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24 September 2014

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A discussion group at a farmhouse in Osgodby.
The group meet to share lincolnshire words.

Expressions in Osgodby

A group in Osgodby have met up to talk about some of the words they used in their childhood.

Titch Rivett is a lecturer in Horticulture and Conservation. She lives on a farm in Osgodby near Market Rasen and has been there for more than ten years.

Titch Rivett.
Titch Rivett can speak four languages

Titch is a bit of a language expert and has some knowledge of no less than four languages including Esperanto and Spanish. Here she describes and expression for telling someone to mind their own business.

Audio.Listen to her here (Real 56K 1' 22")



Read the full transcript.

" I've been eggin' at the back o' Doig's."
Titch Rivett

TITCH: If you say what on earth's that then?, an' if you really didn't want to tell 'em - it's really a mild way of saying don't be nosey. An' you say it's a wim wam for a mustard mill an' a catcher or a meddler - an' if you don't look out it'll catch you! And t'other, t'other thing that comes to mind - not my - it's a Grimsby er direction - if you asked a bairn where they'd been, erm, and they didn't - ER - you know their mam would say oh and why are you late home, where you been? And ER, if they dare - you know, you, you don't always but if you dare - you would have said erm I've been eggin' at the back o' Doig's - and that meant again mind your own business. And apparently they used to - well I was talking to somebody that could remember - not that owd' a chap - Doig's was a factory or an industry or summats in Grimsby - a big, big company - in fact I knew owd Mrs Doig - and the, the bairns used to go pickin' ER seagulls' eggs from the dunes behind - an' they would actually collect the eggs and bring 'em home to eat. And it was apparently from that you would just say Oh I've been eggin' back of Doig's, and that got you off the hook - you know you didn't really had to say what you had been doin', cos presumably it was summats that you didn't ought to have been.


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