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28 October 2014

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A tale from South America
An electrical storm?These strange occurrences were not just limited to Antarctica. Similar objects were seen in south America a few days later.
UFO's or an electrical storm?
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A tale from Antarctica

A tale from South America

On the 21st June a ranch owner and his wife who lived near a little town of Mininco about 900 kilometres south south west of Santiago reported to the air attaché three instances of having seen strange objects.

During the last week of February a round red and yellow object descended in the vicinity of their farm, hovered for a few minutes and then disappeared in the sky on the 8th July at 23.40 hours a flying saucer was seen by an estimated 150 people in Colonia the object was reported to be at 20 to 25 degrees from the horizon and about 3 miles out from the shore.

It visibly rotated changed colours rapidly from white to yellow to orange to green to violet. It remained in sight for about 15 minutes, hovering in one place and then took off to the south east at a rapid velocity. Then on 17th July several people in Colonia Uruguay observed the landing of a flying saucer on a beach.

The report stated that the strange object remained on the beach for close to 2 minutes and then continued silently on a vertical flight towards the river de la Plata where it remained suspended in space for several minutes at an altitude of 10 metres, later continuing in horizontal flight for 500 metres.

The people who viewed the object stated no troops were observed that it left a x mark on the beach similar to a retractable mechanical foot and that it was reddish in colour and difficult to look at due to it’s luminosity.

A little later strange object was sighted over Buenos Aires. On the 19th July in the province of Tarapace and Antofagasta Chile a strange object was observed flying at a high speed ejecting explosions of great force and very loud. The object was first sighted at 1555 and was described to be in the form of a cone with a point to the rear. 6 labourers at the Maria Elena nitrate observed it mine.

On the 20th near Santiago at 0440 in the morning an occupant of a hotel at Chafiaral was awakened by a loud noise. He looked out of the window and saw an intense red object that had an approximate diameter of 10-12 metres land on the sand in the vicinity of the hotel and 4 –5 minutes later it departed accompanied by a loud noise.

The sightings by the base personnel were very credible, not a mass psychosis of the events, the objects were seen from various positions.

The sightings in the Arctic and the Cascade Mountains were under the right conditions for these electric phenomena to appear extreme cold. They both had equipment that were effected by the discs but then if they were electrical phenomena then this would cause this effect. Just because at the time you cannot explain away the sighting.

If you then add up the total of sightings in 1949 the CIA had a total of 256 reports that were deemed worthy of further study.

13.3% discs
43 % sphere or elliptical (including balls of fire)
6 % cylinder
2.5% winged
32.2% undetermined or other.

Add further to this a Russian broadcast in 1951 slated by the USA .The Russian broadcast stated that the U.S. knew all along the harmless nature of these objects and there aim was to fan war hysteria, American propaganda to promote a threat from Eastern countries.

If at the time you cannot explain away the sighting. Why tag the sighting, as extra terrestrial it adds nothing to the world of ufology just ridicule not every sighting has to be ET.

Why does anyone connected to UFO’s or aliens theory, have to portray events so one sided.

I like to explore every plausible avenue, sometimes I do think that alien visitation is a possibility but that does not mean it’s a fact.

Ufology faces as big a problem as it did from the start. There is and has never been any physical evidence of space ships crashed or from any other fly by.

How many times do we have to hear of reports of strange lights in the sky, with the end result of that is all they are hundreds and thousands of reports filed away with no explanation what so ever?

This puzzling conundrum will go on forever. There has been hardly any forward momentum in this field. Unfortunately it looks like they’re never will be.

That’s why I have written in this article what I believe to be the missing 2% of the 5%. From investigating UFO’s it could have been so easy for me to state that yes these were aliens. That to me is a cop out - these scientists proved what they were. It was not alien visitation.

Now there is a plausible explanation for 97% of all sightings is it not about time to concentrate on the remaining 3% and if that involves the ruling out of ET then so it has to be.



Written by Andrew Helgesen

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