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28 October 2014

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Wave concentrations
An electrical storm?Carried on from 'Identified Flying Lightening' ...
UFO's or an electrical storm?
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Little green men and green fireballs

The electron phenomena

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IFL (Identified Flying Lightening)

Wave concentrations

The gold prospectors story

A tale from Antarctica

A tale from South America

As ever a military use was thought of as the author goes on to state that in his thoughts expressed to a Dr Taylor was that if this type of object could be simulated by man by creating rotary movement by the use of wave concentrations to induce the atmospheric friction or my own term molecular compacting of energies, the product of such action being much greater than natural forms and to be labelled a belie bomb.

Since Kenneth Arnold is now considering the natural phenomena of the balls of light, he will probably figure out how this could be duplicated by wave concentrations, creating friction and with further consideration on electrical charges also control by continued impulse of a ray and by relating this to what he saw on the south eastern slope of Mt Rainier he will come up with the right solution.

Attempts to explain the varying shapes of discs to what I believe is an erroneous impression that they are parts of a mother space ship. The actual varying sizes and shapes and particularly the back side of the disc appearing over Phoenix 9th July 1947, showing a curved or concave portion, can be explained simply by the natural resistance of the atmosphere trailing the sides as the exertion of the ray action itself is moving forward.

Other varying sizes and shapes are the natural result of highly variable atmospheric conditions.
The shapes and sizes of the Ehlere gizmos at Arcata California can furnish a fairly good basis for assumptions though the visible object and the invisible records which Ehlers is recording, must be viewed with the thought that until ionisation is great enough to become luminescent, the invisible forms may appear as irregular patches.

It would not be until visibility begins, when the ionisation is sufficient to assume a shape that any discernment as to the ball form or any variation of it or any variation of it could be noted.

The hole in the centre portion of the phoenix disc would in my opinion, have been due to a temporary absorption of the ultra microwave core of the ray form by the outer ionised long wave action, leaving a temporary hole or non ionised area.

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Can you see anything spooky on the BBC Lincolnshire ghostcam.
Can you see anything spooky on the BBC Lincolnshire Ghostcam?
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