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13 November 2014

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Lincolnshire Sausage on a Fork. Image by Caro Wallis

Lincolnshire Sausage by Caro Wallis

Battle of the Bangers

A campaign is underway for sausages produced in Lincolnshire, by Lincolnshire butchers, to only be known as Lincolnshire Sausages.

175,000 tonnes of sausages are sold each year and the market is worth £500m annually to consumers.

Here in Lincolnshire we have our own very special variety of sausage, however it's under threat from cheaper imitations produced elsewhere, which are bearing the name of the Lincolnshire Sausage.

The Lincolnshire Sausage Association wants to protect the name and recipe so suppliers can't sell fake ones and pretend they're authentic.

DEFRA put the application out to consultation. The application for Protected Food Status for the Lincolnshire Sausage in currently in progress. The open consultation, where any objections can be raised has now closed and Defra and its delivery body are considering the information before taking a decision on whether to pursue the application’

What is a Lincolnshire Sausage?

According to the Lincolnshire Sausage Association, the sausages must have a meat content of 70%, which has to be coarsely chopped rather than mashed up. It must have sage in it and packed in natural casing as well as having a content of either bread or rusk.


Can you tell the difference?

Lincolnshire sausages are distinguished from all other British Sausages by the use of sage which gives the sausage its unique flavour.

The size of the sausage is also extremely important. There are two sizes of the sausage. One is typically about 10-15 cm in length and approximately 2.5 to 3.5 cm in diameter for the traditionally “thick” sausages and 2.0 to 2.5 cm diameter for the traditional “chipolata” sausage.

Sausage History

The earliest recorded reference to the recipe for Lincolnshire sausage dates to May 1886, although John Pettit Butchers of Grimsby claims, “Our Lincolnshire sausage, still made to an original family recipe dating back to 1810, is enjoyed worldwide.”

The reasoning behind the meat being chopped coarsely rather than mashed was discussed in a 1930’s compilation of butchers’ recipes which stated that ‘Northern’ butchers such as those in Lincolnshire preferred coarsely chopped meat which gives the sausage more ‘bite’ when eaten'

Whats happening now?

The DEFRA consultation raised a number of objections from those who say the sausage is a recipe that can be reproduced anywhere in the UK, so now they need to must decide whether these objections are to be upheld.

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created: 04/03/2009

Have Your Say

Show your support of the Lincolnshire Sausage. What do you think of it? Should it be protected? Do you have a special recipe? Let us know.

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Of course sage is NOT unique to these sausages. Mrs. Beeton lists sage as her first herb for her recipe. She died in 1865 and called them OXFORD.This whole idea that Lincolnshire butchers only make great sausages of this style and everybody else is doomed to create rubbish seems awfully parochial. I suppose you can only get a good scotch egg in Scotland?

If Melton Mobrays pies can be saved, then the same should go for the Lincolnshire sausage.I have bought so called Lincolnshire sausages at well known stores and also in small retail shops in other parts of the country and theyDO NOT TASTE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!

margaret hannah (SCOTLAND)
there are no other sausages to beat lincolnshire ones

Ian Pilcher
This country has been dismissive about the food it produces for far too long. Other countries protect and celebrate their regional foods and so should we. Britain produces some wonderful regional products, the Lincolnshire sausage being one, the protection of their quality and rationality from poor mass-produced imitations will only enhance their reputation and saleability.

adrian stafford
Being a Lincoln resident, born and bred, I have found, over the years, that when purchasing Lincolnshire Sage sausages a degree of scepticism is necessary. Supermarkets purport to sell them yet when the label is perused the origin can be anywhere in the country and indeed from even from abroad. When cooked these pale imitations are of poor quality and often contain no sage! Lincolnshire sausages are at least 70% lean pork with 25% fat with the remainder 5% being sage and seasonings. These ingredients are coarsely ground. Buy at your local butcher and be safe. Their recipes go back generations.

Mrs D A Allitt
Real Lincolnshire sausage can only be purchased at a local independent butchers. Bought anywhere else they are barely a pale imitation.

mr A .E.SUCH
licolnshire sausage is lincolnshire and knowhere else.your local butcher knows how to make them.

You are in: Lincolnshire > Places > Places features > Battle of the Bangers

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