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24 September 2014

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Little green men and green fireballs
An electrical storm?At Lincolnshire Unexplained we're always interested in hearing your stories or theories just like Andy Helgesen's theories and research on UFO's.
UFO's or an electrical storm?
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We're always interested in receiving articles or sightings for Lincolnshire Unexplained.

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Little green men and green fireballs

The electron phenomena

The truth is out there

IFL (Identified Flying Lightening)

Wave concentrations

The gold prospectors story

A tale from Antarctica

A tale from South America

While in the process of writing a book on UFO’s, I uncovered several CIA documents that related to Kenneth Arnold's well-publicised incident in which he received world-wide notoriety when he saw UFO’s over the Cascade Mountains. As anyone with the smallest of interest in this subject knows things snowballed from there on and a myth was born.

A world-wide epidemic of UFO sighting then ensued of epidemic proportions. One man and his dog were then seeing UFO’s. It got to such an alarming state that the CIA even embarked on studying the phenomena and it’s implications for mankind.

The result of this study saw the CIA concentrate on debunking the whole thing. The tales of little green men and marsh gas. Whilst still quietly investigating the phenomena. Those at the head of the CIA felt that they had to. For there were serious implications of national security, false nuclear alerts triggered by UFO’s. Foreign powers could use UFO’s as a cover to sneak in under the United States air defences.

To make matters worse, over White Sands area, all manner of people were seeing green balls of light from scientists to mechanics. The green fireballs even appeared to be under intelligent control, the extra terrestrial hypothesis was considered by a study group under Dr Lapps, but soon dismissed as all the fireballs were found to be small meteorites.

That will disappoint many into UFO’s. This is what Dr Lapaz stated, "I regard the observational evidence observed by the conventional meteorite falls as providing the necessary background for what is now being observed, the sound phenomena will cause great fright in humans especially among animals chickens will fly around trying to get into cover, dogs will howl and try to get into the house. Horses will run away. The green fireballs are unusual in the respect that they are horizontal or nearly so they’re horizontal paths are traversed low in the atmosphere.
I feel that in all probability that they are not conventional meteorite falls."

The story carries on in, 'The electron phenomena' >>

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Can you see anything spooky on the BBC Lincolnshire ghostcam.
Can you see anything spooky on the BBC Lincolnshire Ghostcam?
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