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Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Now together in one form or another for well over two decades, the RHCP's potent blend of funk, punk, rap and psychedelia has made them one of America's most successful bands, as 7 million sales of their most recent album 'Stadium Arcadium' proves.


Why do they insist on only playing their latest stuff - bring back the old stuff!!!It was good though - could have been (a lot) better...

I've not seen them b4 and after reading AK's book, I was dying to see him live. I like the old hair. The hair seemed a bit square. He's hot no matter what. They were def my favourite.

David Blackmore
I thought they were great. They really commanded the stage and had a big vigorous sound.

They are a fantastic band I've been following them for years it was great t osee them, all I can say is brill! Despite having a problem with their equipment they still performed, but why were they on so early???

I love the Chili's but could see that endless tours have left AK worn out physically and vocally. He wasnt his usual self. Chad, John and Flea were amazing and busted some wicked sounds knowing their brother was not on top form.I hate to say it but the boys need a break - love them dearly.

Laura and Matt
The Red Hot Chili Peppers were awesome, they really made the crowd go wild, the atmosphere while they were playing was electric!

Chilli Peppers are one of the top bands in the world; how come they had to play though a broken PA? In the centre of the pitch it was like listening through ear muffs. Shame - they didn't deserve that.

Steve C
This is second time seen Chili Peppers and again feel as though they not 100% - with a back catlogue of awesome tunes like theirs will always enjoy it but just thought could have been a bit better

Charlotte Kinson
They were very good, but something definatley wasn't right between the band members which made the show a bit of a disapointment for me, they didn't seem like they were enjoying what they were doing. Despite that, still a good show, but it could have been a lot better.

What was up? usually they are spot on but seemed off form today especially AK. And why were they on so early I would have thought they would have played later on. Still enjoyed them and great hair cut!!

They were good but didn't seem themselves especially AK

A fantastic opening to an amazing set. The Chili's played with so much unbelievable passion. Surely those that didn't feel it were dead.

The chili peppers weren't as lively as usual as they usually are but even with there lack of energy, muffled soundand odd choice of songs still proved that they are one of the best bands in the world.

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