the 21st century. Art is not just a painting anymore. Everyone has there own ideas of art. Anyone who says it isn't art. tell me what do you call art?


They're boss la. Liverpool proving once again to be the most open-minded city in England.

Linda, Hartlepool
I agree that it is art, if not very original or imaginative. I think it is wrong for it to be displayed in the street as the subject matter is offensive to a lot of people and should be housed in a gallery or some other building. People are making a choice when they go into a gallery and know the subject matter is often risque but for it to be displayed in the streets like this is disrespectful to the general public.

i dont mind art, but this is taking the mick, should ban her art if thats all she can come up with

Pat from Formby (but Liverpool born and bred)
Yoko wouldn't know real Art if it slapped her in the face. She's only here courtesy of her late husband. We've got some wonderful paintings in the Walker Art Gallery, why not display copies of them? I'll do my shopping in Southport until that rubbish is removed. And Manchester Airport will get my custom before Liverpool's.

you might like or not,but dont complain about it because if u and ur kids go into whsmith in church street u can c a lot more on the covers of the so called "lad mags",and that is not art,for sure

Keith Dickinson
Please be a little more open minded.Liverpool is on an iland in the middle of a big world.we have got to stop looking inward.Welcome new way from outside

Martin O Huyton
Would liverpool city council allow McDonalds or Burger King to use this form of advertising?? If the answer is no then it should not be used to advertise an art exibition that the majority of liverpool people will not go to see

A moher's beauty definitely shows in her eyes. Give the space to local artists.

K, Prescot
I don't have a problem with the images; whether it can be deemed art or not is another matter. The initial shock comes from walking into the city and having never been 'greeted' by such a copious number of breasts etc at any time in the city's past. In balance though, shouldn't Yoko now celebrate the male form and produce 'Daddy Was Beautiful' involving male genitalia - I have a feeling if this should appear there would be a far greater (and biased) outcry

whats awful about a woman's breast. it is only obscene if you choose to view it in a sexual way. i think it's funny. and all the outrage is even funnier, save your gripes for something that does harm. dont think my daddy was beautiful would work. sorry but mens bits are ugly!

Sharon Mercer (San Francisco)
Good for Liverpool and way to go Yoko! Just the fact that it's causing a reaction means it's art, even if you don't like it. Glad to see this city leading the way in 21st century art culture. I feel proud of Liverpool! Yeh!!

Its natural maybe. But you don't have pictures of people urinating which is also natural do you?

Colin Brothwood
Should put Liverpool a head of the breast!

Liz D
It's good to hear everybody's opinions. But what about children? Where are their opinions? What message is this sending to them? That it's perfectly ok to show intimate bits of a woman's body, why not her brain? Would be those who allowed it be happy to show male sexual organs? If it's art then give the credit to the creator not some stupid woman whose only claim to fame is that she was married to John Lennon!

Under section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986 a person is guilty of an offence if he :- "displays any writing, sign, or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting, within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby" Insulting is not defined in the act but has been interpreted (in 1986) as including any conduct considered by a court to be unacceptable in public. Now I'm not sure if hanging pictures from every lampost in the Main Shopping street of a City Centre fits in with that but it's got to be pretty close to the line. Do what I did. Go to the police and ask them to look into it.

crazy old cook
haha, is right, all this complaining will take the heat off us skateboarders..priceless! still hate yoko ona though!

Presh Setty
Hah! Brilliant. I have just discovered them walking through town today. As I got closer and closer I realised "ahh....this isn't a pomegranate!!" It doesn't offend me, but I like the way that it's got everybody talking.

Margaret from Wallasey
I could not believe my eyes looking at these awful pictures, I felt disgusted realising what I was seeing I find them extremely offensive, certainly do not want to see a street full of obviously unwanted, almost pornographic pictures. How on earth did anyone with any decency decide that this is artistic - it's NOT. It's very disturbing and once again morals have been ignored. Liverpool, listen to the majority of the people and bin the lot.

Up until now i have never felt ashamed walking through liverpool...laa

A Stathers
The purpose? To provoke reaction, The result? Reaction provoked. Its not designed to be ignored, if nothing else it prompts everyone who sees it to discuss art, positive or not, pro or against, Liverpool and its visitors are discussing visual Art. Superb! Inspiring.

It's only rock 'n' roll - but I like it !

jason in Florida
I really do not mind the pictures. they do not bother me. Do not be so uptight guys

Maneesh Gupta
Rubbish! Scandalous! I see no art here, just perversion and the craze for publicity. Pull them down.

Charlotte Rodgers
It isn't as bad as you say is it? I get up every morning and oooo they're there! I'm sure many other women do to. I think Ono is just showing the art of a womans form! Plus, it's only mild, it isn't as is she's rubbing our faces in naked peoples...well...nakedness, is it.

luv it but does that mean girls are allowed to walk around town with no tops on kinda indecent exposure peeps but its great an original !!! luvin the new age!the worlds maturing at last

Anon, Liverpool
Nice idea and tribute to her late husband. However, this piece is contradictory to the term 'Motherhood.' If these pictures are representing a mother, why a perfect breast and nipple? This is obviously not the body of a woman who has given birth or breast fed a child. Once again, an example of an ideal world. Perhaps in the 'real' world we could use such publicity to promote breast and cervical cancer awareness and make good use of our City's artistic culture.

Nigel Cooke
More of Yoko's (and John's) moneyed pretentious 'art'. The Council have 'boobed' in putting this on the streets rather than in the bins !

I urge everone to complain to the Advertising Standards Authority. This is disgraceful.

Paul (Dingle)
Church st Street has never seen so many t*ts since..... half past 2 last Saturday night. I thought Liverpool was becoming more cultural obviously not judging by this reaction! "The World in one City" Not just yet still Little England.

Capt David G Williams (North Wales)
Sir, Well within living memory, and after many centuries in the development, we British were universally recognised as the greatest Maritime Nation this world has ever seen, and now ever likely to. We were the ocean carriers for the whole world, and Liverpool, the home of the world's most prestigeous shipping lines was the heart of it all. Let's also never forget that it was Liverpool which was the vital hub of our defence in the Battle of the Atlantic. What an enviable past Liverpool has, but one shudders for its future when the best they can think of replacing this city's glorious past history with is spurious rubbish like Yoko Ono and The Beatles, and displaying pictures of women's breasts and crotches in the streets. What a crying shame.

heather and chris
so busy looking at the art ended up buying the wrong size shoes

Andy R, London
This is great! Look at all the attention and opinions it has created. Britain is a repressed country and images like these will help people accept that nudity is not dirty or something to feel ashamed of. Great stuff!

local woman
is it art? No is it obscene? No is it enriching or enlightening? No Tell you what, I'll photograph my knees? elbows? toenails? and do the same....

Kathryn Ansley
Whatever we think about it,John will be laughing and be proud of Yoko! She's always true to herself even if it makes her unpopular. However, even Yoko may have miscalculated here just how unready Liverpool is for this sort of thing. Unfortunately, it will give some people the excuse to still insult her, so from a PR point of view, her relationship with some people in Liverpool will be damaged. I guess she won't care - she's had a life time of being misunderstood.

concerned citizen
well i think the whole thing is bloody scandalous what with womens bits all over the show on a friday night in lime street already. Who needs them on show of a day as well? yours sincerly one concerned citizen who wont be strolling through church street any time soon

Pete [Wallasey]
Brilliant! This IS art. Best thing to happen in Liverpool since John Lennon

Why does Yoko Ono have so much influence in Liverpool?Is this awful display her idea of Art?, obviously so. Far better if some of John's cartoons were on display, alongside some of the works of talented Liverpool artists, of which there are many.

Jamie Wilckock
Smut, pure smut!

Ruseel oakes
Obscene and tateless! What sort of a image does this give to people when they fly into the airporet and walk through the city centre? Are we a city of pervets. North West tonights poll had 6000 people voting and 92% we against this piece of artwork! Tasteless!

scouse kelly
whats wrong with it weve all seen this part of the body before theres nothin to be ashamed of

Graham, Wirral
In putting up these images Liverpool has allowed itself to fall for the oldest trick in the art world's book. The fact that the organisers will argue that the resulting publicity justifies the means just underlines the ineptitude and inexperience of those responsible. Liverpool has already emabrassed itself in the art world by its overblown and self-important gloating over its Capital of Culture win. C0C is really not THAT important - its primarily a way of spending surplus European money to help IMPROVE culture in certain cities which clearly need it to be improved (as the Ono photos and the ignoring of local artistst clearly display) and is not in any way an award for being strong in culture (which is why London never had a look in). To anyone who thinks CoC is really important, then ask yourselves which city is CoC 2004 (actually its two cities this year and is underway right now but do we hear about it?).

Rick Hough
European Capital of Culture? Really?

Derek R
Art?? The only artist I would attribute that to is the type usually found staggering all over the place in the early hours.

Margaret, Manchester
I think it's disgusting and NO I'm no prude I am a nurse and have seen many naked bodies but calling it art when it is clearly only there to get a reaction and offend some people is not acceptable. It's nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt and they should be removed and real art by a liverpool artist used in it's place.

For God's sake get this rubbish down and give real artists a chance!

Ron W
When are people going to realise that art is not a cow cut in half, a pile of bricks, or a messed up bed, but pure rubbish - How many more times must we all be conned???

Susan Liverpool
How can this be on show 24/7 when the TV has a watershed for nudity. The TV news said they would not show one 'artwork', as they considered it offensive but it is on show on the streets of Liverpool.

Why do people follow the herd instinct and parrot outdated, prudish and puritanical views about what constitutes art? Surely we are well passed the age when piano legs had to be covered to spur Victorian blushes.

You don't have to LIKE a work of art to acknowledge that it IS a work of art. Frankly, I think exposing this still-persisting moral fantasy that nudity is naughty is the primary fun. Let's hear it, prudes! Lash back at the feelthy artiste!

if old statues of nacked men with the bits hanging out counts as art then why not this?? agree that the middle of the main city center street may not be the best place for it, but if art can count as something that plays with your emotions than this is as it gives us all a giggle of frown!!

Awhh dudes!!! dont be so 19th century! Its 2004, get with it. Have none of you seen boobs before?! would you have told your mother to put them away when she was breastfeeding?!

would this be on show if it was mens genitals? and why is it "art" and not PORN.

carly Liverpool
lighten up!!...its funny, i bet no other city has art like that up everywhere! good on ya yoko

John Rolo
I think its great because its got every one talking lets have more

aileen ohara
why is yoko ono being allowed to make a laughing stock of Livepool my mummy was beuatiful too but didnt go around showing her private parts to everyone.....

Mel Cross
I'm a Photography student and to me, this is art. Yoko Ono may have been married to John Lennon but she's still making a success as an artist she certainly knows how to express her work.

lay brown, liverpool.
i think in place of 'womens' bits, yoko herself should have positioned her own naked body high on a building on church street! i, for one would have taken great pleasure in seeing her freeze her butt off in the coming winter months!!

stevie bee
i adore womens naked bodies, but not plastered all over town, grow up yoko!

john wirral
anything that brightens the city up is ok by me

Vic Coombes
Has decency gone out of the window too. Standards in our society are reaching all time lows.

Norma Crosby
Total rubbish. This is not art, tell it how it is, it is porn , and nothing else. This City gets worse by the day.Can,t wait to leave

RAY WIRRAL;'s got people talking and taking an interest...lets have more

Peter Lawrence
Wake up Liverpool. How on earth did Yoko Ono con us into advertising her "art" - as long as the "art" remains I will not take my kids to the City Centre! Shame on us!

Scouse Robbie Florida
The kind of display to hang in a gallery if somebody wants to see it.But not in your face.Pardon me.

If its suposed to show the natural female form as beautiful then it fails, because its only show that which is "taboo". This is a shame as it turns the woman into a object whose only purpose is controversy. Where's the art in making something pointless.

Peter (Manchester)
Not sure how they have got away with displaying pornography across the streets? My wife also asks why only female parts are on display! What a reaction that would be? Not a place I will be taking my children.

jenny from crewe
would be more use if used for breast cancer awareness but art i dont think so

I think this is terrible. We should be spending money on helping people instead of giving us 'art' - if thats what you call it!

Phil (Garston)
If I wore a T shirt with these designs on I would probably be arrested yet this is 'art'. I would imagine that many families have firmly crossed Liverpool off their places for a family day out.



Chris down south
Absolute Fame Game, La La land, TOSH. "My mother was beatiful" I will love my mother to the day I die, what has beaty got to do with it. We don't need this rubbish.

chris dalton
Total and utter pornography on the street. I am extremely offended by these images.

Rob Cunningham
My Mummy Was Beautiful.. ..breast and crotch... Not her eyes or loving smile? Pathetic!

Joanne, Wirral
Sorry - not art - this has only been given the time of day because of Yoko's name. Suggest we give local artists who REALLY ARE artists a chance!

bob heath
I think its excelent - I have come up from London and am amazed at the city and its transformation from when I was last up!

Matthew C - Litherland
Having pictures of womans nipples is crazy! havin a yellow sheep wit a bananna sticking out of its back side is bad enough but to have nipples everywere is mad but funny at the same time what will the vistors make of it lol.

neal dawson
Michelangelo's david is 500years old this week, perhaps visitors to Florence will be as offended as those on church street

Sheila (New York)
Not art, but so typical of the Yoko we know. I'm a major Beatles fan, love Liverpool and have visited several times. I think it would benefit by having some great photos of your most famous export - the Fab 4.

Yoko was an artist when Lennon was still in short trousers - he would be dead proud that she's still at it 40 years on.

Don Vito Cantlay
When I first seen these images, I was shocked. As for people calling it "Art", what a load of crap. I must admit, it is a bit of a turn on but not on a lunchtime when walking through the centre. What a waste of money.

Colin Bowen Frequent visitor

Peter Brennan
How about My Daddy was beautiful ! and let us see the reaction ?

Just the sort of thing that middle-class artists have done before to try and shock and be controversial. It takes no intelligence whatsoever to put a load up pictures of genitalia and call it art.

Lenny Squire
I work in the City of Liverpool and found myself wandering around for 2 hours enjoying the sights ! Art it is not, but it's cheered up an old man.

Scouse in Dublin... Its fun! Better than gory anti-smoking posters on the streets and road death ads on the telly... something to smile about.


Jay Mitton
BORING, DATED & OFFENSIVE TO MANY OF THE WOMEN I SPOKE TO. Waste of money and who paid? Us not Yoko. No doubt these Biennial artists will be having paid for jollies in Liverpool as well. Tony Brown, a local full time artist & illustrator submitted various artworks to the Biennial people; they didn't even bother to reply! What's that about then? We have some brilliant artists in Liverpool so why pick Yoko? 'cos she's a NAME and she's taken a few 'photos!

Scouse Manc
No it's not Art, a photograph of a womans n***le is not artistic, I'm not saying photography is not artistic because it can be,just very definately Not on this occasion

Typical Yoko, but why the fuss

Peter Wenham
Excellent! It will get people talking about the Biennial, and raise an awareness of the festival throughout the country. Also it proves that people read these banners.

Rookka's husband, Wychbold
This Saturday i WILL go shopping, for a change !

Dawn ,Liverpool
Well as the body is an expression of art. Does this mean the red light girls of Liverpool can ask for business under these pieces of art?

Richard DP / Aigburth
Its boring, tired, unoriginal and dated. Like a lot of this kind of work - its a really thin, weak idea that should never have been taken off the sketch pad, its a waste of money to bring it into a public space on this scale, it just isn't worth the effort.

Rachel Shelton
It's horrendous! I feel ashamed that Liverpool City Council has allowed these pictures to be displayed in the main shopping streets. Glad I don't live there anymore and have to see it every day...

Rookka, Wychbold
I think my Husband may agree to come shopping with me - for a change.


scouse from canada
only a fool would call this rubbish art ! give your head a shake liverpool.

Gerard Darby
I say it rocks! Bring it on!

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