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13 November 2014

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A grey alien

Visitors to Lincolnshire?

UFOs in Lincolnshire

Unidentified Flying Objects have been spotted across Lincolnshire recently - and have even been blamed for damage to a wind turbine near Louth. Take a look at the pictures, videos and accounts of UFO sightings and see what you think.

UFO enthusiasts are claiming damage to a Lincolnshire wind farm turbine was caused by a mystery aircraft. The turbine at Conisholme lost one 66ft (20m) blade and another was badly damaged.

The turbine is one of 20 at the Conisholme site, which has been only been fully operational since April 2008. The broken blade has been recovered and is being examined. Local ufologists said they had received many reports of activity in the area and had teams searching for clues.

Damaged wind turbine at Conisholme Fell

Damaged wind turbine at Conisholme Fell

Russ Kellett, from the Flying Saucer Bureau, said witnesses had told him of activity in the area.

More UFOs

Jason Kay sent the following email in to BBC Lincolnshire, wanting some help with a picture he'd taken.

'Hi, on New Years Eve, my wife saw a strange light approaching our house near the Lincolnshire coast. It approached the house then changed direction and headed south. I have attached a photo of the light which was taken after it was a long way away. It seemed to be a round/square light with smaller bright lights within it. If you enlarge the picture you can clearly see this. We have discounted many theories such as firework/chinese lantern/flare/aircraft etc as there was no noise and because of the way it changed direction. This is the third strange light we have seen since November 2008.'

The Picture

UFO spotted over Lincolnshire?

UFO spotted over Lincolnshire?

Do you think the picture is of a UFO? Have you seen an Unidentified Flying Object over Lincolnshire? Send your pictures in to

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created: 06/01/2009

Have Your Say

Do you believe in UFOs? Do you think the picture is of an Unidentified Flying Object? Let us know.

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Gary Campbell
My wife and I saw the exact same orange glow in the sky last night - 12th Aug 2009 @2330hrs from our house in the South Common area of Lincoln. The light was moving east, slowly, and looked to be in the sky over Bracebridge / Waddington, then disappeared. I can discount civil / military aircraft as there was no standard light configuration, (port/starboard or landing lights - if it was on approach to Waddington). It is a glow, not a bright light and there was no noise to accompany it which on a clear windless night I would've expected to hear. Very strange indeed. Did anyone else see this light at the same time? Oh, and before anyone mentions it it was definately not a part of the meteor shower taking place at the same time as I was outside watching the shower and they all were traveling in a westerly direction.

Mike Lettau from Toronto Canada
Could be one or a fake this picture Yet UFOs do exist and they are here now. Yet they see us as hostile beings and do not want to get involed with us cheers to all Mike in toronto canada


Conspiracy! I can't see the download!


His Excellency, The Baron of Literature-in-Waiting
For pity's sake! If a member of some distant, or indeed proximate alien race took one look at the poor language, grammar and punctuation within these 'reports' below, it would consider that our planet is not quite as advanced as they he, she or it perhaps first thought and would simply dismiss the need for further visits just like some here have clearly dismissed the chance of education in their time at school - perhaps preferring to chew gum and lark about in the wrongly held belief that in doing so, they were/are of a superior nature...I don't think so. Pass us by aliens...pass us by...

I don't believe in UFO's to be fair, but tonight I looked out of my window and saw a strange object flying in the sky towards the Dunswell area. I thought at frst a plane could've caught fire and be on it's way down, so I thought I'd check the internet to see if anyone else had seen it. The picture of above is the exact same thing sawtonight, it was really strange. 19 July 2009, 11:45pm approximately. If anyone else saw this let me know please! :)

mike long
i think they are real but that 1 isnt.i just think that it was a weak wind terbine and the wind bloow it off

Katia & Ania
we think this is not really anliens!! thewre may be things in the sky, but not aliens!!!

i think that ufos are real

victoria D'Albero
I have just seen some exactly the same from front room window in New Waltham, Lincolnshire. 23:25.there was about 40 of them and they disappeared when they reached a certain height.

My wife and me have seen a thing that looked exactly like the above picture on the 19th of June around 22.40. It was flying vertically and we observed it for about 30 seconds, then it dissapeared in clouds. It was orange and quite bright, almost fiery. Amazing. I have no idea at all what that thing could have been.

it can be true but can be false

me and my brother have seen a ufo there were 3 of them

Stephen Prestidge
Yes i do believe in ufos. I have seen them and i believe in them very strongly

Wallace Pirates
We saw about 10 of these flying in an easterly direction over Old Leake(east coast Lincs) on Sat 25th April. Did anyone else see them??????

jason hough
yes i do believe in UFO's saw the same thing , not just 1 round about 19 coming over manchester , raddcliffe round about 12.30pm on the 30th of May .

Mel Langton
My entire street witnessed dozens of bright orange lights moving through the sky last night in Lincoln. nobody knows what they are but I have managed to take a very short film on my phone camera.ThanksMel

Amy Rose
My partner and I were driving through the center of Lincoln 10.30pm 30/05/09, near West parade, when about three dozen globs of light floated across the sky. They - the spheres of light, had come from the north were flying south then turned to the west. They were not directly overhead but were maybe 400 - 800 metres away, it was difficult to judge, however, they were noiseless. We parked up and watched and listened for 30 seconds or so, as had a couple of other cars. After driving on with the UFOs still in sight we stopped and spoke to a couple of guys who were looking as astonished as we felt. They didn't know what to make of it and neither did the person who we were driving to collect from a BBQ. The party of 20 or so had decided they looked like 'lanterns'. Indeed, in a way they did but they were a few hundred feet above us and were definitely not floating aimlessly.Initially, when we first spotted them, there were a group of 20 or more glowing lights. Although it was impossible to make out any shape the large glowing, ever so slightly pulsing lights were obviously part of something solid. This main group of 20 or so were in a loose formation but were moving collectively although individually and as these moved off to the west a few other 'lanterns' the stragglers, came into view, they had previously been obscured by roofs. A few were in a line, some in a group and some were flying individually but all were heading in the same direction. all in all there were at least three dozen possibly more of these completely non human made objects. I don't make the last statement lightly it is just that nothing I've ever seen before moves like this through the skies - floating smoothly and with incredible ease, sort of like a jet ski boat on a very calm sea. No, they had far greater range of movemen, up down, left right, any vertical or horizontal degree, more like a shoal of fish swimming but in the air. Most peculiar.

jim hathaway
i was walking across pellam bridge this evning about 10 pm with my friend and i looked to the north west-ish direction and there was about 17/25 of these orange lights just sat ina big clump with 2 pairs and a line of three moving towards the larger clump, by the time i got to the west common there was only one left and then it just..."went out"WEIRDthis was about 10pm 30th/may/09

John Smith
I saw several red/orange lights hovering over student accomadation in Lincoln , they were kind of following each other , which i dont know whether aircraft would do this at 11 in the evening?

Tom Wade
ive just seen ten of the same lights in the sky 30 may 22.45pm

chloe broughton
i saw the same thing at 9.30pm on the 2 may 2009 out side my house.

i saw a small orange glowing dot in the sky abouve the harbourgh there was about 15 of them i saw them on saturday 1st of may at 9.15pm 2009

i saw thies last night there was about 10 of them then they all went out

a group of us sat in the garden at birchwood lincs thought it was a plane on fire it stopped then looked like a shooting star going up towards it approx 10ish

dani payne
pauline i saw exactly what you sed last nite at about 9.00pm i was at my mums m8s house and this ball of fire came over we thought it was a plane on fire it looked like it but it was moving quite slowly, then it stopped and almost like a shooting star someting went up to the object we were soo freaked out.... then after a few seconds it dissapeared and we never saw it again tht nite the date was (2nd may 2009)

i saw this on may 1st 2009


chritopher hewitt
I saw a ufo last thursday night 23rd april 2009, I got two witnesses Steph my partner and Melissa my 8 year old daughter, I was in the back kitchen and I spotted the light moving in the sky through the patio doors it was a bright orange sphere, I opened the doors to see it better, I could tell it wasen't a plane because it was a single light, I had thought it to be the police helicopter at first but had seen it was orange where the helicopter is a creamy light, It started to turnleft it looked like a bit bigger than the normal stars and no noise ofengines, I shouted Steph, she came out looked at it and said what! shewasent impressed and went indoors me and Melissa watched it flythrough a cloud and light it up as it went through it was like close encounters.

It was on the 28th of March 2009 I think that I saw 7 of those glowing orange balls in Christchurch New Zealand, all moving from NE to SE. I have no idea what it might have been. Was sceptical at first but when the 3rd came I started to wonder and then two came together at the same time and I knew that two planes that big wouldnt dare fly so close to one another. So I can't explain what it was, therefore it is classified as Unidentifiable Flying Objects. Would really like to know though...

Christine Raine
Late last night (20/04/09)I saw a very bright, very close shot of light. It was like a comet but very close up. This was over the Glebe Park area of uphill Lincoln.Did anyone else see it?

Peter White
On Saturday evening at 9.21 we were approaching Louth and we saw in excess of 15 of these lights (there were 4 of us). We stopped the car and gotout, there was no noise, they were travelling at a uniforme speed and were just appearing and going out of sight behind us. We saw x3 similar lights at 2a.m. on new years day over Louth.

Last night at about 9:05pm (the date was 12.03.09) i was leaving my friends house when i noticed how large the moon looked. as i was looking i noticed something moving towards me. It had bright white lights which were creating streams of light across the sky. It was moving quick. It suddenly stopped and started to turn towards the River Humber. It tuned slowly without moving from the spot it had stopped. it then seemed to just disappear. It was deadly silent no noise DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THIS?

Colin Evans
Saw an orange glowing ball in the skies over the south side of Lincoln last night at approx 22:55. I have previously seen an identical object on new years eve. I am not a believer in little green men, but as I have no explanation for what it might be, by default it becomes a UFO

shaban pelinku
yes ufos are real it is too ignorant and naive to think that there is no life in the universe there are too many stars and galaxies to say no life

Hello all. I live in Sydney Australia. Last night i was outside having my final smoke for the night at 8pm Syd time & as i have done for years, i looked up to the sky wondering if i would ever see anything. Sure enough the stars were out, Two large very bright ones in particular. Then to my absolute amazement, one of the stars started moving slowy then quickly side wards to what seemed to me about 10 metres, but i am sure in the sky a lot further, until all of a sudden, it accelarated staight up away from the Earth until it disappeared after approx 5 to 7 seconds. I was completely stunned & almost had to pinch myself. Stars do not move like this, nor do planes, Simply no explanation for it. To my amazment, now wide awake. i then sat back down & had a another smoke & watch with eye's wide open, another object appeared, but this one darted around in 3 different directions, then slightly circular & then also took off away from the Earth. TRUST ME I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE WRITING ON A CHAT LINE LIKE THIS BUT WHAT I SAW, KEPT ME AWAKE FOR HOURS *&* I NO WHAT I SAW

yeah i beleive it i was on my backgarden the other day and i saw somthing far in the sky flashing and moving fast.

Big Al
Of course I beleive in ufo's, but I don't beleive in Alien ships. a ufo is what it says UNIDENTIFIED. It might be satalite, meteor, plane or a bird. until we know it a UFO.

this is mad, i do believe in other things living in different place, but everyone seems to be quite calm about this but if it is true(which i dont believe into i see real pictures) shouldn't we be trying to find out what it actually is?? i would like to think there is someone living out there, really fasinating.

It is very interesting to find this website and image of the bright round orange light! We saw the very same thing last night 6/3/09 at 2130. The light appeared from the west just above tree level, at was round in shape, very bright orange with what appeared to be an outer ring of red. (It could be described as a large glowing pumpkin) There was no sound and it was moving quite fast in an easterly direction. The light gradually rose higher in the sky in a very straight line. We watched this object until it was completely out of sight and at a very high level of altitude. We had sufficient time to call our neighbours who also saw this object. We are curtrently at a loss to identify this object as there was no sound or wind which would have aided its travel. Did anyone else see this object in the Nocton area of Lincolnshire?

Ben Goodhew
Hi at 10.00pm tonight 6/03/09 in Lincoln saw something very strange. A very bright light in the distance at first appeared to release some sort of vapour trail but infront of it. Then moved very quickly to the end of the trail then went out of sight. I am not a ufo nut and am very level headed but I definately saw what I saw. Forget little green men what is big brother upto

abi and holly
we both saw it yeterday (25th Feb)and we was in blackpool at the time but we couldnt say where it was!

Ana marcela
mmm its verry interesting

yes i do believe that there may be, but i am slightly pesimistic as there has not been any proof. if we are clever enough to get to mars and explore it then i am sure that other life forms from other planets are able to do so as well.

Ellie Gillan
i think that there are other Earths out there that can sustain life, but there needs to be more scientific evidence for this to be a ufo!

just want to find out if any body a UFO this morin because havnt heard anyfing on radio all day,was about 8:30, 16/02/2009 was jst getting light out,on our way to work in lincolnshire headin to spalding we both saw a bright white light not orange,the light was comin from an oject quite far away but we could see that the object was a round oval shape,the light was a big flash for a few seconds but the object stayed for a few minutes well we had chance to stop the van and look at it untill it faided, didnt faid asin movin away it was like it jst vanished slowly,could tell it was oval shaped because whilst it was hovering it was swaying,we cant stop talkin about it was, did any body else see it???

Stephen Smith
I saw the exact same thing last night 14/2/09 6.30 - 7.00 in the sky I was travelling between marton and gainsborough in the car as a passenger.

thompson TR
I have, as previously stated encountered three seperate craft at very close quarters (third-kind) I will say no more

there is no such thing as UFO's flyng in the sky, its all a load of rubish, cmon who belives this stuff, i mean, it may just be a helium baloon flying in the sky with lights on it...

Mike McFarland
The picture added by Jason Kay. I saw an identicle 'orb' hovering over Gloucester at 20:55 7/2/09. The object moved in roughly a Westerly direction, stopped and then just shot off in an upwards south west direction.Some one in the street who also saw this tryed to tell me it was an air balloon. I have never seen an air balloon do that before.

Gok Wan Kenobi
it looks and sounds to me like someone was using the force in conjunction with 'blade running'. Either that, or it was one of those little face sucker guys from the Alien movie getting carried away

James Lawson
Me & my girlfriend saw the exact same Light over Beverley Minster Date 08/02/09. We where on our way out at 18:10pm. We both noticed a red/orange ball of light above the minster which proceeded to manover in a way I can imagine no aircraft to do so. The object continued to do this for A good 30-40 seconds before disappearing behind a cloud. This put into perspection how high it was! unlike recent reports of this, the object we saw has a faint Halo around it but this could of been caused by the very cold weather. Did anyone else see this. Would be very interesting if so?

5/2/2009 9.00 pm saw strange orange light over wind turbines at mablethorpe. Did anyone else seee it? thought it might have been a beakon at first put up for low flying aircraft but it flashed from white to red then orange, but was completely still then later disapeared??? to bright and low for a normal aircraft and stayed still for far too long.
i do beleive in advanced civilisations on other planets. like on mars there used to be running water and fossils were found so they could be looking for food and water for there young.

Today at 21h18 pm mauritian time - Hi ive just seen this strange orange light in the sky 5 minutes ago, i live in mauritius and the light was bright orange and yellow, it stood still for 1 minute,and flew away till it disapears,i saw it yesterday too,ill try to film it,anyone have a clue? On 31 december it was in mauritius in the north and in rodrigues island too, the same night someone saw it in england,the same strange light flying with no sound, a guy in mauritius filmed it.

Ich komme aus Deutschland.Dieses objeckt (UFO) habe ich ein paar Tage vor Silvester am nachthimmel gesehen, so gegen 21 Uhr kann auch früher gewesen sein, so sicher bin ich nicht mehr. Ich befand mich auf dem Balkon und machte mir eine Zigarette an, da bemerkte ich von rechts dieses orangene Licht. Es sah wie etwas rundes aus, genau wie auf diesem Bild.Ich beobachtete es und bemerkte das es sehr langsam nach links flog. Danach sah es so aus ob es stehen blieb. Ich guckte mir das (UFO) weiter an und ich bemerkte das es nicht stehen blieb, sondern ganz langsam in der Ferne verschwand. So etwas hatte ich bislang noch nicht gesehen. Es blinkte auch nicht wie ein Flugzeug.mfg Daniel

I saw the same orange light flying over Hessle at around 11pm last night. There were around 8/10 of them. I am trying to upload my cam pics

Aaron Marsh
On 30th Dec 2008, my sister and niece had been grocery shopping and had been following what they thought was a hot air balloon in the sky. She called in on us (me, my husband, daughter and son) and showed us it. It did resemble the basket of a hot air balloon with flames out the top and it was moving really slowly (like a hot air balloon does) in a Northerly direction (we're in Heckington, near Sleaford.) At the time I was more concerned about my son being outside in his pyjama's and also the fact that my daughter had left the front door open and all my heat was disappearing out into the street so I didn't pay too much attention to it. Afterwards I looked on the Net to see if people did actually go ballooning at night and on Yahoo Answers someone else had also seen it. A reply said that if it had been a hot air balloon than it would have been lit up like a light bulb - which this wasn't. I still believe in the hot air balloon theory but thought I'd let you know that the "UFO" has been sighted over here.This is really strange but having had a few beverages on New Years Eve, me and a number of friends and family were in my mums garden watching the fireworks just after midnight. We spotted a strange orange light in the sky which seemed to stay in one position for a long time, which is why it catched our eyes. A few people thought it was a firework at first but when we realised it hadn't moved for ages we all started saying 'Its a UFO'. Of course the next day we laughed about it and never thought anything of it, until I saw all of the news reports on the BBC and having read these comments I think what we saw was the same thing in the picture. We live in Hull and the sighting was from the south. How very strange!

Alan steadman
I have been watching lights over Lincolnshire for years , It is Sunday the 18 jan 09, there is one now positioned over the wolds, My friend has seen it through a telescope and confired it is not a star or a plane ,Ps my friend is Thai and does not know about ufos or planes.

Isa de Luca
I believe in UFO, but we need real proofs.
I have seen a UFO and no one will convince me that it was anythink but a UFO. dont be so eager to mock people that say they have ,surly no one think's we are the only life in this vast Galaxey, think about it since 1947 there as been over 2 million reported sighting's surly one must be right which would prove the point,THERE IS LIFE OUT THERE

we have seen this before christmas above our city Heelsum near arnhem we don`t have pictures off this object

theyre just aeroplanes or birds on lamposts or flying lips.

i seen the same objects over head in dunfermline,fife, scotland and i counted 17 of them within one hour

Dawn O'Donoghue
I didn't see that particular light but, whilst travelling home from work at approx. 9.30 pm Wednesday evening (January 14th 2009) I was surprised to see what I thought was an extraordinarily large WWII barrage balloon shining luminously over the buildings in central Hull. After two or three minutes (I was stopped at the traffic lights) it disappeared. Several other people saw it too but no one has an explanation.Anyone know what it was?

we c this on 1 1 09 at 1215 no we was not drunk it was qwiet and i thought it was a hot air baloon but it soon disapeard

George Greenwood
Very poor navigation and collision avoidance equipment on the UFO. So much for advanced civilsations.

People over new year releasing orange illuminated lanterns which drifted eerily through the sky. So I assume this is one of them.

This is really strange but having had a few beverages on New Years Eve, me and a number of friends and family were in my mums garden watching the fireworks just after midnight. We spotted a strange orange light in the sky which seemed to stay in one position for a long time, which is why it catched our eyes. A few people thought it was a firework at first but when we realised it hadn't moved for ages we all started saying 'Its a UFO'. Of course the next day we laughed about it and never thought anything of it, until I saw all of the news reports on the BBC and having read these comments I think what we saw was the same thing in the picture. We live in Hull and the sighting was from the south. How very strange!

Hiiyah i dont really think that there is any ufos it could of been sumat been thrown in the wind and smashed in to it and nocked the top of it off!

I live i Norwich and on new years eve to new years day i saw the same object flying over head, i have researched it and many sightings off this have been seen all over the world...

Ashley Upton
Yeah because there is no proof of the light that was seen over linconshire.

I do not think that is a UFO, im sorry that could be a firework or something

hi i live in mauritius. its true i too did observe thing as is in the photo above on the night of 31 december 2008. an orange strange light.

natalie tennant
Hi i live in lincoln,on sunday the 4th of janat about 10:30, i was stood at my front door having a cigaret talkin to my partner when i looked up over the house in front of mine, i saw a red light coming at some speed and stoppin just in veiw over the house, at first i thought it was a fire work but it didnt go off and it stoped and and after a few seconds it started to dissaper just as it went a second light came over and just as befor it came at speed stoped and went in the same direction as the first, i couldnt beleve it me and my partner was so shocked over what had happend.

Charlotte Richomond

Charlotte Richomond
i saw a UFO once on holiday in cyprus

why would they take a blade??? I mean how stupid are the people that fly the super spaceships??? mind you star wars will cause a great deal of controversy#LOVE ANAND x

The damage was caused by the severe cold making the blade brittle and snape, it broke off and hit the second blade and bent it. There were no aliens or swamp gas or weather balloons involved in this incident.

I live in a quiet village in lincolnshire and saw an orange light travelling quickly across the sky at approx 8.40pm on 6th January, it was quite large and made no sound at all, my parents were visiting and saw it too, I hadnt heard about the wind turbine at the time and we assumed it was a plane at first, until it stopped, hovered for a few seconds and then vanished! It was enough to make us stop and watch it in -4 temperatures, and we are usually of sound mind!!

I also saw the lights on new years eve circling Louth, I couldnt understand them as they seemed to hover well above the fireworks and i assumed they must have been from helicopters, but couldnt understand why anyone would like to get a birds eye view of louth's fireworks as they aint that special. I also ruled out the effects of whisky as my 7 year old son watched them with me.

hey im 12 and i heard a lot of ufo stories this one blowen me away nothing could bring that down except ufo's think about on each side positive and negitive ibelive in ufo's can't wait until the results come back from exsaming the blade that came down

hey! and i dont have a clue and cant think what would do such damage xx

Hi, i live in mauritius, and UFO with the same descriptions have been seen on 1st of january, and someone even filmed it, there has been an article in the press on the Week-End sunday edition.

sarah green
on boxing day my self and family saw 3 of these lights moving across the sky in lanceshire

If those aliens are so smart as to fly a spaceship, wouldn't it mean that they have the brains to come and contact humans properly instead of bashing into wind turbines?

did you know that , the wind turbine in the back ground has only got two sticky outy bits ? just stating the obvious :D

Maybe Mr's Poppins forgot to remove the metal from her umbrella again & was stuck by lightning.

Alex Simper
We Saw 2 UFO'S Rise from the ground seperately in the space of 2 minutes. There were two orange lights at about 10:30pm.

i was looking at the damage to the twisted 'arm' and was thinking that the thing must have sharp edges look at the shape but that depends on the strength of the metal and the speed at which it was turning. Also the dent is perpendicular to the edge of the blade, using the common stereotype of a ufo ( shape) it could have only hit the blade when the blade was at the top of its course.(the sides would have hit the bottom or top of the ufo, below would meen that it would hit the stem so it could only be the top)thats my thoughts =)

douglas cody
i do have a open mind to ufos.there are to many strange things that happens in this world and universe that occures and cannot be answer.

Mark Plunkett
Hello its only become apparent to us that this was or had been in the news.Myself and freinds family were in Beverly for the new year we were walking back to one of the friends house when one of us spotted the orange light floating and moving around in the sky.We watched stood and watched the object for a while trying to decide what it could have been, it didn,t move like a plane and did not hover like a helicopter.I stopped and lets the friends walk off so i could listen more clearly, its sounded like a microlight or some sort of little single engined flying machine, but the strange thing was that it had a glow of a hot air balloon with it igniting one of its burners, but there again didn,t move like a hot air balloon as the pilot dosn,t have much control over its direction.then it disapeared and re- apeared in a dfferent spot in the sky not like a plane or helicopter.So the sound of a microlite with a small engine and the colour of a hot air balloon don,t know what it could have been, but we did see it ??Regards Mark

with the movement of the turbine i dont think wen a blade flys off it would actually hit another wen u think about gravity and movement, as for ufo`s we aint the only living species in the universe

Ive seen a round ball of light like that probably over 15years ago drunk in back of a taxi, the taxi driver saw it also and we both could not believe what we saw, it looked like a helecopter hovering over a house in a raral field nr cambridge, it then just expodentially took off straight up into the skys and then what seem even faster dissapeared into the star untill we could not see it any longer, I have never seen or heard of anything going that fast and Im sure if a human was in it they would be a splat of a body squashed by the insance speed...

Dylan H. Joyce
I am an extra-terrestrial being, build me a spaceship. but on a serious note, i've seen glowing orange lights in the sky at night and just assumed they're some planet or other. probably an ufo, but that's the universe we live in i guess. when will they land...?!

Mal Pearson
There is too much mounting evidence that they do exsist. Why shouldn't they? We do.

I saw one of these in harrogate on new years eve, I am almost certain!

im 14 years old nd i was once sittin wid m8s on a hill nd we saw lights but no sound UFO's , tht pics reall

ken klakowich
If you don't know what it, then it is an Unidentified Flying Object. The question is, is it an Extraterrestial Flying Object? There is not doubt in my mind that there is life on other planets some where, but a spot of light is not very convincing.

Michael Birchall
The Picture of the UFO and It does not look like a Human object in the Sky it more UFO object and yeh i think were not alone. Yeh i do beleve in UFO's and i do belive what all the county people in Lincolshire.

Noway Man
All rubbish

Dawn Greenwood
Perhaps everyone should take the time to google "Project Blue Beam" and have a very interesting read. All these "sightings" will make some sense then! The more people who are made aware of what is going on, then it's less likely the New World Order will happen...

Heidi Van de Kerkhove
We live in St Neots Cambs and we saw the same light in the sky on New Years Eve. My parents who were at another location from us saw exactly the same light. It came towards us and stopped but there was no noise so we ruled out it being a helicopter or aircraft. It then hovered and went backwards and went upwards really quickly and disappeared. Some neighbours also saw it as we could hear them discussing it in their garden. It was at about 10.45pm.

There have been many claims over Ufo's people have differnt opinions, personally i beilieve if i see them but there has been many false claims

Ruth Pike
I'm sorry, but i cannot bring myself to believe that this has anything to do with Extra Terrestrials or UFO's - i dont doubt that there is something out there somewhere (there must be, the universe is so vast) but i think this has been completely hyped up - there is obviously a simple explanation for it all. i think it is a case of peoples imaginations running away with them, people see what they want to see. i would hope that if there were any sort of un-identified flying objects behaving strangely in our skies then the MOD would be investigating immediately - surely they monitor our skies for more sinister things anyway.....???until i see such a thing with my own two eyes i'll never believe it.

Ben jessop,stacy beadle and thomas godfrey
Yes becouse what else would do such damage?

I must admit i was baffled at the outstanding display of two red orbs that i spotted on new years day 09 and thought they were ufo but was not sure i live in northampton and i also have taken photos but have not put them to any artile i will endevour to contact our local paper and get them to take a look

Tom Kansas
As the manufacturers of the turbine now state that the damage found on the lincolnshire turbine is ''not unusual''is there any possibility that the council tax funded council leader who appeared last night will either.1 resign his position as a public paid person ( as a taxpayer in east lindsey it beggars belief that we allow senile old men to lead our councils) 2 or emigrate to the alien planet from which he thinks the visitors came yours not jokingly tom kansas

The damaged turbine should be left as it is, it may become a major tourist attraction for UFO hunters from all over.

shermille & naomey
if we see it then we will believe it. if we dont then we wont !

Ian Petrie
We live in South Weat Scotland, and saw a similar light /fire ball at around 5.00pm in evening of New Years Day, travelling west, it was visible for at least five minutes,and on a level flight line,I even had time to get binoculars out to track it, it had no visible distinguishing features, but seemed to sit low in the sky, it was below the hill top line, it did however disintegrate and looked to fall to ground in fragments of flame, one section did travel on but was falling. We assumed it part of Metorite storm that had been reported to happen over skies in our area, but maybe this is something different.

Yes i saw three ufos of the same tipe as the one on last night news on new years day morning. Over hull royel hospital at about 12.15 am. And no i didnt have a drink. Haha dave from hull.

Lauren, mablethorpe
The suggestion that those orange lights in the sky were lanterns for new year can t be right! I saw one moving slowly over alford on new year but thensaw one near louth two nights later. They lasted for a few minutes before getting smaller and vanishing. High up and smooth moving. Lauren, mablethorpe

Mrs Aye
I saw a hot air balloon on dark on Sunday night and it looked like a lit up light bulb. The flames were perfectly visible. I was just hoping it came a bit clearer so I could see the basket underneath but it was too dark. It turned and went into the flight path of Humberside Airport and disappeared.

While I was watching the fireworks on the night of New Year’s Eve I saw a small UFO which moved from north to south over Hull. It looked similar to the one on the photo

Tony Wiseman
I believe that the failure is simple to explain. Prior to the failure the generater the windmill was statioary due to non or low wind with the failed blade pointing downward (ie 6 0,clock) with the low temperatures and the high humidity the blade was covered with ice. This blade would suffer more than the other blades because the water would drain down the blade to its lowest extremity before freezing. Thus when the wind strengthened and the wind mill started to rotate it would be very out of balance and as the speed built up fail. The failed piece then hit the second blade causing its damage. It is probable that the ice melted the next day and thus no evidence of the cause of failure would be left on the blade.Items from outer space, rubbish, but I suppose it makes news.Tony Wiseman

got the answer to damaged wind turbineit was REALLY DAMAGED by lowflying members of the MASON'S WHO WERE TRYING TO AVOID TE levy (or levy) on the humber bridge2morrows forecast cold with little interuptions be luckyjarislav

Could we please put an end to all these ridiculous conspiracy theories?! I heard on the national news this morning, a spokesperson who works for the energy company that owns the windfarm said that the "so-called" missing blade is on the ground nearby. It's quite obvious to anyone with any intelligence at all that that blade snapped off, probably with metal fatigue, hit the blade that is now bent, and fell to the ground, so for all these UFO nutters : Stop looking for things that aren't there! To put their minds at rest about the lights in the sky, we personally let three of those lanterns off on New Years eve. They looked very good, and we actually even joked that people would report sightings of UFOs! Also, the energy company would not want to admit to metal fatigue, because of future planned windfarms, and protesters would be able to refer back to this incident and say that they are dangerous!

Peter Jones
An eye witness said the wind turbine was struck by something with “tentacles” dangling down (reported on BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning).I suspect a clandestine night-time hot air balloon flight. A fully loaded basket would easily weigh enough to do the damage. If it had ropes dangling down they would look like tentacles. The burner would give the UFO-like orange glow in the sky. The authorities should look for balloonists going to A&E with bad bruising and whiplash. Either that, or it was Keanu Reeves and Gort the robot having a night on the tiles!

Paddy Ryan
Almost certainly the "hovering bright light" is Venus (the eveningstar) which is just about at maximum elongation at the moment.

Michael Chapman
My wife and I saw the flying objects on New years day at 0.15am they flew towards where we live from the north on the east coast sutton on sea and then turned towards the west.There were at least 6 objects

Tony Green
we live at immingham,my fiancee and i also saw 2 orange lights in the sky on new years eve around midnight,they were close to each other and seemed to be over killingholme oil refinery at a guess,and no we weren't drunk!

My Sister (Stella Harvey) who's over from Oz saw the UFO on New years eve over Louth, it travelled left and right at speed then shot straight up until out of sight.! Rob, Mablethorpe.

Ron Fletcher
I have been listening to all the suggestions read out on your program, about the damage to one of the twenty wind turbines on the wind-farm in Lincolnshire. They are designed to withstand impact by large birds and hurricane-force storms. So, if it wasn’t hit by a low-flying aircraft (or other UFO), it must have just happened to itself! Why has no-one thought of metal-fatigue? One of the rotor-blades must have developed a crack at its root and snapped off, damaging the other rotor-blade as it fell to the ground. It may have been a pre-existing crack which had not been spotted in manufacture. A forensic examination needs to be carried out… (a) To determine if there is debris present from a foreign object (aircraft-paint etc.), which could prove a heavy impact. (b) To determine if metal-fatigue was present in the detached rotor blade and where it joins the hub.(c) No doubt it was exacerbated by the ‘brass-monkey’ syndrome of this week’s sub-zero temperatures. There must be a tremendous strain on the root of every rotor-blade twice during each rotation. Work a piece of copper-wire left and right with your fingers and the same thing will happen. The question now is, how many more will fall down?

Flt. Lt Jones
I'm a RAF pilot and the 'UFO' is either a Afterburner from a United States Air Force F-16 Falcon or more likely a Helicopter flying from EGNJ (Humberside Airport).

Keith and Syvia Sugden
We too saw the bright orange light.It was travelling from the village of Paull towards Keyingham where we live. Once over Keyingham it veared South towards the Humber. (wish we had it on camera).

Terry and Christine Cox
With reference to your programme tonight in which a gentleman from Louth photographed an object in the sky, we would just like to say that at approx 8.45 p.m 4 people in our house in Hull saw it too. We had been playing games on the Wii, not drinking, so we were not looking through beer goggles. We saw an orange/yellow object which moved downwards and then hovered a few moments and then moved to the west and then rose rapidly upwards. We did not hear any noise from the object. We saw it for approx 5 mins. We hope you have further reports as we would like to know more about what we saw.

Michael Gaunt
I watched looknorth last night and was pleased that i was not the only one that witnessed a orange light moving in the sky at about 1.00pm on New Years eve. It came from the east towards me, it veered to the south and then went upwards gradually, there was no sound. I live in a top floor flat at Applegarth Court in Bridlington and was looking out the window at the time, i ran to the bedroom to get my camera opened the window and tried to take a photo but my camera is not good enough.

Matthew Blurton
I saw the clip about the damaged wind turbine and the photo of the UFO on the news, I was recording the Beverley Minster bells at midnight on New Years Eve/Day and spotted an object that looks similar to the one shown on your programme. I have a look on the internet and found that the same object has been spotted and filmed in various locations around the UK and over Germany at around the same time. I caught the object on my mobile phone and have uploaded it to my facebook account. The recording, not brilliant, shows a red ball in the sky that does not have any sound, nor flashing lishts which rules it out as a place.

David Stead
We were very interested in your story on Tuesday 6th January about the damaged wind turbine and how the strange light in the sky was dismissed as a flair. However, a few weeks ago all my family saw the same light in the sky. This was no flair. It was on a Sunday 16th November evening at approx 10.15pm. As we live in a very quiet village it was dead silent by that time. It came in from the North Sea and slowly floated inland. We watched it for a few minutes then it seemed to suddenly stop which seemed to be just above our village. We watched for a few minutes more and I managed to get a photo on my phone. Still in total silence it just hung in the sky. Then suddenly It just shot upwards and dissapeared outof sight at a vast speed. We were all gobsmacked at what we had seen. How can something travel so slow, then so fast in opposite directions without a sound?

I can't remember when you said the damage happened to the turbines but could it be ice layering up on the blades and putting pressure on them and buckling them.

I can't believe how gullible viewers are to your suggestions to ufo's.The orange light are lantern which put are put in the air for celebration new years eve. And the turbine failed either as a result of the cold weather or a safety fault where the propeller was spinning too fast.

Michelle Arthurton
On last nights show you reported on the damage to the wind turbine in Louth and that they were not sure how the damage was done to the turbine. well I have the answer for you- it was Father Christmas's sleigh that must have been flying too low to avoid the bad weather that Paul had not told him about!!!!

I do believe in ufo's & advanced extraterrestrial civilisations due to the vast size of the universe, the simple laws of averages & the amount of ufo sightings reported by people from all walks of life! I also believe it suits the world governments to keep the lid on ufos because of the impact such public knowledge would have on economics & the social unrest it would cause worldwide! I also believe that the American military are experimenting with advanced electro-magnetic propulsion engines & this could also explain some of the ufo sightings

Is it possible that blade broke off due to fatigue or some other mechanical failure and clashed with other blade as it fell?


At first I thought it was a star but then I realised it was moving quite fast. I knew it couldn't have been a plane it was quite low, there were no airports near by and the light looked too big to be on a plane. I was on the M6 near junction 5. I couldn't think why a UFO would want to visit Birmingham. My husband wouldn't stop on the hard shoulder for me so I could take a picture. But heres what was even stranger.... I followed the light for quite a distance, then suddenly in front of the yellow light was another object but with 3 red lights. Again it was quite low so I could sort of make out the shape and it was not a plane nor anything described in everyones comments. When the yellow light got closer to this object, it swiftly did a u turn and carried on in the opposite direction. Again, the speed in which it did this turn - it could not have been anything man made. The yellow light continued in the same direction. I got off at Junction 7. I do believe we are not alone in the universe but I never thought I’d see anything like what I saw that day. I kept it to myself until my work mate found this article on the website and the photograph is showing exactly what I saw that day. The truth is out there...

I have 2 photo's of virtually the same thing ...only difference is these photo's were taken in Australia!These guys get around!!!

its just a canonball

the picture means nothingmaybe its the red planet Mars.I am lucky and have better than 6/6 vision in each eye,most people have focus defect of some sort,and so any distant light may very easily be miss interpreted by them.

wow thats pretty cool... imagine if it was a flying cow.. umm wise words to "elisav" wow your really bad at spelling...:O hiumens?? Crikey... I beleve in ufos anyway :] good luck to them i say !!

I have seen similar strange light over Copenhagen in September 2008, which was staying for a couple of minutes at the same position, and then moved to north.


andy stewart
hi the bright light in linconshire is the same light me and my wife saw from our back garden so i got my camera and took two photos we live in norden rochdale and only live 1 mile from wind turbines this was on the 2 jan 09 17.00hrs andy stewart

Andy Rosser
Around 20.45 last night I was in my back garden I live on the south edge of Luton in Beds. For around 5 mins there were rubbles of what sounded like thunder in a in the sky in a South Easterly direction. It defiantly wasn't an aircraft. What ever it was seemed to disturb the local wildlife as I also witnessed two foxes sprinting across a car park at the rear of my property at the same time?? (strange).

Have you been watching Monty Python again!

no,its probely ice fallen of a plain,it does happen.

john Harris
something crashed into the turbine, which was in the air - its 40 feet high- its an unidentified flying object. End of story

Me n My Girlfriend were sat watching a dvd and all of a sudden them lights were flying above my house it was very scary. and my gf is scared of aliens so she is very scared right now

Nick Browne
Hi, I live opposite the mod in Bristol. Last night me. And my girlfriend heard a very loud sound which we thought was a plane above us. This lasted for ten minutes as if it was hovering over us. I went out side to investigate and the noise seemed to be coming from beyond the mod. It sounded like a huge generator being turned off and on again. It was so powerfull that all the surrounding garages were shaking. This continued for another ten minutes and then stopped all of a sudden, but there were no lights in the sky. Did anybody else experience this?.

Adam Hill
Probably caused by some enery or ball lightning if it was caused by an energy that has desended from space which may have caused thermal damage to the wind turbine which may be a reason why 1 is missing. If it was a flying saucer why didn't it stop and exchanged insurance details with the windfarm owners or at least had a cup of tea with them to oppologise lol.

Benjamin Nevis
If you were an alien and had a technology for interstellar travel, would you want to visit Lincolnshire? I rest my case!

Lights in the sky over Lincolnshire? Lots of RAF stations, now that's a first! And, the blades falling off? Metal fatigue.

steven lawson
I have seen 5 of these strange objects over ipswich in the last year, so have a few of my friends

I saw the very same object in Basildon Essex at around 7pm on Saturday evening.When i read the article about the wind turbine and watched the video i was amazed.My daughter got video of it on her mobile.If it was the same object as the one seen in lincolnshire it travelled some distance through the night, i'd like to know whether anyone else between basildon and lincolnshire saw it aswell.

The blade fell off because of metal fatigue during the coldest night for years in Lincolnshire and the bright light in the western sky was the planet Venus. Mystery solved, sorry!

anju zafar

On New years Eve 2007 I saw 3 very similar lights moving silently an equal distance apart over my house in South Lincs. My view? A piece of military technology that dosn't officially exist yet like the stealth bomber or the blackbird before it.I don't think an Alien race would be likely to bump into a wind turbine. It's the first piece of positive PR about the wind farm industry I've seen for a while and a great awareness story for something we are all being encouraged to embrace into our landscapes. The last thing the wind farm industry would want is us to think that their turbines could fail in a spectacular fashion due to good old fashioned manufacturing flaws or breakdown.........

I imagine that the uppermost blade snapped off due to some kind of metal fatigue perhaps worsened by the recent cold weather. This blade then struck the one which is still attached as it fell. If the impact occurred during the spinning motion, it would account for the severe damage.

I returned home shortly before Christmas, only to find a large number of bright lights had taken up residence in my Chrstmas tree. Thankfully, they are now gone & I am certain that there was no probing.

It is nothing but Air Ballon.1) Wind tribune wings are only broken. not any damage to the Poles. How that happens when a huge object hits it will cause some damage to pole. no scratches are seen in the picutre.

Carlin Gerbich
Mike: It's possible. The Brits managed to get a remote control car on Mars (Beagle) – only to screw up the landing.

If I see a UFO what we ken do-abaut...nathing let them be, they dont do no arm to as hiumens and dont create no panic,thenk-you.

gary hall
the rubbish about the wind farm and UFOask the MOD if any heavy helicopters (chinnok/merlin or seakings were in the area carrying underslung loads that probably impacted a new wind farm that would not be marked on any low level aviation mapsthis explains damage the fact there is no wreckage and the white light hovering


Leigh Reeve
I studied reports of UFO's for a year, following the study of all the info available, I came to the conclusion that there was not concrete evidence to make me believe in Alien space craft. There is for sure something going on and these are known as UFO's, but whether they are of alien origin remains to be proven. Do I believe earth has been visited by the Grey's; no not at all. I believe the objects seen are more than likely unmanned probes of great sophistication. The picture shown in relation to this article, is a bit strange - I took the picture and enhanced it, I then started doing all sorts of mixing and playing with the colours and one thing I noticed is that in certain lights, the actual object is not pixelated although the rest of the picture is pixelated - that makes me think it is a digital image transposed onto another picture. There are tool available that can enhance the light in the back ground and thus reveal the object as if it was day-light. Someone needs to do this. I love the idea of aliens and UFOs but like a scientist I don't believe without evidence.One thing I do believe in because of the hard evidence, and that is life else were in space, perhaps in our own universe but certainly in our Milky way.

Dave Manifold
We were letting chinese lanterns off from Goxhill on New Years Eve and we thought at the time we may generate a few UFO sightings, we last saw them heading south east towards Grimsby.

Peter Bristow
We saw same sightings but 2 objects at 1.20am on New Years Day over Billingborough. Have a video clip on my camera.No sound travelled SE and then veered westerly.

Mike Williamson
An alien species develops a craft capable of traveling between the stars...and bumps into a wind turbine in Lincolnshire?

Catherine Raisen
My family and I saw this briefly on New Year's day in Louth about 8pm travelling slowly from South to East. Is it an unidentified flying object? Of course it is. I couldn't identify it. Were creatures from another galaxy flying it? Sadly my eyes are not that good but somehow I doubt it.

On New Years Day I took a photo from my phone of an object identical to this one, I saw one large one with a small one slightly above it, this was over the River Humber. If there is a text number to send it I'd be happy to send mine in even though it is quite poor quality

Colin Evans
Myself and several others saw this object flying over Lincoln at approx 12:05 on New Years morning. Could not identify what it was, therefore until someone can state exactly what it is, it is an unidentified flying object ( UFO )

Paul Sands
Myself, wife and daughter plus another couple saw a very similar object to this picture in the sky over Grantham on the evening of Christmas Day. It was an orange glowing ball that moved in a straight line for about a minute before turning at a right angle and heading into the distance towards the direction of Nottingham. It made no sound at all but seemed to be travelling slightly slower than a light aircraft might. There was no wind so I don't believe it was a Chinese Lantern plus there was no upward movement just lateral

andrew hicken
I would say that the object in the picture is the planet mars. The colour is the giveaway

kevin riley
hi i saw the same light heading east it was a steady glow and i knew it wasn't a plane because the light was not flashing.But when i saw this i had no camera on me nor witnesses unfortunatly.i saw this light at 20:19

Jason Kay
When enlarged, a round orange light with several small lighter coloured lights inside can be seen.I hadn't had a drink either !It came towards the house, then changed direction. It stayed still for a couple of minutes, then moved off in another direction towards Grimsby.

On 30th Dec 2008, my sister and niece had been grocery shopping and had been following what they thought was a hot air balloon in the sky. She called in on us (me, my husband, daughter and son) and showed us it. It did resemble the basket of a hot air balloon with flames out the top and it was moving really slowly (like a hot air balloon does) in a Northerly direction (we're in Heckington, near Sleaford.) At the time I was more concerned about my son being outside in his pyjama's and also the fact that my daughter had left the front door open and all my heat was disappearing out into the street so I didn't pay too much attention to it. Afterwards I looked on the Net to see if people did actually go ballooning at night and on Yahoo Answers someone else had also seen it. A reply said that if it had been a hot air balloon than it would have been lit up like a light bulb - which this wasn't. I still believe in the hot air balloon theory but thought I'd let you know that the "UFO" has been sighted over here.

peter matthew bird
I see this light on new years eve me and my friend see this in the sky and thouht it was a UFO we could not think of a explanation it was on fire definetly fire and was flying like a fast plane but there was fire there? which made things confusing i did not think anyone would beleave me on this and now i see this on here its spooky

Mary & Ian
Yes, we too saw exactly what is in the photo above on New Year's Eve. I thought it was just us but was pleased to hear on the radio today that other people had seen the same.

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