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13 November 2014

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Strange object in the sky. UFO?

UFO Sightings Timeline

A timeline of where and when strange objects have been spotted in the skies over our region. Send your sightings and pictures in to

Sunday 16th November

We watched it for a few minutes then it seemed to suddenly stop which seemed to be just above our village. We watched for a few minutes more and I managed to get a photo on my phone. Still in total silence it just hung in the sky. Then suddenly it just shot upwards and disappeared out of sight at a vast speed. We were all gobsmacked at what we had seen. How can something travel so slow, then so fast in opposite directions without a sound?
Dave Stead, Skipsea

Thursday 25th December

Christmas Day in Thorngumbald.
Dave Hatfield

Myself, wife and daughter plus another couple saw a very similar object to this picture in the sky over Grantham on the evening of Christmas Day. It was an orange glowing ball that moved in a straight line for about a minute before turning at a right angle and heading into the distance towards the direction of Nottingham. It made no sound at all but seemed to be travelling slightly slower than a light aircraft might. There was no wind so I don't believe it was a Chinese lantern plus there was no upward movement just lateral.
Paul Sands, Grantham

Tuesday 30th December

On 30th Dec 2008, my sister and niece had been grocery shopping and had been following what they thought was a hot air balloon in the sky. She called in on us (me, my husband, daughter and son) and showed us it. It did resemble the basket of a hot air balloon with flames out the top and it was moving really slowly (like a hot air balloon does) in a Northerly direction (we're in Heckington, near Sleaford.) At the time I was more concerned about my son being outside in his pyjamas and also the fact that my daughter had left the front door open and all my heat was disappearing out into the street so I didn't pay too much attention to it. Afterwards I looked on the Net to see if people did actually go ballooning at night and on Yahoo Answers someone else had also seen it. A reply said that if it had been a hot air balloon than it would have been lit up like a light bulb - which this wasn't. I still believe in the hot air balloon theory but thought I'd let you know that the "UFO" has been sighted over here.
Josie, Heckington

Wednesday 31st December

Myself and several others saw this object flying over Lincoln at approx 12:05 on New Years morning. Could not identify what it was, therefore until someone can state exactly what it is, it is an unidentified flying object (UFO)
Colin Evans, Lincoln

I was recording the Beverley Minster bells at midnight on New Years Eve/Day and spotted an object that looks similar to the one shown on your programme. I have a look on the internet and found that the same object has been spotted and filmed in various locations around the UK and over Germany at around the same time.
Matthew Blurton

My sister, Stella Harvey who's over from Australia, saw the UFO on New Years Eve over Louth, it travelled left and right at speed then shot straight up until out of sight! Rob, Mablethorpe

I was pleased that I was not the only one that witnessed an orange light moving in the sky at about 1am on New Years Eve. It came from the east towards me, it veered to the south and then went upwards gradually, there was no sound. I live in a top floor  flat at Applegarth Court in Bridlington and  was looking out the window at  the time,  I ran to the bedroom to get my camera opened the window and  tried to take a photo  but my camera is not good enough
Michael Gaunt

We would just like to say that at approximately 8.45pm, four people in our house in Hull saw it too. We had been playing games on the Wii, not drinking, so we were not looking through beer goggles.
We saw an orange/yellow object which moved downwards and then hovered a few moments and then moved to the west and then rose rapidly upwards.  We did not hear any noise from the object. We saw it for approx 5 minutes.
Terry and Christine Cox (West Hull)

We live at Immingham, my fiancée and I also saw 2 orange lights in the sky on New Years Eve around midnight, they were close to each other and seemed to be over Killingholme oil refinery at a guess, and no we weren't drunk!
Tony Green

While I was watching the fireworks on the night of New Year’s Eve I saw a small UFO which moved from north to south over Hull.  It looked similar to the one on the photo.
Philip from Hull

Thursday 1st January

My wife and I saw the flying objects on New Years Day at 0.15am they flew towards where we live from the north on the East coast Sutton on Sea and then turned towards the west. There were at least 6 objects.
Michael Chapman

On New Years Day I took a photo from my phone of an object identical to this one, I saw one large one with a small one slightly above it; this was over the River Humber.

My family and I saw this briefly on New Year's Day in Louth about 8pm travelling slowly from South to East. Is it an unidentified flying object? Of course it is. I couldn't identify it. Were creatures from another galaxy flying it?
Catherine Raisen, Louth

We saw same sightings but 2 objects at 1.20am on New Years Day over Billingborough. Have a video clip on my camera. No sound travelled SE and then veered westerly.
Peter Bristow

Yes I saw three UFOs of the same type as the one on last night news on New Years Day morning. Over Hull Royal hospital at about 12.15 am.
Dave from Hull.

Saturday 3rd January

Lesley of Alkborough saw a strange object in the sky between approximately 1330/1340 hours. The object was stationary for the 5 minutes she saw it.

Tuesday 6th January

Further to recent UFO sightings over Lincolnshire, I would like to report that my wife and I observed such an object from our home in Surfleet on Tuesday evening 6th Jan at around 9pm and watched it for a good 30 minutes before thin cloud obstructed our view. We were visited by neighbours who also saw it. It was intensely bright and of very vivid colours pulsating of red blue and green.
We also had our binoculars trained on it for some time and it was quite spectacular on its colour variations. We have never seen anything quite like in 60 odd years. Sorry we did not have a camera powerful enough to get a shot.
Keith and Chris Rose

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You are in: Lincolnshire > Places > Places features > UFO Sightings Timeline

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