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13 November 2014

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Presenters - Weekday

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Judy Theobald.

Judy Theobald

She may have been born and brought up in the south but Judy Theobald has lived in Lincolnshire for more than thirty years – "It’s home now," she says.

Her two career ambitions were to lie on the sofa all day and eat Mars bars or become a journalist but she left school at the time when girls were channeled down three career routes – teaching, nursing or secretarial. "Don't like children, can't stand blood so that only left being a secretary. I hated the training but have never regretted learning the skills," she said.

Bored with office life she turned to the streets to earn her living, becoming a London policewoman at Brixton Police Station.

Two husbands later, she found herself living in Lincolnshire where she started writing a weekly poetry column for her local paper. From there she moved on to writing advertising features before training as a reporter and then a sub-editor.

"It’s a great job for nosey parkers. I met some amazing people, interviewed everyone from the Bishop of Lincoln to the Chippendales and even went to bed with Sooty," she said. During this time she also became an after-dinner speaker, a role which now takes her all over the country.

In 1999 she became editor of Lincolnshire Life magazine, a job she loved as it gave her the opportunity to explore every aspect of the county – its history, geography, personalities, heritage and economics.

Judy's now presenting on BBC Radio Lincolnshire between 9.30 and 12.30pm each weekday.

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hi judy, heard your book to read was dawn french dear fatty, and just had to say i have been a fan of hers for some time but after reading her book felt as if i knew her as a friend ,i enjoyed it so much and would tell anyone give it a go, great read, great story. your show is a pure delight try to listen every day many thanks from teri

Hi, Judy,Last week you had a very interesting interview with a lady who had, I think, written a book based on being a Supermarket Checkout lady. I would love to read the book, but didn't get any details about it. Please could you point me in the right direction. Glad your "Velvet cake was a success. One of my Patchwork friends made a similar cake when we met for "afternoon tea" and gossip at her house. It was Awful. The cake, not the company.Keepup the good work Judy, your programmes just get better.Eileen (from Retford)

Derek Wood
Hi Judy We met at a dinner night at Frank and Micky Philps home , you wont remember me but I remember you . There were many topics we talked about among them was barbershop singing and Harmony Lincs we have you on our Web Site in a photo we had taken at the Great Aussie Breakfast .Our Md's Richard Curtis and Tony Chapman want to create a Youth Barbershop Chorus for Lincolnshire , we have lottery money and want to take a group of lads between the ages of 13-18from an organisation with that kind of age range maybe one of the Lincolnshire Academies would be interested !!!Any chance of getting the Md's on the show to talk about it and see if anyone listening to your show would be interested. We would aim to hand out cirtificates at Harmony College 2010 held at Nottinham Uni . We of course rehearse each week at Bishop Grot U

Mrs P Jankowski
Hi Judy, I was listening the other day to your programme which i do every day about a cartoonist,if you leave a photograph of yourself at the desk my son-in-law is a great artist and graphic designer and he does great caricatures and he will do one for you(free of charge of course). Thank you and keep up your fantastic radio show. Pauline.

Josie Exton
Hi Judy my comments are on race for life, wer are doing the race this year at Boston. you may ask why there are four mums and four daughters this year.i have the pet shop in wragby so we are the pet shop geirls, i have lost two brother in 91 and 2006 and my youngest sister 52 last october to cancer so this means so much to me and my daughter, my daughter in law and 15 year old grandaughter, my saturday girl that was and her mum are running with us as brother Lee has made a miraculas recovery from cancer having his kidney removed he is shortly to return to work in office to start with, with the RAF and mother and daughter that work for me are joining uslook forward to meeting you on June 14th we will be the bunny girls regards Josie and girls x

Eileen from Retford
Just looked at all the pictures taken at the Race for Life on Sunday. Excellent. Have you lost weight Judy ? It certainly looks like it, and my you have got great legs. Looking forward to your visit to Retford in July.Well done for turning out on Sunday.Best wishesEileen

janet ( next door)
Hope you are feeling ok after your race..I have tried to see pictures, well done, keep smiling and making people like me happy while I am alone at work..Janet. In Reply: Hi Janet you can find all pictures on - under Race for Life RAF Waddington...

Peju Adeniran
Hi Judy. It was very kind of you to dedicate a song to me. Listening to you helps me keep my stress levels down whilst attending to patients in the dental surgery. God bless you. Peju Adeniran.

Alan from Siemens
Hi Judy Fantastic show and very topical - good music and very witty it cheers up my daykeep up the good work Judy!. Alan.

Sarah Stocks
Hi Judy, I saw you on the TV few Christmas ago, with the responsible job of spending £10. can't think of a better person for the job.Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the best way to decide the height of a shared garden wall. Get both neighbours to stand and pretend to lean on the "to be" wall chatting, and, hey presto, you have the perfect height.Hope you're loving your purpose-made job - you're greeeat!Sarah Stocks

Carol Cassarino
Dear Judy..I recently reunited with a friend from Lincolnshire after 42 years..he listens to your program as do i here in the US..can you wish him a happy valentines day from his darling Carol?...and if you could play "from this moment" by shania twain...our song..i know it would make his day...his name is mick and he lives in chapel st leonards..thank you..Carol , Brewster ma,Usa.

My daughter left Uni last year with a £13,000 debt that increases by about £80 every month through added interest. She has a 2 1 degree in Forensic Science. Where is she working......sales assistant in small retail outlet on the high street.Dont go to uni unless you are a real boffin. Get A Levels if you can and go for work experience....we need to get away from the concept of a degree sets you up for life because often it doesn't. Sometimes it can even go against you as you may be considered over qualified if you go for a job that does not require a degree as an entry point. Message in response to the topic of New Graduates featured on Judy's show.

malcolm N margaret
Hi Judy Great show we love it you just seem to have so much fun. However this modern world of technology is displayed outside a church on Burton road.It say's please look at our website for events etc, at this church. What about the parishoners who do not have a computer. Anyway thought it was worth a mention I was quite amused. kind regards M n M.

Liz Shepherd
Hi JudyPerhaps you can help me with the vast knowledge of Lincolnshire that you have? My brother has asked me if Hardwick and Hardwick Ferry are one of the same place? He is doing some research into his wife's family tree and has come across this problem that we can't solve. Thank you. Liz

Tricia Roseby
I love the Judy Theobald show. I am studying at the moment but never like to turn her show off so its hard to concentrate!I wondered if Judy could help me through her show. I am studying Spanish but am struggling because I am not using it enough. I have put an ad in the local shop to try and find a local Spanish speaker to meet for coffee but had no luck at all. Is it possible for Judy to ask on her show if there are any Spanish speakers living near Wragby who would like to chat over a coffee?I would be grateful.Thankyou Trica [from Hatton]

Jane, Linda and Janet
Hi Judy we listen to you nearly every morning. We love the show and the subjects you tackle. We would like to join you and your Producer Clare for the Race for Life Event. Jane, Linda and Janet, Gainsborough.

Alan in Lincoln
The day goes alot faster listening to you, don't know why but i thought of you as being a blonde? Glad your better and keep up the good work x Alan in Lincoln

rob gurnhill
Hi Judy love listening to you when in my car can we get you on sky? you cheer my day so much and cant wait to hear your voice. Have a great christmas hope with the baby x

Linda Barretts
I would just like to say how much I've enjoyed listening to your programme Judy.I was so moved by the story of Mary Turner - I've now gone out and bought her book! I have also recommended a friend joining the young farmers website - in the hope he finds love in the rolling hills of Lincolnshire.A really entertaining programme with interesting topics. Long may Judy continue! Linda

Roland Nacouzi
Hi Judy, and finally, i got your site. i don't know if you are "on air" right now. i am trying to check it out. You know, France is a little bit far, but internet made the world look as small as a street.Best regards, Roland.

Ken the Navigator
Just like to say how much I like your programme, as a presenter you are top class and I really love the topics and people that you have on the show.I have a caravan at "Sunny" Saltfleet and tune in whenever I am out this way.In the words of the song "Now that I've found you I can't let you go", will keep in touch! Ken.

Norman Down (Neil Vickers father-in-law)
It's taken me ages to find out whether you were Theo-bald as in devoid of hair or Theo-bold as in courageous? Norman

Lyn Gainsborough.
What a great show Judy - I enjoy you every day!Lyn in Gainsborough.

Val Hackett
Hi Judy - I am a Brummie born and bred but a complete convert to Lincolnshire. We live in Sibsey and love it. The reason why I am sending you this note is that I was listening to you talking about mediums, spiritualist, etc. My brother is quite remarkable. He is an audio clairvoyant, although he doesn't earn a living or exploit people with his talent. He is an estate agent - well somebody has to be! He is truly remarkable in his accuracy. 10 years ago he did a "sitting" with me and the things he told me were not only astounding, but totally inconceivable at the time. However, he told me to write everything down and refer to it over the years. There is too much to go into here, but I would say that everything he forecast has come true, without exception. If you are interested enough, I would be happy to give you more detail. I leave it in you good hands, but in any event I would like to congratulate you on the style, content and humour of your morning show. Although I am a very busy person, I do try not to miss it. With all good wishes, Val Hackett

Kaye Craigie and Peju Adeniran
Hi my name is Kaye and I'm a dental nurse, i work for a dentist called Peju and just wanted to say we listen to Judy every day as Peju is a huge fan! We were just listening to your comments on dentists so decided to say hi! With a patient in the chair and talking with a mouthful. Message in response to the topic of Dentists featured on Judy's show.

You are in: Lincolnshire > BBC Radio Lincolnshire > Presenters - Weekday > Judy Theobald

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