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24 September 2014

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11 February 2004
Colomendy - Memories
Over 350,000 Liverpool schoolchildren have stayed at Colomendy since it opened in 1939. If you went to Colomendy tell us what you get up to here.

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Did you ever actually see Peg Leg? Were you one of those who escaped? Did you climb Moel Famau? Did you get into the Loggerhead Pub?

What are your memories of Colomendy?

Most of us who went to Colomendy in 45 had been evacuees and had not had a very good time.The aim was to build us up and to get us back on track.There were many boarders and I stayed for four years. I know we were a hand full, but we had a great time. The Boarders had to look after the visiting girls who were only there for one week. So we ended going up Moel Fammau nearly a dozen times a year just in pumps. Yes the outdoor pool was filled with frogs { by us} We were allowed to walk into Mold once a month to watch a film, and ofcourse we managed to find our way into the boys camp down below. Once run away but only got to the bottom of the drive but went back as it was time for tea. Happy days.

Ginger Ninja
I went to colomendy as part of gifted and talented. The food was discusting and the rooms were full of flies. The bed are cold and solid so uncomfable. MAKE COLOMENDY BETTER BECAUSE I AM COMING BACK IN UNDER A MONTH BEWARE!!!

stella korolyszyn nee seddon
frequently visit Colomendy and recall my stay there. It was in 1952/3 and it was at the first Internationl Camp.Very exciting to meet "Foreigners".I often wonder if there are any Records or details of people there . The camp ran for three weeks and I fell in love for the first time with a very handsome German called Alfred Stracke who was going to be a doctor.I often wonder did he achieve his ambitions.I attended Blackburne House School and it would be wonderful to possibly catch up with other "guests"

brian maxwell
visited colomendy in early 1962 on geography trip from john hamilton school, climbed the catwalk and m-f. also suffered concussion after trying to run to loggerheads arms and tripping, spent overnight in sick-bay rest of trip was a revalation. in those days kids from lpool did not venture too far and this was a major trip. collo for ever!

Mark Whynowski
Went with St Margaret Marys in the 70s, yes we were told that there was a chippy at the top of moel fammau, great memories of the farm were the farmer was milking the cow and he got someone to stand near , and he squirted them with fresh milk from the udder. great times never to be forgotten

Went in the late 70s with St Clare's. My first trip away from my mum & dad. Toast that was just hard bread, roughest blankets & most uncomfortable bed in the world. Ghost storys about Ned (from Ned's cave) Queuing up for your spends from Mr Boyle so you could raid the tuck shop. Are there really snakes on Moel Famau or was that just the boys trying to scare us?

dave blackmore
i went to collo with my school st ambrose barlow on qweens drive i liked it so much i wish i could go back i loved the walks tuck shop and the devils gorge it brings back good memories

aisha creighton
best and most rewarding time of my life. Wish it was still there know.i have two sons and i wish that glan alyn was still there to teach my children

Was lucky enough to get to Colomendy 3 times - once in Juniors, once in 3rd year Seniors and again in the Lower Sixth Form when we hid in the pub instead of sampling soil! The highlights in the Juniors was waiting (in the drying room!)for the tuck shop to open and the disco to start and turning our torches off down in the cave. Senior school some of us were more interested in the boys from Anfield Comp...... Great times!

Lovely to read the other's comments. All later visitors thn I. I was there in wartime and the peace and quiet was absolute bliss after all the hassle in Liverpool. I can remember watching Lewiss' when it was on fire after the May blitz, we walked up to top of Gwernymynidd at eh top of the Rainbow to see the whole city on fire, it lit up the sky and burned for a whole week- we were terrified for our families and were glad we were in the countryside, our teachers were great but I was so homesick, I kept writing letters home, not knowing if the house would still be there, fortunately it was.

I loved Colomendy, I went with my school Sudley cp in 1981, when i was 10. I remember the stories of peg leg, having midnight feasts, washing in the freezing cold water, also waking up in the middle of the night to take a pee was'nt the nicest experience!!!

Larry Wilson
Just got back from taking our annual year 5 groups from several primary schools to Colomendy. The staff from Shorefields lead the event- absolutely brilliant! The place is a living museum, but who cares- the kids love it- the setting is great and the history of generations going to Colomendy makes it unique. Here we are in 2005 with students from Matthew Arnold and Beaufort Park enjoying a weekend at Colomendy just as others have 50 years ago.

Bob T.
I remember Colomendy in the late 60's as a great place to be. Away from Sefton Park SM with brilliant teachers Tom Beesley, Ken James, Peter Halliwell, Len Holden, (hello Sirs) dragging us up to the top of Moel Famau. Tom tried to make it into a cross country race!!Climing down into Devils Gorge. Walking over the limestomne pavement and leaping onto the scree jump, sliding down at break neck speed. I remember doing lots of projects for the place making bird boxes, we even made a totem pole at school out of a telegraph pole and placing it at the entrace to Colomendy. We made the flag pole in a workshop there and I made the button on the top the first time I'd ever used a spoke shave. We even re-fenced the weather station. No wonder the then boss Mr Farquerson, like us being there! Peg leg got into the dorm and try to take some kid so we set about him and he ran away. We thought it was one of our teachers messing about but when they arrived to find out what was going on, they took it very seriously. I seem to recall an investigation being carried out about how someone managed to get in! I got my GCSE grade 1 Geography from being at Colomendy. A real life experience that all kids should have. I can't remember the food so it must have been bad. I can remember the tuck shop though.

Teresa Robinson nee Rigney
I went to Colomendy with St Ambrose Juniors (Speke) we must have been 9 0r 10 so 1978/ 1979. My memories well.... I remember the chippie on top of Moel, the terrible night walk , through the woods , the tuck shop and the food, I remember Peg Leg stories and the swimming pool ! but I remember the most is singing on the double decker bus home " Colomondy wasn`t bad, but I missed me mam and dad, roll along double decker, roll along take me back to Liverpool where I belong

first went to colomendy,with Beaufort st school in 1951,names i remember Pete Magee,Billy lawrenson,Eddie Pugh.I remember they used to put salt on our porridge and i sent a postcard to my nan telling her,so she sent a small food parcel.I went and told eddie,who was sleeping below me in the bunk bed, who then got up in the middle of the night and ate my food.I still see that same mate working in Town.GREAT TIMES, GREAT MEMORIES

Did anyone else get told there was a chippy at the top of Moel Famau???

Wow, what fantastic memories.(1969-1971)First time away without Mum and Dad.It was scary and exciting at the same time.Getting shoved on a double-decker with your mates and a tatty old suitcase..holding your breath going through the Mersey Tunnel(otherwise you would have caught measles)..bunk-bds with rough blankets..seeing the teacher in her nightie...laughing and talking to make her come out of her room for the sixth time..Moel Fammau..measuring trees.. scary caves..holding hands with your bestmate..nearly forgot the swimming pool!!and visits to sick bay with a verucca..We got so told off for having broom fights with girls from another dorm!Went to Valle Crucious abbey,can't remember the name of the pot holes only that I wouldn't go down.Got my first kiss at the final night disco and was shocked to see the two student teachers having a snog!Fantastic days......

Howard Parkin
I always remember watching the film "Them" at Colomendy when I went with Morrison Boys in the late 60's, Someone in the dorm that night started making the noise of the Ants ans well the dorm went wild !!!

Michael Keenan
I went to King David/Colomendy with James Cunningham below. We had so many exciting times together skipping through the woods and down the caves, holding each other close because we were scared. It wasnt me who let one go in the pool, honest... Nice to see peg leg didnt get you James (brillo pad head!!!)

Marc (now mary)
That place set the tone for my past life and my new one.

Natalie Metcalfe
i remember me dad tellin me about colomendy, then wen i went at the tender age of 11 it was exactly as he described! we had a ball with St Matthews, playin in the playground, activities on the river an gettin soakin wet an freezing cold. goin to the disco on the last nite tryin to get the lads to dance it was ace. even ifthe toast was like rubber! i went back only last year on an art trip an it brought memories flooding back even if it had only been 8 years since i was last there, it was all the same, rubber toast, ghost stories of pegleg scarin me lifeless, only this time i got to av a bevvy in the loggerheads haha oh the priviledge. Colomendy will always av a place in every scousers heart. and i think people will agree that colomendy is actually an extension of Liverpool itself. jus hope my kids get a chance to experience just a little of whati got to.

OH.MY.GOD!!! Taken back to my childhood instantly! Went to Collo twice with school and LOVED IT! I wish I felt able to send my son on a trip like this these days at the same age I was then (can only have been 10 or 11 - unior school anyway). Can't see myself trusting him to anyone even for a few days. Shame really. Thanks for reminding me of the paper bag lunches etc. My memory is usually rubbish, but this brought it all back! Mel x

I remember going there in the 90's and was allocated the peg leg bed i was so scared that i didnt want to sleep incase he got me so i kept everyone in my dorm awake by talking to them, the teachers asked me to stop talking but i wouldn't `i was to scared` so i was sent outside to talk to the sheep. i had many interesting conversations with them sheep. i have wonderful memories of colomendy.

Geoff Allen
I attended Roscoe Ballantyne CP School and was lucky enough to go twice in the 60's. I remember the Devil's Gorge, climbing Moel Famau, exploring the leadmills. The first year I went the weather was so dry that the River Alyn was disappearing underground through swallow holes. The second time, the river was close to flooding. I learnt to swim there and enjoyed watching old films every evening in the hall. The sleeping arrangements, however, were like a second world war prison camp.

Brian Anjo
It's just a shame more kids today don't get the sound upobringing we did in the early 80's.There would be none of this street gang lingo or Hoodie behaviour... Colomendy you will be sorely missed

John McGrath
I went to Colomendy twice in the 80s with St Paul's, West Derby. Loved every minute of it, except the fresh goat's milk. Yuk. As far as I remember Peg Leg was supposed to attack whoever was sleeping in the 3rd bed on the left(bottom bunk) from the back end of the dorm, although this rule was hotly contested! I'm sure it was Tony Forshaw who claimed to have seen him during the night. Everybody was absolutely terrified of being allocated that bed, though. The playground was the funniest thing about Colomendy, as the lower post of the goal was at least 2 feet longer than the top post due to it being on a slant. Pity the fools who tried to make passes down the hill, they had to go and retrieve the ball themselves. Nevertheless, some of the best footy matches ever were played on that pitch. I feel sorry for those that never went there. Happy days!

I remember being awake one night when i was there with school,and looking into teacher's room at the end of the dorm,thinking to myself"it must be great to be in there,own telly and stuff".I have since been back as a leader(with scouts)and been in that sacred room.It looks so different from inside !

Brian Anjo
All I remember was being awoken by a strict gym master called Tony Evans who would make us do dances in just our underpants..Saying that we knew how to grow up in them complaining.sorely missed..

(late 70`s early 80`s)oh my god, colomendy, how i have so many great memories of the place, like pillow fights in the dorm when the teachers had sloped off for a quick bevvy in the pub up the road and thinkin us all sound asleep, ha how wrong they were.. Remeber our teacher coming out of her room shouting, lights out now girls, we all started laughing into our blankets as she had rollers in and no teeth lol, and long fleecy nightie, hahaha.. I also remeber the tuck shop and gettin sweets from our money allownce, then returning back to the dorm to put our maxi dresses on to go to the disco, wahoooo. aww god, i always get a lump in my throat thinkin of back then, what i`d give now to be there. I think they should hold school reunions there for weekends, i`d be off like a shot!!!!!

Vicky Hill
Absolutly luved "collo" im probably the only 1. I went 2ice in the early 80's, Hated devils gorge, fell on me backside, hated the cat walk i was terrified. luved the packed lunches in them brown paper bags. Hated goin to bed, wit teachers shinin the torch in me eyes. loved tuck shop, and watchin starwars on the old cine. glen allen boarding school was a mystery to me thought it was a home for bad boys and was scared o that. Peg leg didnt bother me, reminded me of Rolf Harris dont know why???? But all in all am glad that Colomendy was a part of my childhood.

I went to colemendy for 4 days i had a bos time and i would love to go agen 2004 pppeeeeeegg leg

Sammy N
I think colomendy is boss! i went in 1998 then in 1999 in 2002 and 2003 with GARSTON CHURCH OF ENGLAND SCHOOL GARSTON LIVERPOOL the first and second time i went we climbed up moel vindig! we were only about 7 and the last two times we climbed up moel famou it was fun i enjoyed it! now am in my secondry school you dont go anymore! I think they should leave it the way it is!. The first time and second we went we went pond dipping and little things like that but when you are older you do better things like the gorge walk, crawling in caves up moel famou,abseiling and then a trip to Llandudno to shop and to go ski-ing!. The food isnt that nice but you cant expect everything to be perfect! from sammy in LIVERPOOL GARSTON age 13

Christine F
I drove past colomendy gates & it brought back old memories.1970's I went to Woolton Cp we stayed in the top camp, that was the best.I remember we had 5 huge fish fingers chips & beans nearly every night,milk & biscuits for supper.We had the tuck shop in our dorm ,don't remember peg leg (must have been me sleep walking)mum used to send me packages of sweets & travel games & letters every other day. The long muddy walks , the packed lunches , the communal showers, embarrasing if you were more developed than others .I think we had bunk beds in our dorm . We used to go camping so was used to roughing it & you certainly did there it was a great experience, all should do it . Don't change it too much Colomendy will not be the same !

James Cunningham
I went to colomendy with King David in about 1986/7, we had a laugh but some kid did an excrement in the swimming pool, which was filthy anyways, and we had to eat kosher food and fish as we went o a jewish school, but it was a laugh, especially falling in the lake.

haha the memory of peg-leg lives on!im proud to be one of few who stayed the three days!tis hell on earth!the food was alive an i cant beleive they still let kids go there!

Marlise Atherton (now Blake)
I went to Colomendy with Matthew Arnold Primary in the Dingle during the early 60's. I went twice, hated the first visit, rained, awful food, nasty dormitory etc. etc. Second visit, great. Did most of the walk up Moel Famau, couldn't finish. Do you remember Mr Tunstall, great big chap - one of the organisers there? He carried me (piggy back) to the top of M F and half way back to Colomendy. I thought he was brill until the next morning (runny boiled eggs) and he made a joke about this tiny girl from Liverpool that needed to be carried back. He made me stand on the breakfast table and everyone cheered and laughed. I was so shy I could have cried. And another thing - I caught nits there, first time I'd had them in my life. Juk! (the shame of it). It must have made a big impression on me, because I've never forgotten Colomendy, fond memories, and I've lived in Yorkshire for 30 yrs now.



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