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28 October 2014

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The IFL (Identified Flying Lightning)
An electrical storm?Carrying on from 'The truth is out there' ...
UFO's or an electrical storm?
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Little green men and green fireballs

The electron phenomena

The truth is out there

IFL (Identified Flying Lightening)

Wave concentrations

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A tale from Antarctica

A tale from South America

In these documents it went on to state that Kenneth Arnold was an intelligent man that if he applied himself he could solve what he really saw. Now that did intrigue me. What did this mean? Was it that the scientists had really found out what a certain percentage of UFO sightings really were. The one big question for me is why no UFO researcher has come out with this information when an answer has being there all of this time from 1952.

UFO researchers all too often seize upon some small insignificant point and like a dog with a bone refuse to let go. Completely insistent upon there being a hidden agenda at work. I have always thought that the majority of sightings can be solved.

The document goes onto state that what was discussed by Kenneth Arnold in the autumn issue of Fate magazine was sound - natural material, the documents author collected data on this very type of natural phenomena which occurs in the south eastern and eastern part of New Mexico, is a form of static electricity.

The data was passed onto Dr Albert Hoyt Taylor Chief naval physicist. This form is not the usual ball lightning but very similar. It may occur from friction due to sand or dust particles, or it may occur during damp weather or the opposite, extremely dry weather.

Ball lightning usually occurs during electrical storms. I myself was almost electrocuted at the age of four by natural ball lightning, which entered our house, and this experience is the reason that all my life, I have been highly conscious of electricity in all forms.

The type of static electricity mentioned by Kenneth Arnold most definitely does occur. Now this is not the sort information that will come out from the UFO community, people who do believe in the hypothesis of alien visitation will be shocked to learn this. One of the most famous UFO cases ever, simply be a form of static electricity a natural phenomena. Even though it has not been given the scientific study it deserves.

The story continues in 'Wave Concentrations' >>

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Can you see anything spooky on the BBC Lincolnshire ghostcam.
Can you see anything spooky on the BBC Lincolnshire Ghostcam?
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