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28 October 2014

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The gold prospectors story
An electrical storm?

Carried on from 'Wave concentrations' ...

The author went on to reveal more information alluding to the possibly of visitors from space.

UFO's or an electrical storm?
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Little green men and green fireballs

The electron phenomena

The truth is out there

IFL (Identified Flying Lightening)

Wave concentrations

The gold prospectors story

A tale from Antarctica

A tale from South America

I do not think that even if there were inhabitants of another world sufficiently intelligent to conceive a spacecraft that such a ship would ever escape destruction by meteors and other space wonders.

Also I doubt any space ship could ever be conceived let alone constructed which would appear as a visible object and then upon explosion leave no trace, as do the discs. Where as, an electrical form would.

There are countless cases when UFO’s have flown by, then simply explode leaving no trace what so ever. They have to be electrical in nature that to me is the common sense approach I have no qualms in accepting this explanation.

To add on the Kenneth Arnold sighting, a CIA document records a man who sighted discs over the Cascade mountains on 24th June 1947, he was a prospector with forty years of experience in the mountains, while prospecting at a point in the cascade mountains approximately 5,000 feet from sea level, during the afternoon he noticed a reflection, he looked up and saw a disc proceeding in a south easterly direction.

Immediately upon sighting the object he placed his telescope to his eye and observed the disc for approximately 45-60 seconds. He remarked that it is possible for him to pick up an object at a distance of ten miles with his telescope. At the time the disc was sighted it was banking in the sun and he observed five or six similar objects but only concentrated on the one. He stated that they did not fly in any kind of formation and that he estimated their height to be about 1,000 feet from where he was standing. He said the object was about thirty feet in diameter and appeared to have a tail, it made no noise.

According to the prospector he remained in the vicinity of the Cascades for several days and then returned to Portland and noted an article in the local paper which stated in effect that a man in Boise, Idaho had sighted a similar object but that the authorities had disclaimed any knowledge of such an object. He said that he had communicated with the army for the sole purpose of attempting to add credence to the story furnished by the man in Boise.

He also related that on the occasion of the sighting he had in his possession a combination compass and watch. He noted particularly that immediately before he sighted the disc the compass acted very particular, the hand waving from side to side, but the condition corrected itself once the disc had gone out of sight.

The story continues in 'A tale from Antarctica' >>

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Can you see anything spooky on the BBC Lincolnshire ghostcam.
Can you see anything spooky on the BBC Lincolnshire Ghostcam?
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